[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.2 - Patch Notes / Known issues

:v2: PATCH 1.0.2 :v2:

We know people had problems with Heroic Deeds - that bug is now fixed - and we want to say sorry by giving everyone two commendation chests.

This patch has been a lot about getting the balancing right and fixing some common crashes and bugs.

Please keep us updated about any feedback and bugs that you may find. Thanks!

The troll ended up slightly harder than the other bosses, especially for new players. So we made some changes:

  • Troll pukes less amounts of vomit near itself (set to same amount, 30 liters as ranged puke).
  • Troll puke liquid area lifetime reduced (from 10s to 7s).
  • Troll passive regen while walking around changed from 1.5/s to 0.5/s only on Recruit difficulty.
  • Troll downed regen min health factor changed from 60% to 50% (you can murder half-a-troll per down now).
  • Various balancing adjustments.


  • Fixed crash when starting level after changing cosmetic skin in the Keep.
  • Fixed crash when buffs were removed.
  • Fixed DX12 crash when selecting hero or exiting hero selection menu.
  • Fixed rare crash occurring when switching characters.
  • Fixed crash when Sienna Unchained was set on fire by Warpfire Throwers or Stormfiends .
  • Fixed hotjoin crash when a player joins during Halescourge fight.


  • Fixed a bug where clients would not receive any rewards when completing a deed, if the owner was not the host.
  • Fixed dual sword push-stab wield chain window.
  • Fixed Fort Brachsenbrücke pickup tome.
  • Fixed missing achievements for completing Skittergate.
  • Damage numbers on training dummies set as a multiple of 100.
  • Kill feed should now show the correct career portraits.
  • End screen scoreboard should now show the correct career portraits.
  • Give item UI should now show the correct career portraits.
  • Matchmaking panel should now show the correct career portraits.
  • Fix chaos raiders getting stuck after being in a vortex.
  • Fixed issue with bots missing during the Rasknitt fight.
  • Fixed a location where bots were not coming to rescue the player hanging to a wooden platform on Skittergate level.
  • Fixed the ramp on the Skittergate end event that was not hotjoin synced.
  • 12 descriptions updated and 4 talents renamed in Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed various localization and subtitle-issues.

:nurgle: Known issues :nurgle:

  • Attempting to upgrade an illusion weapon will instead salvage the illusion.
  • Backend issues with ISP UPC in Poland is still unresolved.
  • The host can crash during the Skarrik Spinemanglr boss fight if a player joins/leaves the game.
  • Skittergate bosses are currently in an unstable state.
  • Localisation work is still ongoing, and we apologise for that. We’ll continue to add and improve as we patch.

Next patch
We are aware of the issues regarding the Skittergate level, we are currently working on fixing these issues. Patches are worked on continuously, and will be pushed out on a daily basis if deemed stable.

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