Vermintide 2 - 2.0.15 - Experimental


Today we’ve put out patch 2.0.15 into an opt in experimental branch that we’d love for you to test!

To install the Vermintide 2 - 2.0.15 Experimental patch, please:

  • Right-click Vermintide 2 in your Steam library sidebar
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Betas’ tab
  • Go to the ‘Betas’ tab
  • Expand the dropdown and select:

A 1.4GB download for the patch 2.0.15 Experimental branch should then start downloading. If the download does not start automatically, please restart the Steam client.


We’ve been listening hard and working harder to bring you this update which looks to tackle issues that are high on your priority list.

These include the way in which enemies spawn in to the playing field, the sounds that accompany enemy behaviours, and we’re looking to alleviate those situations in which enemy density around your character might go against established conventions.

There’s a bunch of other fixes and tweaks in this update, the notes of which can be found below.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed various UI strings.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Fix for missing localisation for one of the paintings.
  • Fixed bots taking damage when they are teleported to you/a team mate whilst mid-air.
  • Enemies, notably the Chaos Spawn and Rat Ogre (but this does apply to all enemies) will slowly nudge players who find themselves stood within the enemy unit, through expiration of a cloak ability or other such means. This fixes situations where enemy AI could not reach the player stood “inside” them.
  • Fixed battle wizard career ability fire trail going further than the player travels. Fixed fire trail not appearing if player jumps over a gap in the navmesh* (*the path on which AI can travel)
  • Fixed fire bombs not aggroing patrols if they step on the fire, now applying dots to enemies to alert them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Achivement “Ride Together, Die Together” could not be completed on Legend difficulty.
  • Changes the backstab trigger to calculate on clients instead of server
  • Updated all hidden spawners on all levels to try and combat facespawning issues.
  • Updates to enemy considerations to try and fight hyperdensity.
  • Updates to horde spawning, primarily targeting ambushes.
  • Fixes issue where the host hear the backstab indicator when bots are being backstabbed
  • Refactored all explosions which should result in better syncing of explosions across host and client(s).
  • Updated how sweeps are calculated for:
    • 1h Swords, Kruber and Sienna
    • Dual Wield Daggers, Kerillian
    • Dual Wield Swords, Kerillian
    • Spears and Shield, Kerillian
    • Spears, Kerillian
    • 2h Swords, KerillianThis should reduce the chance of getting Phantom Sweeps when playing at low fps and/or very high attack speed.
  • Added Push/Block angle to weave melee weapons. An issue caused these to not display properly as an option that could be selected.
  • Gors no longer use their kick attack since it telegraphed very poorly.
  • Reduced the speed of the Gors attacks by approximately 10% across the board.
  • Adjusted beastmen jump/climb up timers to reduce snappiness.
  • Fixed missing sounds on Kerillian’s Shield+Spear.
  • Fixed missing sounds for Bardin’s hammers.
  • Overhauled the sound mix to improve enemy specials awareness.
  • Packmaster now announces when he enters the playing field.
  • Fixes hordes spawning without the horde music and ambience.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies using the combo attack (Plague Monk etc) wouldn’t face their target.
  • Beastmen and chaos ambush horde music now triggers earlier to give a better indication for the player when they are about to be engaged.
  • Beastmen and chaos horde ambience has been changed to the same effect.
  • Beastmen Standard Bearers no longer engage patrols when they put down their banners.
  • Fixed a case of super fast Gutter Runner behaviours. Seemed to be an interaction between assassin rats and edges in terrain/geometry. Keep us posted!
  • Fixed cases where ULTs with knockback could be rendered unable to knockback for the remainder of a match.
  • Fixed some situations where patrols spawned too close to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Warriors sometimes could hit player that were very close behind them when performing their overhead cleave attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit with Fire Walk and Slayer’s Leap which allowed some solid objects to be passed through.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would deal more damage when they were the original cause (Sienna venting for example).
  • Bulwark’ Talent - Fixed an issue that caused the bonus damage to enemies you stagger to be applied to ranged attacks. Now only affects melee attacks.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Flame Walk - She can no longer target her flame walk whilst airborne. This is mechanically unchanged, but previously you could target whilst airborne but you couldn’t use the ability.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Kaboom! - Now applies the proper burning effect on both the start location and the target location.
  • Markus Kruber - Mercenary - Blade Barrier - Fixed an issue where the talent could not be triggered if you had the talent “Enhanced Training” selected.
  • Markus Kruber - Mercenary - Walk it Off! - Now refreshes duration if Morale Boost is activated while the damage reduction is active.
  • Kerillian - Shade - Vanish - Changed icon of the invisibility buff to indicate that Kerillian is under the effect of Vanish.
  • Saltzpyre - Witch Hunter Captain - The Unending Hunt - Fixed an issue that caused the the ability to refund 80% cooldown rather than the intended 40%.
  • Saltzpyre - Zealot - Heart of Iron - Fixed the talent from not preventing death if the damage taken is greater than the total max health of the player.
  • Bardin - Ranger Veteran - Firing Fury - Now refreshes duration of reload speed buff if triggered again.
  • Crit Counter buffs of Mercenary and Zealot now show when they trigger.
  • Empire Longbow - When zoom is held, will maintain zoomed in state instead of flipping in and out after each shot. Should yield a smoother experience when using the longbow.
  • Bolt Staff - Fixed an issue where the second level of charge for the spear had less cleave than the first and third level of charge.
  • Swiftbow - Increased headshot damage of charged attacks.
  • Longbow - Increased headshot damage of light attacks.
  • Longbow - Increased Body shot damage of charged attacks vs Berserker-class enemies.
  • Fixed issues where critical hits dealt less damage to certain enemy types with certain weapons:
    • Repeating Crossbows, Saltzpyre and Kerillian.
    • Blunderbuss and Grudge-Raker, Markus and Bardin.
    • Hagbane impact damage, Kerillian.
    • Fireball Staff, Sienna.
    • Bolt Staff, charge level 2 heavy spear attack.
    • Flamethrower heavy attacks, Sienna and Bardin.
    • Shield heavy attack slams, Markus and Bardin.
    • Dual Axes push attack, Bardin.
    • Flaming Sword claw attack, Sienna.
    • Greathammer, Bardin and Markus.
  • Cermonial Dagger - Heavy attack 1 chains slightly faster into heavy attack 2.
  • Beam Staff - Fixed sometimes not doing charged shot while holding right mouse button and left mouse button is spammed.
  • Hagbane - Removed projectile penetration on charged shot to make sure it always creates poison cloud on impact.
  • Fixed issue where the player wouldn’t respawn or take a really long time to respawn in the final arena part of a Weave.
  • Skittergate: Fixed a case of Skippergate.
  • Skittergate: Fixed a cliffedge which had no hangledge and heroes whom fell there were just insta-killed.
  • Skittergate: Bots should now behave a bit better around the ledges during the escape.
  • Skittergate: Fixed various AI navigation and sticky locations.
  • Athel Yenlui: Fixed a handful of sticky locations
  • Tweaked the end events of the following missions:
    • Convocation of Decay
    • Fort 2: Electric Boogaloo
    • Skittergate
    • Garden of Morr
    • Engines of War

The end events should be less punishing on higher difficulties, and slightly less challenging on all difficulties across the board.


Really nice fixes but, with season 2, there will be also a big balance patch too?

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An experimental patch?

I shall brave the waters of the bugtide, my ship is ready to sail!


Alright allow me to correct myself, despite playing a full run on the patch i only actually encountered a single bug, so far it actually seems good?

This one Stormvermin walking around underground and whacking my poor panicking bots was pretty amusing though.

End of edit.

We’re really focusing right now on getting the core game feel back up. Beyond that, I can’t confirm right now. Let’s see how this experimental weekend goes :slight_smile:


Is this for fire barrels now as well?

Thank you… QPing Legend fort was brutal. It nearly always ended up with me having to run to the bubble solo with the party dead. Didn’t matter how many times I got them up. Most players can not handle that many zerkers and specials. The respawn point is kinda bad, as you have to climb or jump out. And most players panicked and just backed into the wall down the alley where they spawned. :frowning:

Good changes all around, can’t wait to test these.

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Was the first event of Engines of War changed? There were monks that spawned in close enough to players to start attacking before you could react and they were about as frequent as the Fort event monks. Edit: played a bit, teleporting through skittergate downed all my bots both times. Also longbow doesn’t stay zoomed in under hunter’s prowl, it was occasionally zooming out for me without it too.

Very interesting changes, looking forward to trying them out. There is one thing however that still triggers me. @Fatshark_Hedge did the dev team forget about Kerillian’s Ariel’s Benison ? That passive is still literally useless.
I remember someone mention this a while back, but it still has not been reworked or at least temporarily replaced with something that actually works.


Looks fantastic. This just made my weekend! Can’t wait to play and I’m looking forward to the next season too.

YES!!! experimental branch is back boiiis. THANK YOU FS

Just checked the beta, and… just to make sure, there is no new content for testing ? Like the new maps that should be coming etc ?

All I could find so far is two Darkness mutators, but … it’s not twice as dark or something, if I activate em both, so that’s not really new :joy:


Yea and that’s great, I just thought, the Drachenfells thing is coming very soon, so … I’m confused why it is not being tested in experimental beta.

I’m not b*tching, just asking, btw :laughing:

Am i right to assume that this makes them more effective/dangerous to players?

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  • New map usually don’t get any player testing during beta (WoM being an exception with weaves, but Dark Omens wasn’t playable until the “early access” beta, a week prior the release)
  • I guess shop don’t really need player testing (+ it’s probably a bit hard to handle since you keep your progression in this beta).
  • They’re focusing fixing bugs and some pressing balance issues around levels events before rebalancing stuff with possibly broken things as a base, which is a thing that you and some others did ask a lot during thoses lasts months. Therefore, you probably should be happy right now =p

Wait when skittergate was hard? Its one of easiest map.

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“He’s got dots! Attack the Humies!”

Joking aside, thanks for the post, @Fatshark_Hedge. These all sound like great updates that we’ll be excited to have.

What does that mean?

(with beta patch enabled)

I hope you are waiting for me to show you (since i asked if you would let me do this everytime), or else i’m going to feel like a huge d*ck for doing it… :upside_down_face:

I’d say less phantom swings, there is just a typo, it should be:

  • 1h Swords, Kruber and Sienna
  • Dual Wield Daggers, Kerillian
  • Dual Wield Swords, Kerillian
  • Spears and Shield, Kerillian
  • Spears, Kerillian
  • 2h Swords, Kerillian

This should reduce the chance of getting Phantom Sweeps when playing at low fps and/or very high attack speed.


The launcher is configured only for the live game :slight_smile:


By Sigmar, an amazing patch! Love all the bug fixes and core game improvements, AND the use of beta branch. Both of these things have been much requested. I’ll be jumping on the new branch today and will report back later with any wonkiness.