[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch


In this version, we’re fixing a few issues - including issues with Okri’s Challenges, and reducing the number of backend errors.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Veteran Crossbow “Vengrynaz Drekmaraz” would look blurry in third person view.
  • Fixed an issue where reaching level 30 on Bardin would award the Steam Achievement for reaching level 30 on Sienna.
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Prologue would not unlock Okri’s Challenge “Escaped!”. You will, however, have to replay the Prologue from the main menu to be able to claim it.
  • Fixed an issue with Ironbreaker Bardin’s Talent “Miners Rythm” where the stamina regeneration would not trigger when using the Axe and Shield’s second and third heavy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with Mercenary Kruber’s hat “Estalian Conquistador”, where his ears were showing through solid metal.

Tweaks & Changes

  • All portrait frames can now be used by all careers.
  • The Challenge “Braindead” has a new icon.
  • The game now validates equipment and cosmetic items, so that you can’t end up with Bardin’s hats on Kerillian’s body. Now, fun times in the modded realm won’t spill over to the more serious, official realm.
  • In we introduced a serial queue for these network requests, which significantly reduced the occurrences of these errors. We’ve made additional changes to how we handle backend error codes like 1199 or 1342 in this version where we retry these network request. This should reduce these errors further.

What was the small update at the end of last week?

We didn’t perform any updates late last week.

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This is awesome ^^
How far are we from the first DLC? Hope we’ll get news soon, considering we’re still without roadmap


Hmmm, maybe a Steam thing… it was super small unless I’m mistaken. Thank you for your quick response.

Around the time @Bobthebuilder is referring to, it seemed like game behaviour changed in a few subtle but noticeable ways. This is about when Packmasters started being extremely quiet to the point they weren’t really audible until right next to you and when I started seeing Assassins spawn directly into their assassinations. Director behaviour seemed to get a lot more sporadic as well and there were a number of other minor but less frustrating things. May all be unrelated but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Well, RIP my merc Kruber wearing the Sunset Bonnet.

It was my favourite hat for Kruber in V1, but in this it’s for some reason given to the huntsmen. So I was really happy to get it, but then immediately disappointed that only a class I didn’t use could wear it. The mod was cool in that I could channel my favourite Kruber look for a while, but alas.

It would be nice if some hats could share between 2 classes.


Hedge will there be an update soon that covers the Okri challenges for Elites and Bosses ‘As a party’? Elites aren’t so bad, but the bots keep beating us to the boss kills :slight_smile:

There been a fix for the EAC problem that disallows a person to join other people? I’ve done all the checks, uninstall and reinstall EAC, check game files, reinstall the game…

All frames for any hero is a good change.

Now make all hats of Kruber and Saltzpyre equippable by any of their careers, pls.

For example:

More is better, give us more customization options, especially if the hats are already there (in our inventories even), and the resulting combinations look lore-friendly enough, imo.


these hat changes makes me want to quit playing to be honest. i have 500h playtime and only 2 hats, and using this hat change or even remove hats on kruber made the game so much more enjoyable. sure dwarf helm on elf look really bad but removing hats or using bounty hunter helm on witch hunter made the character so much more awesome. this changes are not good imo


Hey FS, could you change the V1 skins and allow us to switch of hats on them ? Sounds easy toi make and would make a lot of people happy :slight_smile:

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While it irked me the few times I saw something asinine like a Bardin head on a Sienna, there were indeed a lot of very tasteful variations that added to the feel of the game. It definitely highlights how little real customization there is when just being able to go no-hat on people is so liberating.


The game is gaining sentience :scream::scream::scream:

dedicated servers incoming? rly miss em


Amazing that you go out of your way to remove customisation options, many of which are perfectly compatible.

A half way option would be appreciated. Make hats for a particular character equipable by all 3 classes of the character.


I don’t know, running with Kruber with wizard frame is rather silly… But I guess I can always choose not to do so.

Many combinations are not. The other day I joined a group with a Sienna wearing a huge Ironbreaker helmet, including a massive beard, which for me was totally off putting. Or why not a slayer with a tiny fez and with the witchhunter brim protruding out from his head under the nose?

I find it more like you’re showing what your “main” character is, or that you just think some other frames look better than the ones that career has.

But will I finally be able to unequip frames?

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:skaven: Blasphemy :skaven:

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