Vermintide 2 - Patch

This is hard to follow even for me to be honest, meaning I’m not sure what you mean exactly.

I would say there are 3 sounds to specials

  • The initial spawn cue
  • The close/moment before attacking sound (the sound that sneakyrat does and then jumps from somewhere in next few seconds)
  • The moving sound (clanking of the ratling, hook etc)

We got two new INITIAL SPAWN CUE’s in this patch, which were not needed and are just obnoxious loud and confusing clutter, the ISC for ratling & flamer.

Then we got the beastmen horse stomping joke effect.

From my experience, only issue, unless there was some bug, was that the sounds of ratling shooting, flamer flaming or leech porting would drown down more silent sounds of specials, especially the assassin and hook ones.

I can just pull up vid from whatever time before and I doubt there will be many missing sounds.

Problem situations will be where I am cutting thru horde… flamer start burning me and assassin spawns during that etc. Then I get jumped and think “wtf… silent spawn” . While it wasn’t silent and can be heard on the recording.

Are we somewhat on the same page or not @Palesz ?


If they make it easier for themeselfs to program it I am all the way for it. No idea why you have such problem with it

This is true, but when there is a lot of confusion (for example during FoW), Assassin and Packmaster’s sound can be missed.

Ok so… if they now go and screw up another thing that was “fine”… and say “it makes again stuff bit easier for us” then it’s ok ?

How many more times this can be done to still be ok for you ? Once, twice ? Unlimited times ?

This doesn’t make sense, at least to me.

The game has huge list of big issues and they go and sort of break another one, that wasn’t broken.

I don’t know what to say if you feel like this is great approach.

ps: This font thing is sure not making it easier for them to fix temp HP or bugged skills etc.


so uh… about that hotfix fatshark for the broken stuff from last patch… :slight_smile:


Maybe there was some miscommunication or a lack of understanding the initial bug, or they don’t know how to approach this issue. Oddly enough: yesterdays stream started with a soundproblem :rofl:!

This approach of “fixing” something that wasn’t broken maybe gives them the chance of narrowing down the initial problem by reacting to our cry-outs via the forums.

But agreed: would rather see a polished game with at least it’s major problems solved, than another DLC/addon that further enhances difficulties that already exist.
Somehow I fear it might get worse from update to update…we’ll see.

The different font I believe had something to do with an increase in performance, if I understood that already. So not a bad thing if that’s correct.

And there are a lot of processes behind game developing that we just simply cannot even grasp, because we’re no active part in their workflow/programming process/etc…
We don’t know how they approach issues and how much resources (+actual time) they have for fixing. They’re also occupied with stabilizing a steady income which very often is a paradoxical way of somehow keeping balance inside of a company. Wouldn’t necessarily blame devs for that, but rather question management…
All in all: that are just my assumptions.

Between season 1 and 2 they have a lot of maintenance to do and hopefully will do so.

@Palesz had the right idea.
I’ve opened a thread were everyone Is welcomed to state their sound problem regarding the current matter --> too loud, clutter, etc… and what the INTIAL PROBLEM pre Patch was!

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This doesn’t need a 2D sound effect, their voicelines are enough. That is reinforced by the roaming sound and the character callout.
There is not just need on prioritizing the sounds, but also cutting them back, we don’t need so many.


this. +1000

please fatshark undo this sound problem. its making more problems for something that didnt need fixing in the first place. play time and experience is the correct way to solve that problem, not give a massive crutch to new players.

parry mod will crash, dunno if that one is approved or not

Seems unlikely, but could the change to power Vs properties being made additive be the cause? Should only be a difference of a few percent at most depending on your loadout but might be losing you a breakpoint and that’s what you’re noticing?

The main thing this patch made me realise is that I don’t even wanna play the game without the loadout manager mod. I really hope they consider integrating some of these mods into the game so they’re less inclined to break every major patch.

Also a Saltz main and run Boon of Shallya on almost everyone so yeah after waiting weeks for fixes I guess now I’m just waiting for hotfixes to make it worth it to actually play the game again. It’s a bummer not gonna lie. I just earnestly wanna love this game but it’s real hard sometimes.

Yeah, really sad that they can’t hotfix something like a broken talent or trait that has always worked in the past within a day or two. Or even tweak thp on cleave or other simple things that would make a lot of people happy. They say they look at (on stream) talents and weapons that are under-picked, how long does it take to make those adjustments? I’d rather them release a patch every week with a couple tweaks than wait much longer for a larger patch that will likely still break a lot of things.

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They were doing weekly patches for a while there! I dunno why they suddenly decided to stop that and go back to big, slow, substantially more broken updates :frowning:


Because they still believe the delusion that they make everything at once, only once and then it’s fixed forever and it will be awesome.


any update on added temp hp talents/traits working again?

I take that back - my font went back to looking crappy and pixelated again and I have no idea why.

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The spawn noises are actually making the game more confusing for me. It was always easy enough to tell when a special was near both due to their noises and the hero call-outs. Now when a Ratling Gunner spawns I keep thinking that there is one nearby getting ready to fire, only to turn around and find nothing. I’m sure I’ll get used to it at some point, but it just seems completely unnecessary.

The Beastmen hoof noise really surprised me at first too. When I first heard it I thought my game was bugging out and a barrel or something was jiggling around somewhere. This was even after reading the patch notes and anticipating a new footstep sound. That’s how out of place it is.


Where is the fix for the on-kill THP talent? Or Boon? Or the Zealot talent? Or whatever you broke?

Coming up in The Holy Season 2 :wink:


I sure hope this season thing doesn’t fall flat on it’s face like WoM did. :rofl:

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