Disabler Audio Seems to Have Taken a Step Back After the Latest Patch

Getting lots of silent or super quiet Packmasters, Assassins, and Leeches again, worst than it was before. Patrols also seem to be screwier and less vocal. Backstab alerts are also worse than ever.

Hm interesting.

I didn’t really have a problem with the special sound cues, at least not so far.
Backstabs are screwy though. Often you don’t hear it or you hear at the same time you get stabbed.
(Enjoy your 30 damage boop)

Also patrols are screwed, yeah. (Turning a corner into a stuck and silent chaos patrol sure is fun. :wink: )

A lot of that is stuff that has remained unchanged though.

Odd issue. Never had those since the patch it was fixed. With regards to patrols though, they sure seems to be wonky at times, especially the one at Screaming Bell - small pathway below the first tome. I hate it when they spawn in thin air and proceed to destroy the party lol.

The last patch, 1.1.2, didn’t touch anything but the launcher.


I figured that was the case but it’s been night and day lately. Could be random chance but yesterday, unless there was nothing else going on at all, Packmaster audio was at it’s “pre-fix” state where it was pretty much only audible when it was ~5ft away. A few times when it was making sound, the game made it sound like it was 50ft away in front of us when it was actually ~10ft away behind.

The leech thing was super noticeable. It’s pretty unspeakable for me to get grabbed by a leech and yesterday, in one run, I got picked up by four for which I got zero warning. It was cheesy af. People also kept getting tackled by assassins before there were any audio notifications at all.

I do have most sanctioned mods enabled. I think the only one I’m not using is Waypoint.

Edit: It also seemed to vary greatly from host to host.

vid if you can please

Yeah, this can be a bad one. Did that match with a QP group in Legend the other night. I always check before dropping. Check it, Chaos patrol that appears to be stuck. Wait about a minute, decide to go for it and sneak around into the house. Just as I am about to get into the house the patrol suddenly starts moving and agros.
Proceed to get berated for it.
No question it was my fault should have waited longer I guess but more often than not theyre stuck there and you can sneak around them.

Haven’t noticed silent specials so far. But backstabs and CW swings sound works for me only as host, almost never as client

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