Vermintide 2 - Patch


Welcome to Patch 2.0.11, bringing you some minor fixes.

With patch 2.0.11 you will experience less backend errors related to opening chests, crafting and receiving backend errors at the end of maps. We have improved the retrying behavior by changing the time it takes on backend requests, players will not be experiencing any major difference in the game aside from less instances of losing out on hard earned loot.

In the coming updates we hope to release an update with a balancing pass for the Beastmen. The Vermintide 2 team is currently working hard on taming the beasts.

Patch Notes

  • Improved retrying behavior on the backend resulting in less frequent backend errors, especially during end of round, crafting, and chest opening.
  • Fixed an issue where Twitch mode would cause the game to crash.
We just rolled out a hotfix that should tidy up some errors in patch 2.0.11.


Yeah… No, I’m done. I’ll see if game exists by 2.3.0.


Very nice, got a few crashes related to crafting and opening vaults.

Daddy likes <3

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So you’ll once again balance something while basic stuff is broken. And we sure know once something is in the ground you only stomp on it, nothing gets picked up…

Someone wake me when a patch with actual changes goes live.

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Really there is no something else and more important to patch? LMAO

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*Devs: updates game to be more stable, posts patchnotes to let players know
*Players: wtf this not good enough :angry: giv more fixes

It’s no wonder people complain about a lack of dev communication when the player base is this toxic :joy:

Thx for the frequent updates FS! Looking forward to the beastmen update.


*Devs: repair things they broke for dozen times for 2 months
*Fanbois: yay, keep up the good work, doesn’t matter how long it takes.


Would you rather they leave these easily fixable issues in the game for months until the next major update, which will likely break many more things? Or release small updates more frequently?

I thought one of the major complaints against 2.0 was that they changed too much stuff at once.


Fortunately, there are still a handful of fanboys for whom it is worth working. They don’t see problems and everything is wonderful :rofl:

Yeah, prepare for wait till December :joy:


This was not fixed,

console-2019-09-18-10.22.46-4192a21c-291e-4b02-b9d4-1c380e322287.log (2.0 MB)

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Hahaha you made my day. Cheers!

Second game I played after the patch that fixed backend errors, I crashed with a backend error lol.

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Don’t think this is unique to twitch mode, had this once or twice in the last week with regular games too. Why nobody thought to add a “Retry” button XD

No, I don’t want them to wait for months - but it’s painfully obvious that we will have to wait until season 2.

I want those major updates to break what’s to be broken sooner so that they can get to work on them sooner.
At this rate we won’t have a 1.6 state of the game before the end of the year.

FS should get away from this “we do it once and do it right” since it’s obviously NOT WORKING.

They fell flat on their face with this approach with WoM, they should have floated the main idea to the community to measure the reaction regarding seasons, leader boards, progress reset and new game mode. Now months of work goes down the drain.

I fear that they have this “awesome idea” for deed rework, and they will do it once and it will be right.
We once again know nothing about it and it will be too late to change anything just like with weaves…


You are an apologist. Making comments like this is not even constructive, despite the fact that you think it is. Sitting there and just saying it’s ok only feeds the dysfunction.

Stability fixes…that’s a good one. I haven’t had a Backend error in weeks and weeks of regular play.


I get them every other day. While I’m not super mega excited about this patch, I hope this fixes them. Nothing like starting up the game and immediately seeing a backend error before you load into the keep.


@Fatshark_Hedge Is there any hope of having no beastmen spawn on old maps with the coming beastmen patch? Or at least rework the way they spawn on those? This is one of the threads I’ve made for reference:

The current state is annoying me so much I’ve virtually stopped playing the game.

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Good patch, more errors now than before
crash_dump-2019-09-18-10.15.01-cea9eef8-768e-49b3-8af1-785400d1d56e.dmp (557.2 KB)
crash_dump-2019-09-18-12.08.48-828f3b9b-dcc9-4aa0-984a-5e225273aa06.dmp (562.6 KB)
Previous crush 08.31, playing every day. Ty fatshark.

I highly doubt they’re going to limit beastmen besides on faction maps like into the nest and skittergate.

Otherwise, what’s the point of the dlc? It’s main selling point is beastmen, oh, but with your suggestion, you’ll only get them on two maps and a few parts of five other maps :joy: at that point, why bother? Just remove them… basically, I don’t see this ever happening. You could always just remove the WoM DLC and you won’t get them in your games. You’ll still have the dlc weapons and stuff if you uninstall WoM after you’ve unlocked them.

I think beastmen should be treated like the different careers of the characters. If you take HM, she’s been a HM since the start of V2. Likewise, beastmen have always been here since the start of V2. If a new character was added, you would treat it as if they’ve always been there since the start.