There have been enough balance changes to rival a season of a PvP live service game over the last month and without exception they have each made the game worse. Who asked for borderline worthless dodges? Did Psyker and Preacher deserve hard hits to their core mechanics? Why has this been the priority?


I don’t agree with this at all. I do agree that games try to hard cater to audiences for making it easier for everyone.

But after multiple thousand hours of Vermintide 2, many of that being on cataclysm difficulty. The harder difficulties on this not reward players skill proficiency.

Do i want it to be really hard? Yes, i do. But if beating a harder difficulty requires you to take the smallest number of risks possible, don’t push, don’t charge in, stay in cover, brain burst and/or get the vet to kill the annoying elite, rinse and repeat. Then i’d rather play another difficulty game that rewards me for skill expression, not punishes me.

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