Legend is pretty boring

It feels like there are barely any enemies on this difficulty. Hordes only ever send like 6 rats per wave and it’s just so underwhelming. It feels like a race getting to kill something by yourself, it’s almost as if you have to fight other teammates just to get a few kills in. Sometimes I play on Legend because nobody else is in Cataclysm at the moment. But I think with it being one of the highest difficulties, it should should have A LOT more enemies and static spawned ones.

I don’t mind killing things faster and easier on a lower difficulty but Vermintide isn’t as fun when it’s so underpopulated.

6 rats per wave? You sure you arent playing on like…recruit - or something? O_O

This is not my experience playing legend at all, and while admittedly someone using say a flamethrower makes hordes trivially easy it´s still easy to get caught in an area with spawns all over which keeps flamethrower from doing wonders.

Really i can walk into say the market area of the screaming bell map, in there i´ll have a chaos patrol wandering about with a heap of plague monks chilling around + a twice as large heap of ambient stormvermin.
With a boss+horde spawning in the middle of clearing this stuff.

So yeah no, i do not think legend needs buffs at all, especially not considering how few people have finished skittergate on legend, 5.2% that is.

…I do not know how many are actually active out of the total but for now it´s hella low and raising bars making it harder to draw new people seems bad.


go cata then ?

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Why would it be bad? It’s the hardest difficulty it shouldn’t be easy to get new people do it.

Op is talking about when cata is empty and there are no public lobbies available.

Oh ops didn’t read it to end. My bad.
Well there is always weeklies deeds , try different character with non optimal weapons etc.

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I’m not sure you and I are playing the same Legend, but for comparison I think I catch 40-70 slave-rats per horde excluding any ambients or elites and, if I’m not wrong, the bulk of the community receives much the same. I think that anyone coming from Cataclysm has a slightly jaded view on what should and should not be “exciting” in gameplay, but this might be a bit on the extreme side of things.


It´s already far from easy, seen by how few there are who completed those archivements.

Making it harder will only serve to ensure the population grows smaller still, keep going like that and it wont just be cata lacking any players and that in my mind, is bad.

Very bad.

6 rats per wave? Where can I get your version of Legend? Mine is non stop spawns of specials with hordes of 20-30 per wave with about 3 waves one after another, then wait 30-60 seconds and repeat, not to mention the minimum 6-8 ambient elites per room/area.

I want your AI director!

What, on Cata? Achievements on Cata are kind of a separate challenge than the game mode itself and wouldn’t say the completion on them is an accurate measure of how many people can handle the difficulty (especially since the reward is a chest, there’s not a huge incentive outside of being an Okri’s completionist).

That said, I think Legend is well balanced. I’ll bet OP might be suffering from being so used to Cata that he’s become somewhat desensitized to Legend, so things feel relatively easy (if 6 rats per wave is an exaggeration). I agree with Perterks that it’s time to play in-optimal loadouts, weird meme builds, or the like.

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Oh ok mybad, thought you meant it should be made easier idk why i thought you meant that.

And yes op probably got used to cata and thats why legend feels to easy

I was discussing legend with the argument that given how few people have finished skittergate on legend(5.2% of the players) we really should not raise the bars any further as to not make more new people just give up from an even greater difficulty spike x)

Oh alright, no worries and yeah probably.


Oh, yeah I don’t think that’s a good measure either since it includes all people who have bought the game, even those who picked it up, finished everything on recruit, and never touched it again.

There was a survey on Facebook by someone on “what difficulty do you play”, and most people chose legend (followed by Cata). So at least actively-engaged community-wise, by these numbers, that’s where most people sit.

That said, I think Legend is a bit too easy for me, but that’s why we have Cata! :smiley: I think Legend is a great difficulty for people to seek challenge while they learn, and for more experienced players to relax and have fun in.

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Yes exactly, the 5% skittergate compeletions is not a good measurement and is pretty flawed.

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Merc with only blunderbuss crit push is great :stuck_out_tongue: True meta build

It is, prob top dmg build in legend

Legend feels like it’s in a pretty good spot right now IMHO.
I play Legend when I want a relaxing few games, too tired for Cata, or can’t get a group together.
Been actually only playing Legend last few weeks.
6 rats per horde? Sounds like something is wrong.

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I’m pretty sure that he is just exaggerating with the numbers. I think the main point is that Legend can become a damage race where players are more competing with each other than working together.

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The problem is that you can’t ask it on groups/forum… Because only the most expert players spend time on these things.
If you see the lobbies, at every time, the great majority of players play lower difficulties (like veteran or champion).


I agree. the Vast majority of games are at Veteran and Champion. If you play at legend I reckon you’re in the top 20% of players, and if you play Cata you’re in the top 5% - based upon my own opinion of the lobby browser.

As an aside, I reckon this is why lots of weapon balance that is infuriating for Legend+ players is simply a non event, because the vast majority of players play at Champion or lower and all weapons are viable and playable at those difficulties.

The fact Cata is empty suggest it might even be lower than 5% although there’s an argument (in other threads) that it’s locked behind a paywall but even so. There’s simply a very rarefied amount of people playing cata.

If you are moaning about legend being boring without using the tools available in Deeds and twitch to challenge yourself then Boo Hoo. I dunno, maybe dislocate your fingers or something? Otherwise you’re just coming across as an egocentric pillock moaning about how L33T you are.