Hordes and enemies still not making backstab sounds

Hordes and enemies behind you still not making backstab sounds. The only way i can tell there is an enemy is if i bump into them or i hear the walking and armor moving sounds.


Record it

Ok sure, recordings don’t help anything, i’ve sent them plenty of clips over pm and it doesn’t get fixed faster.

then post it here in one place

Im not comfortable doing that, pm should work the same way, if i link the forum post + add a clip to them in pm.

I agree. This is a real problem… It happens very often.

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Who do you send them to bud?

Just my two cents.
Not sure if it will be any use but I can sort of confirm that - there is a feeling that backstab woosh-sound-cues were coming more prominently. However, at some run they come just as they used to. So I also have a feeling it has something to do with player’s performance.
Ever since I noticed this inconsistency I just look around a lot more often so I don’t really suffer from the (possible) issue.
But yeah, we need a recording and I for one am not bothered enought to make it :pig:

Running attacks have backstab sound, standing attacks don’t.


Is there a reason for that, though? Seems a bit strange.

A reason? Like I want it that way, or what? :laughing:
I noticed that sometimes I get a sound, sometimes I don’t. Once I started paying attantion to it, my experience was as stated earlier.

No no haha, why is it that way? Kept this in mind during my games last night and seems to be true, just seems somewhat of a strange design choice.

I don’t think it’s a design choice at all. Most likely a bug, one that is more likely to get fixed now that this has been pinpointed?

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Ya first we heard (haha?) Of it specifically mentioning running attacks. At least first I’ve heard.

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Today i got no sound from a monk that dropped behind me, i tried to clip it with shadowplay but it bugged out, hope i get a clear clip so we can figure out what exactly the reason is.


The point of sending them in is what exactly? Nothing gets fixed anyway or we get told “its your pc” and i’ve even had devs go as far as accusing me of having a bad PC when i have no issues in any other games with sound.

Another classic response is something like: “We cant find any issues or reproduce the issues on our pcs at the office when we play the game”

I send in constant bug reports and issues in different ways, support/discord/forums and i have not got a real response in months so why should i bother.

I’ve been trying to get the devs attention to fix twitch but its been nearly 5 weeks now…Thats 5 weeks i’ve barely played the game.

Edit: I just checked, no response at all actually over discord/support. All i got was a small several word response from Julia on the forums saying “We’re working on it, I’ll see if we can speed it up” How does it take 5+ weeks to fix a gamebreaking bug the devs caused in an update…?

The devs have made a major part of the game unplayable for many players who enjoy playing harder content. Things like this have me made no longer want to support the game or the devs. I will not be buying any future DLCs or buyable cosmetics.

I would love to have a dialogue with the any of the devs but they all seem disinterested in such things.


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