Vermintide 2 - 2.0.15 - Experimental

I missed a note, soz:

  • Fixed cases where ULTs with knockback could be rendered unable to knockback for the remainder of a match.

It’s been added to the OP.


From what I’ve seen now in about 10 runs, no, monks seems fine.

Well maps should get tested also. There can be issues with those as with anything else.

So far, something is very different about the general combat, feels like they did something with those insane running attacks.

But the events, those need more tweaking, Convo is still crazy, Fort is now very easy and Bell seems ok. :grinning:

Yea this looks like good step, from what I’ve played so far.

Btw, bombs are exploding twice or something like that, that’s funny “feature” :rofl:


I can understand that!
Are you fixing that typo though? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can’t avoid smiling a bit thinking back to “our most stable release yet”. So much was broken. But I’m ready to bury the hatchet (be advised, slayers have a spare).

@Fatshark_Hedge Good fixes all around, shame about the gor’s kick, it was cool. Will it be back?

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How do I actually play the new 2.0.15 patch?

I’ve installed it, but when I start the game it seems to be the 2.0.14 build.
At least I tried the Empire Longbow and that’s the same as before, so I’m guessing I’ve loaded the 2.0.14

It’s in the description:

When you downloaded the patch, it will be installed.

Which means: Beta branch is not extra clarified in the launcher.
It’s all in the post and comments. :wink:


Well. Here we go again.


DOwnloading!@ Launching!

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Is that disappointment? Looks pretty good and it’s on a beta branch like we asked for?

Tried it.
I was lucky to get into both Convocation and Fort on qp, first on legend, the other on cata. Convocation on legend was hard, but doable, I presume that the cata would not be insanely more difficult. Fort on cata was ridiculously easy compared to what it used to be, maybe as difficult as the old legend.

The beastmen don’t hurt so much. I had no hyperdensity issues so far.

However… I cannot say if this is due to the host or not, but for at least a week I’ve been experiencing huge slowdowns in any mass scene, and this patch made it a lot worse. Sienna’s flaming sword heavy attacks seem very slow and using ranged stuff is hit and miss.

I’ve been playing with the bolt a bit, using volcanic force and 20% vs armour and chaos. Now, I admit that the audio cue can deceive because it takes slightly longer to get to the full charge, but in every game that I played it felt as if many hits were not registering. Warpfire throwers would ignore fully charged bolts, including headshots. SVs would take up to three fully charged shots - including headshots. I would see the bolt going through the assassin jumping on me. Sometimes all this in combination with the above mentioned slowdowns. Not fun.

  • Can’t seem to notice pack spawn sound, anyone heard it?

  • Thp on kill, pyro/BW: If you kill any enemy with flame DoT — you won’t get thp. Will get thp for elgi’s bleed DoT kills, on daggers, though.

  • bots now sometimes (always?) lose some health, around 30-50, when teleporting to player. Seems dumber than usual too. Don’t see anything about their AI in patchnotes? I have Grim’s better bots installed, mayhap something went wrong with the code.

  • On a plus side: both WS and pyro ults seem to have reliable targeting once again. Not in the notes, though.

  • Hyperdensity is noticeably lower, although now you can see enemies running back and forth, waiting for the slot. Sometimes looks like Benny Hill, but I prefer that to hyperdensity, ofc %-).

This happens with the second charged shot of rechannel, the audio cues are as fast as the first but the spell doesn’t actually charge faster.

On cata? They should only take 2 fully charged shots, or 1 fully charged headshot. On legend it should only be 1 fully charged shot. Dunno about the hit registration issue, I haven’t had any.

Not I.

Yeah, still an issue.

Claimed they fixed it but it seems worse.

Well, I was not using rechannel so… I tested in later on the dummy in the keep and if I release the bolt at the moment when the cue is heard/ends, the charge will be L2, not L3. Slightly longer and L3.

Yes, that’s why I think not all the hits are registering, since some of the shots were headshots and the warp throwers seem unaffected. It might be also that even if I delay the bolt enough for the full charge in keep, it is still not registered as the full charge in the actual game - kind of like why my heavy attacks against the hordes feel like slo-mo.

Now, my character configuration using fully charged bolt against an armoured dummy body produces 109,50 damage. According to, it should be enough for one shot kills against SVs, let alone my bane, the warp thrower.

You’ve interpreted me incorrectly

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Played about 10 runs on Cata, seems much improved! I did notice the double-bomb-exploding bug that was already reported. I also saw people reported that going through the Skittergate randomly deals damage, didn’t happen to anyone on our team the one time we played it.

This is definitely working better, way less glitchy. I didn’t have any moments of “I’m sure I backstabbed that guy, why didn’t I keep my stealth?” (Playing with Vanish talent ofc)

All of these felt much better. No facespawns, and no bad hyperdensity outside of climb/drop areas (not much to be done there)

Did some Pyromancing with the 1h sword, felt a lot better here too. I’ve been playing this before the experimental patch and I would often feel like I ate a hit for no reason, likely phantom swings but it could be hard to tell with all the craziness on the screen. Feels better now.

Only got to try the end event of Skittergate, it felt pretty good… lots of SV and plague monks spawning during the fight instead of so many clan rats as before. We ended up getting rekt about halfway through it so I’d have to play it a few more times to say for sure.

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I’ve run it for 3 maps, and it “feels” a bit closer to the old version before winds of magic.
Cataclysm felt sort of like the “old legend” but with way more enemies, very fun but as someone who had acclimated to post 2.0 I was definitely shredding things

Its honestly not a bad feeling at all. Noticed the monks (pijama rats!) going down a bit easier which I am grateful for, I found them to be a much higher threat than the berserkers, feels pretty good.

Also was that new dialogue/banter I was hearing? always appreciate that :smiley:
Anyway thanks for keeping things moving, i CANT WAIT for the new maps

THanks again!!



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I haven’t seen this much love for a patch in a long time now; D. Good job FS!

During missions or in the keep?

Since some 2.0.1* update there are some new lines were Lohner directly talks to one of the heroes, like a question-answer conversation, don’t really know how to trigger them.

Example: Lohner asks Kruber if he could check the keep’s defences when he’s got time, to which Kruber responses that he doesn’t need to do it asap as they should hold for a while.

The trigger must be something very distinct which does not happen a lot, only heard like 2 different ones. It happened once directly after spawning in and another time while i was standing idle talking to a friend over discord who was with me in the keep…
I also think the timer gets set back when one of the Catrinne lines is playing. :roll_eyes:

Would love to know if someone found out and told me how to trigger them. :grin:

Smells like the last stand to me, although it’d be hard to beat Schlüsselschloss.