Update to my patch 5.0 dead specials still making noise thread

This thread: Since patch 5.0 there have been audio bugs from dead enemies where the sound keeps playing forever until you move far away from the source of it - #2

I recently started playing chaos wastes again and it also happens with the skulking sorcerer specials too.

Hopefully the next patch fixes this problem which i assume will be the new necromancer class? Its unacceptable on so many different levels when game breaking nonsense like this is going on for over 4 1/2 months at that point just because of how much it baits a player into doing unnecessary things when the threat of a special does not exist because it has already been killed.


Hm, so this issue hasn’t been widely reported and we’ve been unsuccessful in reproducing it so far.

If you could capture a video the next time you encounter this, and provide your console log from the session it happens that would be very useful for us to see.

Thanks in advance!

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Alright when i play next i will record it and send it to you somehow because it happens almost every single time i play a game multiple times.

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Hello lev im about to send you a video and console log of the bug happening with some extra info when its finished uploading to my google drive.


maybe i should start reporting when i see this lol. they’re probably not seeing us report it because it happens in game fairly often and it’s only a minor inconvenience that you can ignore once you leave the immediate area. It’s also kinda hard to say when it happens but I do see it at least once during my play sessions

@CallMeCC @BtheLee

We’ve been unable to reproduce this internally. Our developer investigating this has asked if you could please try the following -

Then check to see if the issue persists.

If so, can you please provide more specifics e.g. does it happen only in hordes? on specific maps? or literally all enemies even if they’re alone?

Thanks in advance!

I tried verifying the integrity of game files and although 1 file failed to validate it did not fix the problem then i disabled all mods and that did not fix the problem either but i think i have found the cause of the bug after more testing today. It seems that when you kill any gas rats, bomber rats, leeches or skulking sorcerers with any type of dot damage they will continue to make noise after they die like in the video but if they die to normal direct non-dot damage the bug does not happen.

This is especially annoying when it happens with a leech because if they teleport away and die to a dot they blow our your ears with extremely loud ambient leech noises for the rest of the game no matter how far away you get from the source.

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Thanks CC! That’s super helpful and I’ll pass this information on to the developer looking into this. Much appreciated!

No problem lev. It would explain why i seem to encounter the bug every single game a ridiculous amount of times because i am a elf main that almost exclusively uses the moonfire bow.

you say “internally” are you guys using the same internet connection when testing? Because i seem to notice it more when I’m not the host

generally as soon as i get into game and someone has killed a gas rat