[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.1.2


Welcome to Patch 1.1.2. This is a preparatory patch for the release of Sanctioned Mods.

Except for some quality of life changes for the mod screen in the Vermintide 2 Launcher, you will not notice any further changes.


  • Added an select all/none checkbox in the mod screen.
  • Added dependency tracking to mod screen so it will tell you if you need to subscribe to or enable a mod that one of your mods is depending on; or if you need to change the load order of your mods.
  • Extended the size of the mod description field in the mod screen beyond 255 characters to fill the space available to it.


  • Implemented Sanction Mod verification so sanctioned mods aren’t blocked from loading in the Official Realm.

Next week will see the full release of Sanctioned Mods, the first wave of mods and further info on what this entails. In the meantime, we wish you all a nice weekend


Maybe one day we’ll get fixes


Aww yeah! Super stoked for this.

The modders are the fixers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally I’d like to see that polish, that finishing coat that makes such an enormous difference, to be applied.

The problem with that is that most people won’t play with mods on their computer. I don’t buy a tool so that way I have to go to the swap meet and piece it together, I won’t do that with software either. Nobody wants some unknown third party moderation on their computer, neither do they want to go trudging though pages and pages of mods to get it.

And these mods aren’t solutions, look at what we have:
A mod that makes everyone talk at once.
A mod that gives you all the hats and then banns you.
A mod that tells you your base stats. (Like it matters)
A mod for melee friendly fire. (LOL)
A mod that one-shots everything and everything one-shots you.

Really. They all just break the game.

Thats the beautiful thing about mods and the sanctioned mod system. You get to pick what you want, and devs get to pick what you can install and still get loot.


Wow way to cherry pick the worst mod examples out there. Bravo!


That was actually everything I saw in the mods

I’m surprised you’re supporting something you haven’t even looked at yet.

Bot improvements, weapon switch fix, disconnection resilience, UI framework, sticky grimoire, crosshair customization, enemy health bars - just to name a few highly desired things that you apparently missed.


When did you look, the very first day mods came out and almost none existed? Just checked and there are 46 mods that have applied for sanctioned status. Here’s a few:

  • Chat Block
  • Bot Improvements
  • Skip Cutscenes
  • Disconnection resilience
  • Scoreboard tweaks
  • Huntsman ult fix
  • Damage numbers

Wow. so game-breaking…

… what? Where did I say that? I’ve spent a lot of time on the mod realm. I’m surprised you’re just assuming things about me (oh wait, no I’m not)


Strange. They must be showing me an ENTIRELY different Workshop than the one you describe.

I’d love to see a screenshot of your version of the workshop

Huzzah, time for some special ratextermination! :smile:

Many of the mods currently fix or improve on the original base game. I wasn’t suggesting that the Devs don’t have to fix anything anymore because of the mods. But some of them do and will fix actual problems in the game when they get whitelisted, without a patch from FS.

I should really look into how those mods work.
Good on you for delivering on your promises, timing notwithstanding.
Though I suppose if a mod can fix things like Krubers Ult, why can’t Fatshark? Does that really need to be a mod?

I mean, from a players perspective, does it really matter? As long a fix is implemented, it doesn’t really matter whom made it.

I don’t think this will go down like in

Talk from the only denied and then undenied mod as of yet:

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