90% of my deaths are silent hookrats and its really becoming a problem - bandaid fix included

Hey there,

silent specials have been around for a while - i believe it has been acknowledged at some point by exan who is now working for you guys so maybe check in with her if there is some doubt.

Basically the problem is, once you play content with INSANE spawn rates… cataclysm and above it is happening more and more often. My best guess is that it happens due to sound cue overlap or issues processing sound cues above a certain limit which is why its horrendous on fast cata twitch, onslaught, special deeds on cata and so on.

Please fix this, its effectively capping what content i can play, im not exaggerating when i say that these are 90% of my deaths. Its that bad. It doesnt matter how well i play if i end up getting instagibbed by a hook or assa through a horde where i had no chance of knowing its coming since they are blocking sight and the audio cue is simply missing, spam pinging only works as long there are no elites.

Ideally the solution needs to be a visual system (like the deaf mod) where it shows you enemy sounds cues on screen rather than hearing them - this would also fix surround sound being somewhat pay to win and help people who are deaf to access the game. Something like a tiny compass with thin coloured needles that colour code specials would be great. As far as im aware the aforementioned mod doesnt show the silent specials either tho so the code would have to differ.

Bandaid fix: Make pinging prioritize disablers. This would immediately solve the issue with everything that comes from the front (and doesnt spawn on top of you for some reason). Its obviously a bandaid fix since pinging has a cooldown and everything that silent spawns from a direction youre not looking into - youre still screwed. However most of the time you can limit horde engagement to mostly 1 direction and turning around every few seconds to check if something silent is behind me is already necessary anyway - as long as i actually have any chance to perceive (in this case - see) the disablers coming its not THAT bad.

Thank you.

PS: Not being able to overwrite stagger with weaker stagger lead to way too many random mobs being unstaggerable - thanks for removing that “improvement”.

PPS: If you fix this i promise to buy the Zealots pighat! Deal? Deal! Thank you very much!


Yep, this is why I don’t do any solo stuff at all.

Packmasters with no sound spawning 10 ft away.

Gutter Runners spawning and insta leaping.

Disablers noclipping through ridiculous density.

Honestly, I think the only way to fix this is to wait for PVP and then completely abuse being able to clip through Chaos Warriors and Bosses, until it’s a balance problem.


Specials spawning seems to have increased in frequency since 4.6, I don’t have any hard evidence but the majority of my playtime was pre-4.6. Along with that sound bugs like this topic have kind of made my pubs experience impossible on higher diffs.

I find it concerning that old issues get reintroduced (stagger override) and seemingly new bugs occur affecting one of the core gameplay elements (sound design) that make V2 unique.

Inb4 the “git gud”, “don’t play”, “i dont have this issue” comments. These add nothing to the discussion. Yes I know I came to the forum to share my opinion and the quality of the content and updates is next level compared to other pyramid scheme games out there but FS really needs a PTB (suggested by FuPlayzz - twitch) to get some feedback from the segment of the community they’re balancing for (PC? Console? Modders?)


They’re way more aggressive at least. I’m not bothered by it difficulty-wise.

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing it, but you can get a spawn where there’s always a Gutter Runner up. You kill it and another one spawns instantly. It’s weird.

Also bots aren’t coded and can’t deal with how aggressive the disablers are which is always fun 4 years into the game. I don’t mind the game being difficult, but if players aren’t joining my game and I’m at the last event, maybe do something to make bots able to kill a disabler BEFORE they catch someone.

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I’m getting double Assassins 80% of the time I reckon.

Played several CATA games last night that felt like seek and destroy deeds. Upward of 120 specials killed total through the run with sniper classes getting 40+ kills each. Not modded difficulty either. Anecdotally, spawn rates for Specials (disablers in particular) seem up the wazoo.

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Hey guys thanks for sharing your opinions - some notes…

I’d prefer if the thread stayed focused on silent specials as is the topic.
I personally didnt feel like there were more specials or elites, tried a regular cataclysm game and it wasnt particularly engaging - even if there are i think you guys will eventually become good enough to the point where regular cataclysm is trivial either way.

My best guess is that Moonbow trivialized specials to a ridiculous degree on cataclysm for a really long time and now its like a culture shock that specials are actually a threat again. Straight up a single elf could solo all specials on cata twitch with 0 effort or skill (my aim is terrible). And now that moonbow is nerfed specials are suddenly a threat again which is GREAT! Specials and Elites are what makes the game fun and infinite cleave weapons like a lot of siennas arsenal and pre nerf moonbow trivializes elites which is regrettable, just like moonbow basically made specials irrelevant because of how crazy good it was (compared to every single other ranged weapon in the game) at killing them on cata.

@Rohking - the reason stagger override was reintroduced was that it led to situations where you would be meleeing a trash horde and enemies would randomly not stagger on your pushes/hits (because a higher tier stagger was active) and slap you right after you used your staggering action as they were coming out of the stronger stagger that you had no way of extending. That was obviously awful and with FK you really just care about staggering CWs and almost nobody is going to override those (sienna flail tho KEKW - what a weapon)

Anyway to get back on topic:
I second what kitten said with enemies insta attacking on spawn - that is quite possibly a part of the issue as well. I dont expect twitch mode to work perfectly in that regard but at least in the regular game it should - which it kinda doesnt. Ive definitely seen a mino spawn from a cw chest literally behind me and already half way into its attack animation. Ive had people spectating tell me that they didnt see that hook that just ended me from behind as well.

So that is probably a part of the issue with no sound - no time to be audible if you spawn on top of the player and immediately attack.

So far from my end - have a nice week lads.


yeah I totally agree adding accessibility features would be a much nicer way to handle sound/ spawn issues but hopefully FS gets something out of these being brought up without any video evidence, etc.

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