Descriptions of sounds problems pre Patch

To make sure the communication between us and the devs is kept as simple as possible, I dedicate this thread to solving the initial problem.
I ask everyone who seemingly has a problem with those current sounds to write a short description of their audio problems regarding specials/beastmen/bosses/etc… pre!
I do this because gathering information of a lot of posts from a lot of people could cause a lot of chaos.

  • specials sometimes neither have spawn sound nor roaming sounds
  • I’ve experienced this sometimes with almost all specials to a point as far as I remember
  • bosses have no spawning sounds

For now sounds are unnaturally loud, create clutter and break immersion.


For example:

When packmaster spawns it’s voiceline is catchy-cathy, catch-catch.
This doesn’t always play. Even if it plays, the second or 3rd packmaster is completely missing it.
Then there is no bone rattling while it’s moving around or it’s not loud enough to be heard.
I usually only hear it when it’s very close and about to attack, like 1-2 seconds away from hooking me.

Duplicates very rarely play sound, while third one is always completely silent, no sound at all whatsoever.

Almost all specials suffer from this same problem, some of their sounds are either missing, or not loud enough to be heard in the cacophony.

On top of it, chaos mages play their voicelines to the end even if they are already dead.

I play without music and as client. I hear boss spawn like 1 in 10, it’s always the host who notifies us clients that we have a boss. If I hear the boss spawn, then it’s the others who don’t hear it.

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