Vermintide is painful and frustrating

Bad Sienna player has nothing to do with game design. You can be way more annoying with any other career simply by being one of those brainzors who waste ammo or even ults on killing a single lonely elite that others are trying to get THP from (the absolute majority of our playerbase) because they are desperate to get a meaningless green circle.

This "A game can be “hard and fun” or “hard and boring” is accurate. I have never thought to myself “Fat Shark should make the game less fun” but that appears to be what’s happened.

I didn’t want a whole new game; I wanted more of the game I have been enjoying since it came out but with new fun stuff… where is that… is someone else making that game now?


In reality there was a poll… but anyway, if we have seen tons af similar threads, at least it means that it was a very popular opinion.


In my experience isn’t so painful untill you can stay together your teammate… but Vermintide, in certain situations, forces you to break your formation. And when you must deal alone with an horde… well… it is terrible.


Last time I floated around similiar idea to this in steam discussions, even before the patch 2.0, me and other players who agree with it got smeared and told to go back to champion. Apparently if we take advantage of temp hp to progress through a level, we should leave Legend and ‘git gud’ on Champion. They say you don’t need temp hp. That is their solution to temp hp issues.

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Is it that bad?

I was playing all last night and having an absolute riot of it. Slaying a horde solo happened 3-4 times in the span of 2 runs and every time it felt pretty awesome. Enemies died, they just didn’t die as fast as they used to. In the past, the hordes would stack up and get themselves killed, but they no longer do that.

The time-to-clear a horde has gone up by both the stagger mechanic and their positioning. I way prefer it this way, but that’s also a personal opinion. Getting separated is the fun part: you have to reposition to your allies. Suddenly, Hand-Maiden Dash/Zealot Charge is used for something other than DPS because it helps you unify with your team!


There’s not enough data to know either way, but this is a fact: Since version 2.0 was released, Vermintide 2 has been getting more negative reviews on Steam than positive ones. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened before in the lifetime of the game.


can be frustratng sometimes
advice is stay together and kill specials as soon as possible

This was the point of my previous post on difficulty.

If a player that was in the middle of farming legend for reds (and wanted more reds) finds legend now to difficult and does not want to put in the time to get legend back on farm status. . . they might quit. They cant make progress on reds in champ at a reasonable rate.

It scary for me that we might lose up and coming player base to those sentiments.


I also enjoy Winds. However, there is an active poll right now where it seems the majority of players do not enjoy the beta. There is substantial evidence that it is an objective fact. Also, your “get good” attitude is misplaced. While I love the new content, some people genuinely don’t enjoy the playstyle changes and you should be able to respect their opinions.


I can’t really agree on OPs experiences as well.

Of course you don’t cut through elites and hordes as easily as before, but with a bit of team composition, complementing each other for various jobs and getting used to the new talents, its not sloggy at all for me.

Yes, of course you need

This game shouldnt force you into premades… I dont think ill be playing this game for 2-3 months. Ill check in when bugs get fixed or see changes that I can agree with.


As mobs are even better at soaking dmg (it seems), I find that playing as tank, even though you add to the stagger damage buffs, does even less dmg. That was frustrating pre-patch already, let alone now.


Sorry to break it to you but if you interpret “Choose a difficulty that’s right for you” as “git gud” then that makes you the elitist here, not me.

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I’ve read your other post. You definitely have an elitist attitude and it is not helpful. Not trying to attack you, but the way you are communicating just makes people defensive. It’s not productive. When someone says the game is boring, the answer is not to tell them to “Choose a difficulty that is right for you.” The answer is to listen to their feedback and accept that they have a different reaction to the gameplay than you did.


In response to the title that it is frustrating and painful, I’ve just been downed by 3 little shitty ungor spears DIRECTLY THROUGH a CW. All I saw is the spears come out of the CW stomach and stab me.

Some people really love it, some people think the solution is to drop down to a lower difficulty, but the point being - it simply isn’t much fun for an awful lot of people no matter where they’re playing (veteran > Legend) and whatever anyone’s opinion of the 2.0 patch people leaving/uninstalling is very harmful for the business model FS have.

I’ve had two or three runs where, once the run is over players have actually typed “Thank God that’s over.” This is really not a good place to be for a co-op game.

The people who like it are possibly the ones who the whole thing was designed around. High skill level people who often play in premades and could cruise legend in 1.6 and are massively invested in the game anyhow. Everyone else - shove off back to Veteran please.

Forcing people from Legend to Champ and Champ to Vet when the only way of getting Reds(the one fairly rewarding thing to aim for) is to play at Champion with a chance of 4% drop rate, is simply locking key content behind a wall of difficulty players simply aren’t going to bother to get over. IF you want players to play at a more comfortable difficulty then give them content that isn’t dictated by the difficulty level. Maps, Frames, Costumes, hats, and so on. Oh wait. Lower skill people aren’t part of the design scheme.

To sum up my own feelings about the current game, I’m very pi55ed off with the massive amount of frustration triggers that have been added. Making something difficult shouldn’t make you bloody angry playing the game and it certainly shouldn’t make you stop playing. Oh and, in before “drop back down to Champion or lower” and “Git gud noob”.

I used to play for hours at a time, now I do maybe 2 runs and get fed up or cross and go and play Deep Rock Galactic instead. The current state of the game won’t matter when only 1k concurrent players are on it as those 1k are the target audience for the build.

Whether you’re for or against the current play-style, it is quite clear that WoM has had a net-detrimental effect on the entire community and the game as a whole. That’s never a good thing.

There’s even a reddit guide on how to play pre-2.0. The fact it has been met with such approval should tell you all you need to know.


To be completely fair, the build isn’t polished yet. A lot of the difficulty comes from animations not being synced for beastmen. In addition, players are going to have to adapt to a new meta and new mechanics. The frustrating dodge changes are actually really similar to the mechanics pre-1.6. It will simply take some getting used to. I think players will quickly adjust and hopefully fatshark will fix the audio and animation issues. I think it would have definitely benefited them to push back the release date and do a legit beta instead of basically just releasing the game in its current state.

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Err, they had a beta period and didn’t seem to pay any attention whatsoever.

I already spent 1200 hours getting used to something, I really don’t want to have to do it again.


I respect your opinion, but when you get separated, not always you can just use an ult to return where your friends are. If Fatshark wants that we fight a boss during hordes, it should give us a gameplay that rewards teamplay but also that let players dealing with enemies solo.

tHP seems gone, enemies are so tough, also while dodge or push you can be hit… I don’t like it.


The problem is that the gameplay sometimes forces you to break yout formation… Vermintide isn’t a game where you can have always a tank on front that protects a ranged career.


Well, I fundamentally disagree that we ‘should’ be able to solo anything in a game designed to be entirely based on 4-player co-op. I believe that soloing should be possible, but it should be vastly harder than playing the game with a team.

THP should’ve never been as prominent as it was; we were pampered by it in the past. Dodging and pushing requires more precise timing and I’ve not had problems with it since I grew accustomed to it.

Enemies are only tough if you aren’t fighting them with a team :wink:

Personally, I like it, but I do recognize that the changes can be disliked and I am happy to respect your opinion as well.