Completely silent specials

Specials are, in many cases, silent. This is especially the case with disablers (or at least the most dangerous), but seems to happen with most of them.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

Just by playing the game - this is a widespread issue. Their priority is lower than other things, and are inconsistent (I’ve stood in the exact same spot (legitimately the same spot, our characters overlapped) as another player and heard a special spawn in while they did not). I’ve had gunners spawn behind me, completely silent. Silent leaches, silent assassins, silent hookrats, hookrats that decide to put up their hook and being sliding and thus make no noise, etc.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you

Every single session, every map I play, usually multiple times per map.


I feel like silent specials have always been a consistent bug in Vermintide. The only difference is how often they are silent.

That being said. The backstabs from single enemies is silent now, or comes way to late (after they hit you). Not all the time but it happens enough. Especially since a single enemy hitting you in legend+ is a tragedy if no other enemies are near.

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Yeah i’ve encountered the silent specials and silent backstabs almost every match, FS really needs to fix these issues.

Additionally FS really needs to do a bugfix on disablers hit detection (and backwards flying assassins lol), sometimes assassins, leeches and hookrats grab you even when you dodge them, i’ve had this happen on quite a few occasions and it’s frustrating to say the least. Reducing their attack hit area slightly (15% - 20%) would probably fix this issue. And no, it’s not my internet, since i host 90% of the time, because even moderate ping messes up the gameplay flow too much.


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