[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch


Patch isn’t a big one (~20mb) and solves a couple of crashes as well as tidies up the Keep once more.

  • Reverted the Skull Keep to the old Keep.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the game at the same time as starting or stopping a revive.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when blocking Ratling Gunner fire.

We’re aware of a few ongoing issues, including the infamous 1342 error which can occur when manipulating inventories (opening chests, salvaging items, rerolling etc) and are working full steam to resolve this. Our humble apologies in the mean time.

Other known issues include:

  • Players reaching level 30 with Bardin are triggering the level 30 Sienna achievement.
  • Daily quests to kill bosses are only registering for players who land the killing blow.
  • The “Escaped!” Challenge is largely non-functional (the achievement for this is also a little inconsistent)

@Fatshark_Hedge Phantom swings on daggers. Please. They miss 60% of attacks at hordes …


hook rats can pull you trough walls in empire in flames after the first jump down the balcony near the first tomb

Also in Fort Brachsenbrücke: got hooked in the final gateway after the cannon event, rat almost instantly moved through the keep walls and off the normal map. :frowning:

PLEASE! Dual daggers are where its at!
I love Shade but right now I feel like I have to be extra careful during hordes and I feel like I dont pull my weight for horde clear.

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will you pls buff 2h axe for the slayer i really love using them even tho they are not that good but a manage some how and thank you again for the content patch and event i am really look forward for the 1dlc to hit hope you guys added a new class too or editor thanks u for work really enjoy your games i hope you make more and pls add more skins to the slayer they so much you can do have a great day.

I’m getting phantom swings constantly atm! Could you pls look into this sometime soon!!

Power vs Skaven and power vs Chaos on charm. When will this be fixed?

You know that daggers can hit max of two targets?

Any particular reason the keep was reverted? I do like the normal theme but I quite enjoyed walking over the boned of my enemies.
Ah yes, the event.

Three. Four on power attacks.

Yeah, when it’s not phantom swinging.

On the topic of phantom swinging, aren’t daggers supposed to have a much more narrow cone of attack? I don’t recall ever having any issues under the assumption that they don’t have wide swings. Then again, I’m not really sure what “phantom swings” are. (One of the lucky one’s who don’t have issues?)

Also, I notice that daggers leave the DoT on normal attacks but not power attacks. Is that by design?

Check “Spread sheet” topic mate

My mistake. I was on a lower difficulty on the modded realm while testing the damage display mod. It does cleave less on Legend.



hey everyone is getting the 1110 error. please fix this. reddit is mad

Better get on it fatshark, the 12 year olds have spoken.





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