[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch


In this version, we’re resolving some bugs that have been plaguing us lately - and tackling your feedback on the Weekly quests that were made available in the Shadows over Bögenhafen DLC.

We hear your feedback, and we understand that while some of you play the game a lot - some of you less so. Some play the game exclusively solo, some queue up in Quickplay. To let you get a hold of Bögenhafen Strongboxes a bit faster, and have more varied challenges - we’re adding more quests. That means you will get three different quests each week, instead of just one. These new quests are more varied in their requirements, both in terms of the quest conditions, and how long they will take to complete. The overall requirements have been lowered a bit, across the board - so for instance, the most number of Quickplay missions in a Weekly quest has been reduced from 25 to 10.

Another change to weekly quests is that when they refresh on the start of the week, all quests are reset. This means that progress no longer carries over from week to week.

Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • Added an option to turn off aim acceleration, when playing with a controller.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using Twitch Mode, and opening a menu.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if someone attempted to join while you were playing the Prologue.
  • Fixed an issue which, in some cases, would disconnect clients from the host in areas where enemies had trouble navigating - such as narrow doors and the barricades on the event on The Pit. This could result in a large stream of network requests, which would cause clients to disconnect, leaving the host playing with bots.
  • We have had many reports of situations where the game is unable to communicate with the game backend when inside the Waystone Bubble, at the end of the mission. This could result in the party being stuck, without transitioning to the end game screen. We’ve added measures that should resolve this and will continue to monitor the issue.
  • Fixed an issue with healthbars being drawn incorrectly when switching input device while being dead during a mission.
  • Fixed a crash when dropping a torch, or other level objects, at the same time as shutting down a game session.
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Wizard Sienna’s Perk “Reckless Haste”, or her talents “Voracious Conjuring” and “Rechannel” would not correctly increase charge speed when using a Bolt Staff. A similar issue affected the animation speed when using Bolt Staff, and these Perks and Talents. These will now correctly speed up its animations.
  • Fixed an issue where attacks that do Area of Effect damage wouldn’t trigger effect that trigger on Critical Hits - such as Siennas Fireball Staff with a charged attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Horde mutators from Deeds would persist through the session, efter after the Deed was completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Vetaran Two-Handed Sword “Van Hal’s Reaper” would not play a sound when unsheathing.
  • Fixed some dialogue issues where Waystalker Kerillian and Olysea would play the incorrect voice lines, or play duplicate voice lines.

Yay! Getting better.

This is good but I would have liked to see those of us that had already 20 ish quickplays or so already completed this week not get screwed out of that work.

You’re able to collect the reward for that weekly immediately if you already had more than 10

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Yeah, I noticed but I had more than double that done in quickplays.

You’ve also changed the behaviour of the zoom on elven longbow. It’s now way more clunky and more like the Kruber longbow. Any reason for that?

And made Hagbane broken, with Scounger it gains 2 ammo per enemy hit by a cloud, dispite cloud can’t technically crit, so now it has almost unlimited ammo on any Elven career.

I wonder if weapons like the dwarf shotgun now give ammo back on crits into hordes as well xD

Mind you, Fireball staff and beam staff shotgun blast with crit reduces cooldown are gonna be insane now lol

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No fix for the sound bug where I can’t hear dialogue unless it’s coming from immediately in front of me? This was acknowledged and it was said that a fix was coming in the next (this) patch.

Sorry for that, we did communicate last week through Steam and here on the forums that this change would be coming in to effect and how it would work.

It’s a bug we’ve found and fixed, we’ll be putting some fixes together for a follow up patch very soon…

…for this as well :slight_smile:


From what I gather though, this was intended?

“* Fixed an issue where attacks that do Area of Effect damage wouldn’t trigger effect that trigger on Critical Hits - such as Siennas Fireball Staff with a charged attack.”

It seems this was part of the fix? I don’t have any issues <3 hahahahaha

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, MY OP HAGBANE </3

It’ll be prety ok even w/o this shіt, it was sustainable on WS with only 2 ammo on proj hit, even with Barrage ammo sustain is not so bad.

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Fatshark giveth and Fatshark taketh away :frowning:

@Fatshark_Hedge What’s up with Saltys Xbow btw? When you right click, you get this weird blur all around the screen. It’s like when you ULT on HM or something?

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Thanks for the clarification

Finally lock Scounger (and the likes) to one proc per shot and the problem is solved.

Makes it useless IMO, may as well take conservative shooter in all cases instead on hit scan weapons for guaranteed ammo instead of MAYBE if you’re lucky getting one or two shots back on a crit.

Sure but current hit scan weapons aim for the body because of too much dmg so suit your self. This change would auto balance so many broken things, that making scrounger no longer meta is ok for me.

It doesn’t seem meta to me mate, at least from my load outs and the people I play with knocking out legend deeds because legend is now a joke. There are lots of good reasons to run scrounger, conservative shooter, hunter etc depending on character and weapon, so I’m not seeing a heavy slant towards running scrounger in its current form.

Is it like the “zoom in” blure you got on some xbows in v1?

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