Vermintide 2 - Patch


  • Fixed halberd push attack missing overhead attack


Welcome to Patch 2.0.9 for Vermintide 2. This patch looks at stability, sound and tweaks to Battle Wizard & Slayer career skills (as well as other various fixes, all outlined below).

In-case you missed it, yesterday we outlined some of our plans for Season 2 so be sure to check that out, and consider joining us for our AMA over on reddit tomorrow at 15:00 UTC.

Now, on to the notes:

  • Fixed an issue were a minimized fullscreen window was not restored to correct screen.
  • Fixed an issue were incorrect resolution was set to the fullscreen window.
  • Windowed and Bordless windows should now start on the assigned monitor screen.
  • Re-enabled so winkey+left/right works in windowed mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing black screens on some older AMD GPU’s. Let us know if you continue to have issues with that.
  • We’ve done some sound optimisations for enemies. The aim of these changes is to improve reliability of special, horde, patrol and boss sounds and stingers. It should help negate some sound distortion that some players with specific hardware capabilities experienced during intense moments.
  • Ambushes now feature a subtle stinger in Weaves so you get a heads up when these events trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where German talent translations could list % and Durations the wrong way around.
  • Fixed some other localisation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Bardin could engage in dialogue despite not being in the current lineup of heroes.
  • Fixed various miscelaneous crashes.
  • Phantom strikes - We’ve made sweeps use custom FOV to detect if hit is in view, now it has a more box like FOV in order make vertical sweeps hit far more reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where overhead heavy stabs from Kerillians Dual Daggers did less damage on a critical headshot than a non-critical headshot.
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed some terrain issues, spawners, and gaps in geometry.
  • Fixed an animation issue where the Volley Crossbow would be reloaded with a cheeky tap on the top. Now it should reload as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair for the Empire Longbow would shrink-grow-shrink when aiming while moving.
  • Waystalker talent ‘Fervent Huntress’ now properly refreshes when already applied.
  • Subtitles should now stop playing when the speaking entity dies (looking at you in particular Skarrik)
  • Fixed so that Battle Wizard can now teleport on stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where the targeting circle for Battle Wizard Sienna’s Career Skill “Fire Walk” and Bardin Slayer’s Leap wouldn’t show up when activating while aiming at obstructing terrain, or invisible blocking volumes. In addition, when aiming at obstructing terrain, the targeting circle will be more thoroughly adjusted to find a target location where the player would fit.
  • Battle Wizard Sienna’s Career Skill now has a shorter minimum distance you can travel, by aiming downward.
  • Fixed up some input buffering issues with Saltzpyre’s Falchion.
  • Tweaked heavy action chain timings with Kruber’s spear, should feel much better now. Adjusted damage window on certain light attacks to make it hit closer to the player, fixed small gap in between light and heavy attacks losing input buffering.
  • Increased max hits we detects for sweeps, added slight optimization for sweep to make offset performance impact for increasing max hits. This hopefully negates some of the issues reported with cleaving stacked enemies.

Minor issue but launcher still shows 2.0.8

Oooh, these look like very good fixes! Can’t wait to test them out :smiley:

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Might one inquire whether this fix also applies to Shade’s dash version of Infiltrate?

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Yes yes, we detects sneaky no furs!


Could someone - a dev maybe - explain why the implementation of this buffer was necessary?
Also if it could be removed or if not, why?

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Without it, it will feel much less responsive and harder to do heavy attacks - especially with slower weapons.


Would it be possible to make this optional?
Like a setting in the options if one wants this or not?

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Deciding to make no changes to beastmen because of some flimsy leaderboard reason that affects about 2% of your player base while far more than that leave the game due to overtuned beastmen will prove to be a mistake.


Push out 20 more of patches like this and maybe this game wont be as bug-ridden, unstable and crash-prone as the worst early access games.

They did purposefully postpone balance fixes until bug fixes are made (because bugged enemies can cause this unbalance) as stated in the latest blog post.


Thanks, mates, glad to see some serious bug fixing action at last. Hope it won’t be limited to the new ones. Please, if you need a refresher, I believe we could compile a succinct list of old bugs for your reference if you were willing to take a look into those as well.
And I fully agree that the big balance changes should be in it’s own right after the fixes - just like the BBB was.

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Kruber halberd attack pattern has changed. Push attack now follows into the light stab instead of light overhead. Is this intentional?


I’m not seeing (or hearing, rather) an improvement with enemy sounds. In this match I lost because I initially had a silent horde attack me from behind (no sound of them attacking or backstab sound) - a bot got me up, then I saw that there was also a Minotaur who had appeared silently. During the ensuing fight two bannermen appeared who were also silent - there was no chanting, and the first sound I heard was the boom of their banners.

. . . and then of course Ironbreaker popped his ult and did not even attempt to rez, cuz that’s how that bot rolls for some reason.

This was all on Legend, btw. I wish I had video of it, but I can’t record while I play. :confused:


Iron breaker is totally useless as bot. Most bots are totally useless, but unfortunately that makes them 70% better than randoms

When will you be fixing the Waystalker’s ult when as a client killing roughly 50% fewer enemies? The bug was acknowledged weeks ago, nothing done.

Been playing Battle Wizard all morning and it feels great. Thanks a lot for these consistent tweaks and updates

This patch is so good, that today’s first game began with a silent Minotaur, and a fully silent ambush.

Edit: 3 games, 2nd silent ambush, 2nd silent minotaur. Just rats/ beastmen main sound, no music, no shouting at all.

Edit2: 4th game. silent beastmen ambush

Edit3: 6th game, silent beastmen ambush

Last edit: did around 10 matches since 2.0.9 and almost all of them, I repeat almost ALL OF THEM (2 did not, because we had no surprises for some reason) had silent ambushes. Did integrity check, quited, relauched, restarted the steam, even the pc unneededly just to be able to tell you, i did everything. Seems the only solution is uninstall until a stable version comes out.

What kind of fix is this? Are we going to get back to alpha? Unchained ult on max overcharge once popped, other times not. Is it became a random stuff too?

I grew impatient, we gave feedback on bugs, especially on sound bugs and on many more, and the patch that meant to fix these causes more problems. I dont know what are the programmers do, but since 2.0 came out the game is a mess. The forum filled with bugs and unsatisfied people. Before WoM I enjoyed to play and now I get stroke from the bugs, the “Oh look, is a minotaur in my back?”, hoping not to see beastmen because in 1 enemy there are 3 (you see 1, but if you kill it, it opens like a flower and voilà, it “was” 3in1 like nescafè - sadly less enjoyable). If you can kill them, if they dont ignore the push or IB’s shield and axe’s first heavy completely. Depends on their mood I think.

Please, can you just create a PTR where these patches can be tested? I honestly, gladly be a guineapig in PTR rather than in live version.

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Nice, some good fixes here. I especially like the fixes to Firewalk - I thought its “worse-than-before” behavior was intended as a way to nerf it.

I have been asking for the spear’s attack timings to be changed since beta 1, so I hope this means what I think it does. Looking forward to trying it out.

Is Helborg’s Tutelage trait (merc) is still broken? :unamused: