Sound - footsteps, backstab audio warning consistency and enemy spawning 2 meters away, behind a 20 cm pole

Any update on when these issues get addressed, or if they are even considered issues.

At least close by enemies could use some footsteps and metal (weapons, armour) clanking sounds. This is not down to my sound card settings. Also the back stab sound does not always play on time, often it plays when I get hit or later than it does on average. Not sure if this is down to a type of attack (some are obviously quicker than others).

These issues are especially annoying as Vermintide 2 director can spawn whole hordes of enemies and specials , few meters away from the player, behind or in the front of them, only because there is a tiny rock, a 20 cm tree or a bookshelf in the view. Seriously have another discussion around this internally, this doesn’t make the game enjoyable at all.


They’re going to be addressing these issues at length after the big balance update coming in 1.3. Expect things to get really polished in the couple patches after that hits.


Weird. I just got the strangest feeling of deja vu…


I got same stuff too. Especially with berserker type enemies. They are almost never announced, has no backstab sound.

I created a topic in bugreport, but I got “check your sound config in windows”. When I went pictures about the setting (which were fine, no windows messing up), then I got ignored by the audio developer guy.

Since then I give a sh*t about giving any feedback on the game for a company that says the feedback they get is precious, but in general developers can ignore a costumer who is giving feedback.

I told them that heroes chatty dialogues somehow have priority over announcing specials, berserkers, no reaction to that as well.

Berserkers (especially Skaven monks) are one issue, they usually don’t come from behind. Beastmen are the worst. I’m not sure if they were intended to be a sneaky, ambush heavy faction (this would make sense from the lore perspetive, right?), but they make little to no sound, especially when behind you. Combined with the director who can literally spawn a whole pack 2 meters away from you and you end up in situations which are not fun at all. Especially on cata where you can easily get killed instantly.


Yes it is.

Haven’t had lack of backstab sounds in many, many hours post 2.0 after I verified my settings.

You either have latency causing delay or your sound settings are causing problems.

How did you verify it ?

I was having some sound wonkiness after 2.0 as well but after I verified and tweaked my settings everything is working as intended and I have no problems hearing backstab sounds. Just last night I was playing Engines of War and I was backed into a corner with Beasties falling down around me and the whooshing backstab noises were going off like crazy exactly like they should be.

My thought is that Support doesn’t respond to these threads anymore and just simply acknowledge them because when your settings are correct and your connection to the host is good then you realistically should not have these problems.

More than likely it’s something simple such as not having Stereo sound selected in the in game options menu.

Stereo even when i have 5:1?
Well gonna check it out

Yeah. Mine was on 7.1 because of the sound card I have and I was having problems. Switched it to Stereo for Vermintide in the settings and verified all was well with my Windows settings and everything has been working without problems. Even on Cata with excessive horde noise and whatnot.

I went through that support resource you linked here months ago. It improved things somewhat, but it is far from perfect. I use Sennheiser GSP 300 headphones and Sound Blaster Z sound card with up to date drivers and settings.

Also this guide does not address the remaining issues: general lack of audio queues (especially for beastmen, I can hear clanking of armour/weapons on Chaos faction fairly well), footsteps and the game director spawning enemies in your close proximity. Backstab audio queue isssue is still there, latency or not.

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Using stereo headphones and the backstab sounds are quite bugged. Sometimes they dont appear, sometimes they warn you although there is no enemy behind you at all etc.

I literally can’t set my headphones as stereo in Windows settings. They are 7.1 by default and you can switch between dts and uber 7.1 mode or turn both off on accompanying software, but windows settings still only have 7.1, so following that guide to the letter is impossible. Its seems to be required though, as a bug in Windows itself is stressed as being the issue.

If only proper prioritization existed and we had an option to set different cue category volumes separately, their relative maxes staying the same as right now, it would help immensely. If we could also set priorities for different categories or enemies, it would make all that even easier to get those very cues you need, for people with vastly different sound hardware and processing capabilities.

I, for one, would set assassin, leech and hookmouse high priority, other specials mid and stormsorc low, and then prioritize every whole category of ambient, horde, ambush, elite and monster separately. You can’t always please everyone, but can often make it possible for the players to help you with it.

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