Vermintide is painful and frustrating

I’m sorry to say this, but it seems that you have taken the feedback and you have done the opposite.

Almost every player has hated the new stagger and how enemies were bullet sponge in beta… and you, instead of listen your community, have made also Legend boring and frustrating like Cataclysm.

A game can be “hard and fun” or “hard and boring”… and now Vermintide is totally the second one. Enemies need years to be killed, characters seem chained, tHP doesn’t exist, you can’t avoid certain hits… it seems that everything is meant to be frustrating.

You have received negative feedback about this on CATACLYSM… it means that see these problems also on Legend is worse. Legend is meant to be hard for the average player but still should let “pro players” to farm (and we know that you love force your community to farm).

I repeat myself… I’m sorry about these words and about all these bad responses… but you still can fix your great game.


So what exactly is stopping you from playing on a lower difficulty? There are FIVE to choose from so it should be fairly easy to find one that you’re comfortable with and that is fun for you.

It is YOU convincing yourself that there is something totally wrong with playing “only” on Champion or lower. That makes YOU the elitist and not others who might be enjoying more hardcore content and wanting it to stay that way.

Is it a problem that Fatshark tries to provide more ways to play the game so that everyone can find what suits them? Or is it you wanting the game to be catering to you specifically and screw everyone else who is playing at a different skill level or has different preferences?


And when have I said that I can’t win Legend? I haven’t problems to play Legend, exactly like I haven’t problems (in the previous beta, currently I haven’t the DLC) to play Cata.
Instead say “git gud” (the death of every smart discussion), you should read what I have written: there are more types of difficulty. The problem isn’t that the game is too hard, but too boring… “harmful to play”.

Then you can disagree and you can love this new Vermintide… but that the great majority of players have hated the stagger and the bullet sponge enemies is an objevtive fact.


I would ask you for at least a shred of solid data on that one but just the fact that you’ve decided to use this term (without even spelling it correctly) says it all. Not sure what else I expected here really :smiley:

He won’t be able to provide any, because the data is now gone. They deleted/hid the beta feedback forums(including the community poll gauging people’s level of happiness on the individual perks of the expansion) so none of us can check any of this and we’re left with only anecdotes. Unfortunate!


Don’t get salty, I have just pressed the wrong button… anyway there were tons of threads in beta section. As you can read the feedback into the patch notes thread.


This is not true. Just hit the head. Adjust talents/equipment.

So stopping to kill a horde is a “harmful”. Guess you can go modded realm, disable AI in mission and run through everything as it was in 1.62


I always aim for headshots when possible… but every career/weapon has its style… moreover you can miss because bad latency, bad hitbox, unpredictable enemies’ movements… if this new gameplay forces to hit heads everytime, imho there is something that doesn’t work


Too boring? Why? Maybe because now you have to block, wait for the right moment for attack and right positioning instead dodge and attack without nothing else? bullet sponge… do headshots, even in cata a headshot kill most of enemys. Boring was before that you don´t have to do more than dodge dance and spam attack botton. If your ego needs to obliterate everything play lower dif. Majority of players hate the new game is not a fact, majority of players who hate the new meta are crying in forums is.


And here we have another player blather about ego, git gud etc etc… I can play without problem, and rather I love to be a tank (so I don’t want just kill).
Anyway, as I have already said, we can’t do always headshot (to read the reasons, see my previous post). Then I repeat, you are free to love the new Vermintide, but it was enough read the beta section or see the patch note thread to understand that the great majority of player hate the new stagger system. Or how, also thanks the over nerfed tHP, you get damaged from some unpredictable attacks.


dont see how legend can be too hard , if there are difficulty levels beneath it the problem isnt it , its you playing the wrong one


You should learn to read the entire thread, instead talk about be able or not to play Legend.


I did , and have again , i still dont see what problems your expressing that wouldnt be solved by playing a lower difficulty level , i myself dropped from legend to champ for now.

If you like play as tank, you should be happy, with old system tank had 0 utility, even counterproductive, because you had a lack of damage and tanking habilities weren´t needed with dodge dance, so nobody tanks, we used the tanks as offensive bruisers, now a tank build is really usefull so…

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Because, as I have already said, I haven’t problem to play Legend and even Cataclysm (during the previous beta, currently I haven’t bought the dlc)… the main problem is that, as many others, I find the gameplay too boring.

Beta section is gone, but if you remember, almost every player hated stagger and bullet sponge enemies. And if we add that we are hit from invisible enemies into hyper density (also while you push or attack) and that tHP is trash and that Beastmen overshadowed other factions… the problem isn’t the difficulty, but the type of difficulty.


Tanks still don’t have utility, they throw around enemies not just in front, but into the mid/back line. I hate it when I have to change from the staff on Sienna to kill the enemies that land behind the frontline because they keep throwing the chaff around while pushing brainlessly, because “push is meta now”.


Sure, tanks are a little better, but there are other ways to make them useful.


There is no majority. You guys should finally understand something. Ppl mostly write if they are not happy about something. Not the other way around. Thats why it might seems as a “majority” to you.


well yeah , but then everyone complaining on a forum is complaining that doesnt mean that all the people not complainging are also complaining!

Low health might be taking me 1 more than i was used to , high health taking a little less. figured that was because i was now 50 power of the mark , but not any great change in how spongy they are so cant help you there , tried the various talents out?

i have seem some insane huge hordes that have caused problems , but we were dealing with them like we would of dealt with a non threatening pack ie just blend it , bit of a re adjust in technique required there. hyper density , well yeah shouldnt be a thing agreed but its also pretty easy to spot/avoid so i cant say it really bothers me. invisible enemies i just flat out havent experienced yet.

just havent been experiencing the same things as you i guess.

im finding it a bit boring because its so the same.

I can’t really agree on OPs experiences as well.

Of course you don’t cut through elites and hordes as easily as before, but with a bit of team composition, complementing each other for various jobs and getting used to the new talents, its not sloggy at all for me.

Yes, of course you need 8 headshots with sword&board on FK for a stormvermin on your own, but thats kind of the point: Don’t fight on your own. They instantly go down if you are teamed up with any DPS class.

Only thing I miss is being able to clutch. Only clutch I have seen so far was with multiple potions cheesing. Otherwise the director just completely overwhelms even very strong/mobile classes.

Apart from that, I love that enemies are a bit scary again. On earlier live, even a chaos patrol on legend was just cannon fodder you could solo if needed, at least for good players on a strong class. That really bored me, tbh.

Now even a single CW on cata is something you have to concentrate for. Which is good, IMO.