[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch


Patch is now live - which returns the keep to its native state. #KeepTheKeep has been heard and we’ve taken note of your desire for thematic keep options. :slight_smile:

This patch also includes a few fixes and tweaks, including some fresh sound tweeks for specials and default portrait frames for those players who were missing them.

Bug Fixes / Tweaks

  • Changed the Sonnstill Keep back to the original Keep design.
  • Added a fix that verifies all slots for players gear, fixing a crash that occurs for players who used the “Give All Hats And Skins” mod.
  • Added the default Portrait Frame for players who were missing it.
  • Adjusted Packmaster, Globadier, Warpfire Thrower & Rattling Gunner audio cues to further mitigate situations in which they may be unheard or altogether missing

Nooooo! It was so pretty and lovely!

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Give all hats and skins mod?


Music looping for ever just started again …

If you can further elaborate on the specifics of this adjustment it would help us assess it. Specifically, what should we be hearing in what order of volume/priority and how soon should we be hearing it from how far away?

We didn’t alter the range or volume, just made additional steps to have them not be culled/ended early and they should have top priority.


And the first game I play I get the old backend error

after patch some sounds are missing - for ex there interruptions of machine-gun fire and other repeated sounds. like with Pentium I =)

and bots became incredibly dumb. 2 minutes i tried to persuade them to take a potions or they walking somewhere. had to feed with a spoon.

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I remember you told us you were going to give us an update on the companies current projects, or what you wanted to work on at least, what’s on the front burner. Any update on this? Can we get a general idea of what your next priorities are going to be?

You know what would be extremely helpful to be honest. Your official discord… Can you guys not just jump in a channel with voice permissions so that only Fatshark Devs can talk? And then answer questions, and tell us about future content. I honestly have no interest in watching you guys play the game. I think a quick 30 min Q&A session on discord once a month would be way better.


So me switching back to stock was the reason why I wasn’t locked out :innocent:

so here i am, 51 hours on the game and only “slightly” addictes… (must kill more zzzzkaven……)
and err… since this patch my computer freezes during games so hard that i have to force a reboot.
it was working purrrfectly scaven killin fine befor this patch!

Did this also tweak the Festering Ground grim #2 jump? Seems way less finicky now.

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Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu