Old and new issues after the last big patch

  1. Specials often don’t play spawn sound cue. Mostly on clients.
    Specials are often quiet until in attack range (assassin, packmaster), when it’s already too late to react. Mostly on clients.

  2. Bosses often not playing spawn cue. Mostly on clients.

  3. Enemies (special, elites) spawning to the same exact spot, overlapping models, up to 3-4 enemies, especially in deeds with Vanguard. They look like one model, move together, they only separate when forced by external impact.

  4. Hyperdensity now affects skavenslave hordes too.

  5. Bosses losing attack capabilities after spawning in Halescourge under the archway after the big door by the first tome. They just run around after the players, not performing any attacks. Sitting ducks to kill.

  6. Enemies losing aggro and never regaining it, just standing around idle, not even cheering animation. When a player gets close enough they resume normal bevior. Happens to specials, and low tier enemies, doesn’t seem to affect elites.

  7. “Teleporting” maulers. They are in one place at one moment, vanish, pop up again in a different place usually closer to the player.

  8. Ice skating enemies are back on the menu boys! From Chaos warriors down to skaven slaves, anyone can perform this.

  9. While Kruber’s mace&sword has 3 effective dodges, when chaining together light attacks only or heavy attacks only, this is lost. Only exhausted dodges are performed, not even half dodges are available. I didn’t have this problem with crowbill or dual hammer, so it’s not that I’m the noob.

  10. Sienna’s ult sound bug when clearing heat with ult, on both pyro and unchained. Needs to use the staff once to reset.

  11. Double patrol spawn in halescourge in the last large open space before the final drop. Eithe both skaven and chaos patrols are present AT THE SAME TIME, or when one spawns early, the other spawns after or while the first is being killed.

  12. Boss stuck in tunnel wall in empire in flames by the first tome.

  13. Crowbill has an awful time delay atfer using push attack. Neither block, nor another attack of any kind can be performed for about 2-3 seconds.


According to what I’ve seen for the last year, FS doesn’t really care much about bugs. I think it is wise to take the game “as is” and try to sidestep the bugs so they don’t spoil your fun.

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