No Change to Atrocious Packmaster Audio

With recent patch, packmaster audio is exactly the same as it’s always been. Still constantly silent.


Not for me I can hear them in hordes now but they can still spawn right in front of you and I am not always hearing one of the Ubersrike 5 noting they’re presence.


It definitely seems to have some variations from player to player, some things I’ve assumed are…

  • several sounds cues played within a short period of time overlap and silence one or several of each other out (theory based on experience and talking to friends who play)
  • it is difficult to say if it is related to hosting or joining someone, totally anecdotal anyway I would say it makes little to no difference as I encounter silent packmasters anywaythrough a horde
  • not everyone are having these issues, however it ranges from high end computers to medium tier among my friends
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For me the audio is excellent, with cues and rattling skulls heard over a horde. Doesn’t stop the mechanics being completely aggravating though.

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Excellent is the last word that springs to mind when I play. :confused:


some people can hear specials fine, others can’t

just like in any shooter game out there

lol, sorry, probably not right to use the word ‘shooter’, more like “3D gameworld that has sound that emanates from localised sources in the environment that can be tracked using a 3d sound setup or headphones”

i say shooter because my vermintide play is all about hunting down specials, and i do it by shooting most of them

This is how far the ranged meta has come. People referring to V2 as a shooter.


how did u deal with specials in v1?

I can hear them usually and if I didn’t hear them in time for now I’ve chalked it up to other distractions.
At least there was an improvement for me in regards to hearing them.

However their spawns are still bad in the way that they spawn way too close sometimes.

You have nothing else to add then “lol ur bad”?

You rant about being shut down for not having a problem, yet that is exactly what you do to others who are having issues.

If a gutter runner spawns in the same time window as a packmaster, it will make it really hard to hear the packmaster or it will just silence it out as their sound cues overlap, especially if there is a horde as well. There are genuine issues for people related to sound, the one thing that should be reliable.


For me, and the dozens of people I played with over the weekend, there was no change from before. Could hear them if there was no other audio playing but during horde it’s almost always completely drowned out without any audible indication until just before he grabs, if at all. I’m H1/H2 and playing with a Steelseries Siberia 800. No change if I switch to the 7.2.4 audio system, obviously, since the games lol2.0 anyways. It essentially feels like the game’s audio channels are simply being overwhelmed or that almost every other sound source in the game takes priority over it. I don’t remember this being an issue in VT1 but then again, with comparatively few mobs in VT1, someone getting hooked wasn’t as big of a deal there.


I had really bad issues with their sound before so I’m sad to hear that it is still a problem.
(The Patch helped me.)

Spawning Gutter Runners could be an explanation for the ones I heard very late.
I just assumed that they spawned extremely close. (Which does tend to happen a lot in general in V2. Looking at you hordes)

Yeah… I mean so many specials spawn at once that your characters can barely keep up with the callouts in the first place.


About GRs and PMs the spawning distance is a big problem.
Just an anecdote:
CoD, last part. I jump down to kill a gasrat. While I climb back up using the stairways, an Assassin instaspouwnce on me.


Seeing a lot of this lately. They seem to be spawning directly in front of me out of thin air more than usual and I routinely see them appear out of thin air mid-flight just before they tackle someone. I suspect it’s a side effect of the “enemies spawning stealthed” bug that seems to happen whenever a Shade or HM w stealth on ult spec’d is present.

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There were improvements, I can hear them clearer now through horde or other mess, but there’s still a chance for bugging cue, or it just spawn right on top of you, I can’t tell which exactly one, cause game haven’t replay mechanics.

no i’m trying to point out that many of these ‘issues’ people are having are simply a lack of awareness, and if you truly believe everyone complaining has that in droves then sure, go ahead.

And you know that how exactly? Can’t remember you sitting on my lap and watching me play and listen for my audio cues. Not that I am having any issues atm besides the occasional silent patrol, but how on earth can you claim that? What’s the basis for this assumption besides your momentary display of baseless elitism?



it’s basically what most people ‘feel like’, which differs greatly from person to person.

i understand you like to attack me for being the contrarian and elitist, but it doesn’t change the fact that sounds DO play, sounds DO get covered up by the loud wailing of the horde (gameplay intended - don’t expect to hear a subtle packmaster CLEARLY over the din of the horde) in fact the devs had to up the volume by 25%, which means that the sound was playing but because most people couldn’t detect it they had to make it louder, but seems like people still can’t hear it. so what now, should they be made so tremendously loud to the point where they can be heard clearly anywhere? it kinda defeats the purpose of being a sneaky packmaster isn’t it?

“We’ve made changes to the game sounds which should make it easier to pick out the sounds of Specials - so now that Packmaster won’t be quite as sneaky, as he hides in a horde of lesser Skaven.”
Patch 1.1.1

Says you? It was in fact, not the case in V1.

You’re supposed to hear sound cues, and right now, a lot of people are reporting that they are not reliable. Glad it is working for you, but it isn’t for me. Excellent, flawless, these are things you cannot say the sound in V2 are at the moment, music still loops and even disappears sometimes, and blightstormers now sound distorted every now and then.

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