[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.7 and


We’ve just put live a quick hotfix for the following issue with the latest patch in Vermintide 2.

  • Fixed a guaranteed crash during the Norsca Champion encounter on Skittergate.


Welcome to patch 1.0.7!

This version collects a number of bug fixes and balance tweaks for many of the issues raised by our community. Our focus, with version 1.0.7 is to raise the quality on some key areas, while we continue working on our upcoming content update.

Fixes / Tweaks

  • Handmaiden Kerillian had an issue where she would receive more damage than intended, this has now been corrected.
  • Witch Hunter Captain Saltzpyre’s level 25 Talent Resonating Faith now correctly increases the duration of Animosity.
  • Fixed an issue for Deeds where effects could persist in to the Keep on the clients. This was especially noticeable with the “Back to Basics” Deeds.
  • Decreased the fuse timer on barrels to 4 seconds, down from 6.
  • Fixed a bug where explosive barrels would do a very small amount of damage. Increased the damage on explosive barrels to be on par with bombs.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause you to do light attacks when trying to spam pushes.
  • Tweaked input buffering to more reliably switch wielded weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Warriors and Maulers - Marauders with Great Weapons, would not make patrolling sounds while on patrol.
  • Changed patrols to spawn further ahead of the players in the level to give players more time to react to their presence.
  • Fixed issues which would spawn some hordes in plain sight of players.
  • Fixed that Bulwarks - Marauders equipped with shields, were doing double the intended damage on their running attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Bulwarks were using wrong stagger animation when being hit by a shield ignoring weapon, such as the flail.
  • Chaos Warriors and Maulers will now take into consideration whether a player is surrounded by enemies and then not initiate running attacks against them.
  • Reduced the attack range on Savages - Dual wielding Marauders, by around 13%.
  • Changed the way the AI-slot system handles Savages and Maulers. They now take up more space around players, in regards to other enemies. This makes them less prone to clipping into other enemies.
  • Fixes to the spawning of Specials. In order to reduce the chance of Specials spawning out of thin air, Specials should always find a hidden position before spawning or wait until such a position is found.
  • Increased the time between each Specials spawn when spawning coordinated strikes, to allow players a bit more reaction time when hearing spawning sounds. Increased to 2 second between each spawn, up from 1.
  • Increased the delay of Specials spawns after a Lord dies to 120, up from 40 seconds. Reduced the possibility of multiple Specials spawning at the same time when this duration is over. This will mitigate some of the issues on Into the Nest, after the lift after fighting Skarrik Spinemanglr. Being gunned down on the platform after defeating a Lord is neither fair nor balanced.
  • Poison Wind Globadiers now wait between 4 and 6 seconds before throwing their first globe.
  • Reduced the initial impact damage radius of Globadier globes from 4 to 2 meters. The gas clouds that lingers remain at a 4 meter radius.
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects from certain Career Skills would not follow the player character. This affected Mercenary Kruber, Handmaiden Kerillian, Witch Hunter Captain and Zealot Saltzpyre, and Unchained Sienna.
  • Tweaked Raider ragdoll force multiplier to make them react more to weapon impacts.
  • Fix an issue where Bulwarks used the wrong stagger animation when being hit by a weapon that bypasses shields, such as the flail.

Weapon Changes

  • For weapons with light smiting attacks, which are one-handed axes and the combo finishers on one-handed swords and falchion we added damage falloff to the second target of a cleave. This means we reduce the armor penetration and damage slightly, but increased cleave slightly.

One-handed axes
We’re buffed the one-handed axes with faster turnarounds and some balanced cleaves to deal with hordes.

  • Made light combo attacks faster by 0.1 seconds.
  • Increased the speed of push-followup attacks.
  • Tweaked the no-block window from push-followup attacks so that they should be able to block faster
  • Tightened the auto-block on hold for push-followup attacks. Now, just holding block should return to block faster. Changed to 0.45 seconds, down from 0.65.

We’re reinforcing the handgun’s spot as a heavy hard-hitter, while at the same time trying to make its gunplay a bit more enjoyable by removing some of its randomness. We’ve also added a unique quality by making it able to snipe shielded enemies with its charged attack.

  • We’ve made tweaks to the way charging changes the spread of handguns. These changes will make it easier to get precis shots off when charging.
  • Increased damage vs Chaos Warriors to 0.5 up from 0.25, on close range. Increased crit damage vs Chaos Warriors to 0.6, up from 0.5.
  • Decreased stagger vs Armored enemies on close range.
  • Increased damage overall to 0.9, up from 0.75 on close range. And 0.8, up from 0.5 on long range.
  • Enemies wielding shields will no longer be able to block charged shots.
  • When killing a Marauder, a handgun will now be able to blow their legs off. Enjoy.

We’ve made changes to help the crossbow be more mobile and increase the skill ceiling a bit with improved spread across the board while giving it a charged shot quirk with extra crit chance. The crossbow now packs a little bit less punch but it will reward your well placed shots.

  • Reworked the spread on non-charged shots to be more accurate in general.
  • Increased damage to 0.6, up from 0.5 on close range. And 0.5, up from 0.35 on long range.
  • Reduced stagger slightly.
  • Charged crossbow shots now provides a +10% crit chance.

As the falchion is a bit of a mix between an axe and a sword in its profile, these changes focus on the headshot rewarding aspects of its gameplay, rather than spamming light attacks. The core point of the armor penetration is to provide a good base damage to boost with the rather high headshot multiplier.

  • Reduced light attacks on armored enemies to 0.25, down from 0.5.
  • Removed damage to Chaos Warrior on light attacks, down from 0.5.

A slight simplification to streamline its damage profile across all attacks. The main strength still lies in its staggering, but it will now deal damage to armored enemies with all attacks.

  • Added armor penetration to the first two light attacks in combos. Now at 0.25.

Conflagration staff

  • Increased the lifetime of light attack fireballs to 1.5 seconds, up from 1.


  • Fixed a rare deadlock crash at boot that would occur on some PC configurations.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Ironbreaker Bardin activates his Career Skill and left the game while the taunt was active.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while a player left the game while being grabbed by the Lifeleech.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player left the game while Skarrik Spinemanglr spins in his defensive phase.

Next week

Just a heads up. On Thursday May 3 we will make a HUGE beta patch (around 22gb) available on Steam. The patch will include a large amount of optimizations and bug fixes. It will also lay the foundation for future patches, which will not have to be as large thanks to this patch.


You can discuss the Patch here now!


Looks like you addressed almost everything on the forums and off. That is great.
It’s a good job even though I wish we could’ve enjoyed it further.
Now I’ll actually test this patch, I hope it holds up.


Why is it a “beta patch”?

Russian folk still has problem with joining the game, so i can’t even test the patch normaly. Hope for the best

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We want to test it before rolling it out live. Feel free to sign up for the beta if you wish to do so.

Right click game -> properties -> betas :slight_smile:

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Alot of needed changes. One of the best patches to date, cannot wait for next week!

Any word on CPU affecting horde spawns? When will it get equal on all systems?


A lot of Great fixes, can’t wait to try. Hopefully the big patch will increase cosmetic and red drop chance :D? 200+ hours and still no cosmetics, and 2 red trinkets and a red Salts axe :’( (at least the axe got a buff now, so I might try it).

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are the dual wielded 1h-axes included in the axes buff?

This patch seems to attempt to address most of the spawning issues players are having with the game. I think the “Fixes” portion of these patch notes are exactly what the community has been asking for.

That said, I would still recommend to the team to attempt to bring all weapons to a baseline before actually nerfing any of them - Saltzpyre’s usable weapon selection isn’t exactly great at this point, and other classes are struggling even more for variety.

I completely understand fixing abuses of game mechanics, but on the whole the team should reconsider their way of balancing weapons. This problem was extremely visible with Vermintide 1 as well - good weapons were brought down rather than focusing on poor ones in a constructive way. Best to focus on bringing unused weapons up to par first so that people can enjoy their weapons, and after reaching a solid baseline, start to bring weapons that are too good down in minimal increments, over time & several patches!


Any ‘sneak peaks’ at the ‘content’ yall hinted at in here, cause that’s a heck of a tease yall

This is very considerate towards users with limited downloads per month, a thank you from some of my friends I am certain! I will be sure to help test the BETA for you guys :smiley:

Lots of great fixes, thank you for continuing to listen to us, keep up the good work!

There was a few big hints in the stream (find it and view it on Fatshark’s twitch channel) and newsletter, be sure to subscribe!

I’m guessing it’ll be map changes/fixes as well for its size.

Just to let you know, the repeater crossbow (for saltzpyre, not sure about Shade), if fully emptied and you hold rightclick before weapon-swapping (say, if you want to clutch block) still doesn’t let you swap when the reload animation has started.

Probably, they discussed during the stream as to having to change and re-upload some of the maps to fix the more glaring issues in some of them where there were problems with LOS and specials shooting/throwing through them and such!

Awesome patch, from the looks of it. Still need to test it when I get home. Especially looking forward to the 1h axe changes, my favorite weapon by far in terms of style.

Do the “charged attacks” on the handgun and crossbow refer to the zoom, or something else entirely?

Wow. Awesome! Cannot wait to play tonight! Now if only I can get outta work on time!
Excited for handgun changes! I know the blunderbuss is damn good, but I just love the handgun!
Thank you FS!
*Still hording 80% of my chests for content update lol.

What about russian servers issue? We can’t play(
You play the match, you do everything in order to get the best reward, but after the victory you just throw off. You either can not go into the game, or you can not get chests and increase the level. It’s impossible to play :(((


But I would like to see buffed other weapons, and not nerfed most used like Falchion. It was ok.

What about all the broken talents that have yet to be fixed? (like the one granting temp HP instead of real hp, like the 2 hp per special kill on the wh captain)

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