Please Fix Chaos Audio and Improve Audio Overall

It’s a bit of a travesty for an epic game like this to be limited to stereo audio in 2018. Worse, the channels get easily overwhelmed to the point you can’t hear leaches, pack rats, or anything really. Most of the time, you can’t even hear patrols until they’re already on top of you. I don’t remember this getting s problem in VT1 and its my biggest issue with the game right now. 100 chaos differs should not be able to just stealth up behind me completely unheard, and we should always hear the leach.

patrols go silent when they reach an endpoint, then after some time they turn back and walk the way that they came from, to reach the other endpoint.

if you suddenly hear them - it can mean 2 things - either they have just started on their backward journey, or they have spawned REALLY close to your party (bug or intended?) and are coming to screw you over =D

Yes but that’s still a huge issue because the endpoints are too close to the play space, they routinely get bugged/jammed and become unavoidable, you can easily aggro patrols before having any indication that they’re there, and they sometimes stack up so they look like 1-2 mobs until you hit one and they split apart into a dozen SV/RH. This isn’t a problem in VT1. Patrols need to be louder, heard from farther away, and have more sensible pathing. They also move a touch too fast in VT2, especially given the aforementioned audio issues whereby even if they’re moving, you often can’t hear them until you see them, which is very close on a lot of levels.

I played Legend for 7-8 hrs yesterday and in all but 2 runs, we had pre-aggro’d Chaos Patrols and silent specials. The game sounds nice and all but it has the worst audio implementation of any game I can remember. It’s beyond frustrating in a game that expects you to watch/listen to your surroundings and react accordingly and spending so much time to have your win stolen by 10 Rot Helms dropped on you beyond your control is utter bs.

On the same note, hordes/specials shouldn’t be able to just pop into the play area like they can. Not only is it stupid, cheesy, and occasionally gamebreaking, it’s just immersion killing and I don’t remember it ever happening in VT1.

o.O i honestly feel the audio is done very well in the game. all specials can be located by sound, don’t have an issue with that. of course assassins flying in the air can’t be detected, but for example a packmaster gives off very subtle and soft audio cues that i take pride in recognising over the din of a horde. the only thing i can’t hear is the end teleport location of a leech or blightstormer, and that’s by design that they only give out sound from their last position.

but yes, what you are describing is patrols getting stuck and things popping directly in front of the party, that’s definitely not intended and buggy.

Is it? I bet 90% (or more) of the playerbase uses stereo headphones or speakers.

They do need to fix bugs with audio not playing sometimes, but I think that’s more just bugs than it is channel getting overwhelmed.

Yeah, sound’s great… When it works. Except the sound rarely works… Hence why the “fixed” leach house in this patch. Hordes instantly spawn without warning. Gas rat warnings often don’t happen. Platoon’s are often stealth. Backstab warnings don’t happen. The sound programming is atrocious.

As for headphone, DTS headphones are extremely common and affordable.

Well yeah, all those things are bugs that need to be fixed though and once they are even on stereo headphones the sound will be awesome.

I think a lot of it has to do with no dedicated servers… once those are up and running it should be a lot better.

eh i dunno. my regular group homes in on specials when they make a squeak, all the audio cues seem to be very consistent to us. we hardly miss a gasrat’s mechanical wheeze, or a firerats chuckling, or the skull bumping of the packmaster, my experience is that the sound cues are on point.

well they said they fixed the slaverats being more audible now in 1.0.6, so there’s that.

You’re extremely lucky. The norm for myself and everyone in my groups since I started playing is that a lot of audio consistently simply isn’t playing at all. In VT1 I’ve never had an issue. Today, since after the patch, only about 5% of hordes had audio. Leach pre-order cursor sounds did play a bit better than before but the teleport sound was still inconsistent.

These audio cues are a huge deal because not hearing 50 dudes spawn on top of you can wipe the group. It’s like the developers totally forgot everything they learned making VT1 half the time

I don’t think I had a single backstab alert after the patch hit, which is a step down from before.

i had only 2 games after patch 1.06 so i can’t comment tho, can’t wait to try it out tonight. nothing seemed different to me in that regard altho they said they fixed sound from ratties attacking from behind.

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