[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch


When we released mods in version 1.1.0, we opened up the game to be expanded in a million different, creative ways.

Since mods can change just about everything about the game, we separate modders into a separate “realm”, where mods won’t allow you to do things like click a button to unlock all of Okri’s Challenges. That would be a bit unfair.

However, in order to make sure that mods weren’t able to change player data on our backend, we had to rewrite some of our network code to add extra layers of security.

The infamous backend error 1342 that kept popping up after 1.1.0, was a direct result of that rewrite.

This patch -, is a small patch which aims to resolve these backend errors.

Since the release of 1.1.0, we’ve also seen outages from both our backend hosting company, and Steam itself. We’re truly sorry about these issues impacting your games - we just want you to have fun killing rats.

There are still a few known issues with Challenges since 1.1.0 which we’re planning to patch this week.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Optimised creation/opening of chest and crafting requests to the backend to avoid 1342 errors and cases where trusted players were meeting with a “denied” response upon manipulating their inventories.

Great stuff. However, does this still mean we can get a 1342 error when finishing a map? I no longer care for crashing in the Keep but me and my friends are always paranoid about having our runs completely erased.

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Finishing a map creates a chest in your inventory, which counts as inventory manipulation. Hopefully this should address that scenario also.


Any freebie chests headed our way in the future just as a little pat on the head due to all of this?




Good work fixing the bugs!

Now you just need to give Kruber some love to make up for the stepmotherly treatment of all his careers.

Or at the very least undo the completely unnecessary damage done to Huntsman.


For this outage we get your apology and what else… You know the rerolling system is a farce, at least provide items or chests to reduce the grind.


Awesome! I’ve been relatively crash free until these particular crashes, so pretty stoked to have that stop.

Thanks for the clarifications as well. :+1:

Nope, still a thing.

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Yeah people still get back end errors when opening chests etc, just not as common as before.


i still get error

I got the 1342 error at the end of Athel yesterday. The other 4 maps we ran were ok. All on champion if that matters.

You may be on the wrong forum… or planet.


I received a steam connection error via vt2 last night. We were close to the end of a level. VT2 prompted for me to quit or retry. Retry did not return vt2 to the active session. The need for a pat on the head increasing…

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