Backstab sounds began missing again, timing is incorrect

Only for the beasties alongside bosses. We play a lot of twitch and when another boss takes aggro on me and tries to get me from behind it never plays backstab sound.

Beastmen sometimes don’t have entirely.

Other races sometimes plays too late, one enemy behind and the rat hits in during the sound, halfway-ish.

How to reproduce: play the game


Can confirm.

Also How do you feel when twitch spawns monks, run up behind you, no sound and start slapping you while sliding from across the map, hitting you while pushing you off the map with their invis hitboxes.

Or when a boss spawns behind you, insta swinging for you.

I’ve always said. Twitch mode is just adventure mode with more of the bugs happening.


Not even just twitch, backstab sounds are often missing entirely or play when you already get hit.

As I observed, only running attacks play backstab sounds, standing attacks don’t.
Also monks seem to skip - or do it with a infinite speed - climbing animations for small height ledges and just slide up/down as if on a actual slide.

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Can confirm. I have been getting this nonsense since day 1 of the game but like mattie said its much worse with twitch because of all the extra enemies you get per game.

Backstab sounds have never worked correctly since day 1 and never will. This is why you do not develop games in branches…

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