Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.8


Patch 2.0.8 has landed and with it some crash fixes, sound fixes and various other fixes and tweaks. Thanks for reporting these issues to us, and continue to do so over in our bug report forums if you find them.

  • Various miscellaneous crash fixes.
  • Various localisation fixes.
  • Okri’s Challenges which require you to complete 100 missions on Champion or above now properly (and retroactively) count your Cataclysm missions.
  • We’ve made some general fixes to backstab sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where Skaven Clanrats where incorrectly configured not to trigger a “backstab” sound when flanking you.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm Vermin with shields would not correctly trigger backstab sounds.
  • Added backstab sounds to combo attacks for Plague Monks and Chaos Berserkers.
  • Added a hit cancel window for 2h axes and 2h elf sword.
  • Bile Trolls should now appear in the kill feed.
  • Sorceror Vortexes and Chaos Spawn grabs no longer disable targeted players in the Bridge of Shadows.
  • Suitable errors should now be provided to players looking to run Weaves whilst Twitch Mode is enabled.
  • Improved matchmaking behaviour related to hero selection. Do let us know if you encounter further issues with being placed in matches with the wrong hero or forced in to hero selection when having the option to only join matches with your chosen hero enabled.
  • Bots should be more decisive when the player drops down a point of no return.
  • Saltzpyre’s Billhook special attack no longer checks if the player has stamina to perform the attack, because the attack doesn’t use stamina (it never did, but having no stamina previously stopped your special attack from activating).
  • Kerillian’s Glaive now triggers a push from pressing attack from behind block instead of on holding attack.
  • Fixed clients removing stealth and no-clip effects too soon, when multiple stealth buffs are active at the same time.
  • Skittergate:
    • Fixed some enemy spawners.
    • Fixed some gaps in geometry.
    • Removed some dev assets

You mean that rasknit fight where they jump over fence right into underground and stab you?

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Everything other aside, putting a bugfix patch this size every 2/3 days consistently for almost a month is nice and impressive. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for 2.1.0, once the bugfixes settle down : )


Yeah, around 2.0.15-20 with the amount of stuff till left.

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Smaller fixes but ok. Still waiting for for concrete actions.


What exactly does this mean?

Nice fixes all around though. The skaven back stab noises was really confusing me in a few games. :joy:

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Going out on a limb to say that the Glaive previously had a hold requirement to trigger a push, whilst now it just requires a click, like every other weapon.



Good fixes!

…dash ults and ghost swings? :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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We’re looking into phantom hits at the moment yep :slight_smile:


Keep up the good work team!


How about patching double special spawns, boss infinite knockback, and 180 mid-attack target switching? And while you’re at it, the frequency of Beastmen populating the level.

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Hey you seem to know a lot about game development. Why don’t you apply for a job @ Fatshark. You can probably do better than them in less time.


I think FS has said that they are focusing on straight bug fixes first, while gathering telemetry about beastmen in the mean time. Then they’ll look at balancing.


That seems raisonnable

It’s not about balancing, it’s about seeing Beastmen more often than Chaos and Rats, sometimes combined. Can’t they be regulated to ambushes, bosses and banners only? Not regular standing around enemies please?

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Well, “game design” then. My point was just that it isn’t a bug per se, rather a game design choice, in a way, a balancing issue. But to address your point: yes, I also agree that beastmen could be made to appear less often. Perhaps FS wanted to show them off and fully test them, and that’s why they show up so much.


Ambient beastmen are actually good, they will let you know that you can soon expect their hordes too.

What I was about to say. Ambiants = Indicator about what type of horde is coming.

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Well, hordes are suppose to have a signature shout for the type that is incoming… I know beastmen sounds are all broken but they’re suppose to be there. Skaven have rats shouting while Chaos has a warhorn sound. Beastmen have a roar that sometimes plays, but is hard to distinguish from the Minotaur.

It just pulls me out of the game when I’m on Warcamp and don’t see a single mauler, warrior or mook until I get to the ram. Or Every. Single. Time. I play Halescourge it’s 100% Beastmen (aside from specials) until I get to the man himself. I’m sick of seeing them! Get them out of my face!

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