Overall bugs encountered since WoM release

Since the first closed beta release, some of the old bugs have returned. Some of them were fixed, some of them are still in the game.

I cannot produce “evidence”, because all of the bugs I listed are appearing in various times, various locations and in various maps. Legend plays.

- Instant spawns: happens all the time. No matter if this is a special spawn, or normal enemy. Most common one: If there is a horde and there is no room for spawning enemies behind the player in an area, from where the enemy can ambush the player, then the system spawns the enemy right behind the player, hitting it with no backhit sound played. I “looked behind” walls in modded with photomode, no entrance or a hole in the wall found. This was on numeruos locations. If the player is in a place, where there is an entrance tho, and this is far, the system also spawn a few enemies behind a player in the same place from thin air.

- Missing “backhit” sounds: No need for saying more about it. They are still missing sometimes.

- Special spawns: Another interesting thing. Rattling Gunners, Flamethrowers from thin air, this is also a various thing, happens a lot on almost every map. Rattlings sometimes has no winding-up time, no matter if they are spawned from thin air, or came normally. Sometimes they began to “march” on a dead ally for a sec or two, then poof, gone where they came from - to thin air.

- Assassins: I began to experience what was in an earlier version, which is Runners pounce instantly. It usually happens when they get to the ground from a higher thing (fence, etc.). Runners seemingly can pounce through solid stuff, not caring about the laws of physics. A few times I encounter these pounces, facing in the direction of a hard stone wall besides of a corridor. The Runner has sound, so i faced in the corridor to see it. Then it came from the left. It was a tunnel in Hunger, so it cannot get me from above.

- Hookrats: did the “rework” reworked the hooks as well? Because sometimes, the “nosebumb” doesnt work. I dodge to the side, when the hookrat stops moving, and began to pull his polearm back to push it towards me for a good catch. Then what I see is the rat puts its polearm into the sky, rotating for me, and catches, no matter the polearm visually was not even close to my hitbox. I can dodge a hookrat, i have almost 1700 hours of play.
Hookrats sometimes has no sound. when they have, you are catched. For example you hear: “catch-ca…andyouaregone”. No sound when he steps.

- Vanishing enemies: Just like they appear from thin air, they can vanish as well. All the time. Sometimes a complete horde, sometimes just a few enemies.

- Teleporting enemies: Happenes quite often, usually when they are besides some obstacles what they have to get around for coming towards the player. In this scenario, instead of making a turn, they just teleport for a path Usually sideways, making headshotting them impossibe), what they can easily go on. I hope, this is a stange coincidence, but this teleport happens most when I release the button for a shot.

- Enemies in textures: happenes after/during hordes. The players hit the enemies so hard, they get stuck in the textures of ramps, solid stone walls. No specific location, still encountered lots of times. You cannot kill it, but it can kill you.

- Bardin still sucks at ladders: climbing up on ladders make the little one dancing on the top of it, making himself a tasty target for enemies to get hit on him. He dances in a rythm on the top of it which causes the jump unusable to cancel the climb. No matter I look above during climbing up, or straight forward, or down. Stuck, and then finally I can climb down, or jump. Or get killed, which is the case most of the times. I think this is a timewindow issue when he is not on the ladder anymore, but still not in the air as well. Maybe this is funny, but after a year or more, this has become more frustrating.

- Hitting when hitting: enemies hit by heavy or light weapons has a chance to finish their attack animation regardless of how hard they have been hit. I think this is a time-window issue, happenes almost in every hordes.

  • Randomness in the game: maybe it’s bug, or not, I cannot tell, because this things based on random stuff. For example:
    Aiming for headshot, release, then in the same time the Stormvermin looks towards me, making the arrow fly just beside his head. Happens quite often.
    Attack speed and crit chance duo reroll was given on 3 different wepon above 60x try.
    The Blightreaper 4 times in a line in quick play (this kind of stuff happenes most of the times with Blightreaper, Athel Yenlui, The Pit, Garden of Morr and Engines of War).

I hope my report worth it without the required “evidences”, i think there is a chance that someone can look upon these thing. Most of them are very annoying, and must be investigated.


Thanks, we’ll look in to these.


Thank you. I’ll keep hunting them, hopefully with pictures attached.


Please adress the “Bardin still sucks at ladders” asap. Bad and annoying, when there are no enemies around. Worse and potentially deadly when there are tons of them. From a Bardin fan.

I’d presume the attack tracking was added to the specials too, so they can produce behavior they weren’t able before, like dodging a hookrat and it still can catch you.

It’s also ridiculous that once ratling and flamer starts to fire, they cannot be staggered out of that state by any attack, not even heavy attacks, only what kills them in one shot.

Some weapons can still stagger ratlings or warpfires out of their attacks. Conflag and hagbane charged attacks, and shield charged bashes do off the top of my head.
And billhook, or course.

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