Vermintide 2 - Patch


Welcome to Patch 2.0.7. This patch brings a bunch of stability fixes as well as a batch of ability, talent and other fixes as well. Thanks for reporting issues to us - we’re not done yet of course and will continue to work on and correct the issues you report to us.

  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing axes could be used in place of barrel objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where area of effect attacks (including Career Skills) could start missing targets after a while when hitting many targets in one attack.
  • Fixed an issue where killing the Minotaur did not count towards the daily and weekly quest to slay monsters.
  • Fort Bruisingfinale - Fixed an issue that caused the end event to loop. Sorry about that.
  • Horn of Magnus - enemies should no longer spawn underground in particular areas.
  • Improved target switching interface for the Minotaur.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Razer Chroma integration.
  • Fixed a case where activated abilities would not apply the Bulwark debuff.
  • Bardin - Ranger Veteran - Surprise Guest - Fixed an issue where the increased ranged damage bonus was not applied properly while using the Surprise Guest talent.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Fires from Ash - Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Fire Walk was not being reduced by the correct amount when killing a burning enemy.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Kaboom! - Fixed an issue where explosions would not properly apply associated dot effects. Now properly applies a strong dot effect.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Volcanic Force - Fixed an issue that caused you to loose the power level buff if you started another attack before the original attack hit the enemy before the original attack landed. Should work much nicer now
  • Kerillian - Handmaiden - Bladedancer - Fixed an issue where the bleed effect dealt very little damage.
  • Kerillian - Handmaiden - Fixed an issue where Handmaiden could end up displaying an empty stamina shield that would never fill.
  • Kruber - Foot Knight - Taal’s Champion - Fixed an issue where the buff icon for Taal’s Champion did not display properly when playing as a client. This only affected the icon, the bonus power level and removal of protection aura was always working as intended.

Which Talent does this refer to?

It’s removed, it was a relic from an earlier revision of the note regarding Sienna’s Volcanic Force further down the list. a copy pasta fail


any chance to move enemy damage buff to 121-160 from 91-160?
slave rat one hit killing you is un-fun.
my vacation is over so i can play 1~2hrs a day and i am not sure i can do 111-120.
because i need to get other 3 players to play weave but even getting players required too much time.


Try Squirrel Squad on Discord then, you can find teams faster. LFG / LF1M etc

I am on east asia
There are no korean or japanese who play weave except guys i did weave with.
Taiwan has 150 ping so they can’t play with me in 1 shot kill game.
Chinese has 300 ping and they have bad interent so connection is too unstable

Edit. Also remnant from the ash took playerbase of vermintide2 right now…
How can i get people except immigration?
Should i go 2 weeks trip to EU or US?


I’ll be honest, this doesn’t look reassuring. 17 fixes since Monday. I give you leeway not working on weekends, no one should. But this feels more on level of “hey, we did fixed some stuff in our for most part stable game” than what dumpster of bugs you put on playing customer heads.

What about least talking about the work done (not results, progress or stance) on ghost swings, hyper stacks, slot system in general, silent spawns, close spawns, block ignore by enemies, tracking, general balancing?


So, a patch to fix the throwing axe barrel bug but no fixes for the broken slot system, unbalanced beastman stats, silent spawns, and broken audio mix?

Alrighty then.


And patch that adds some real and expected content (maybe two more adventure maps and bunch of cosmetics) to your overpriced and poor “expansion” when?
Maybe after such an action you will be able to wash away at least a bit of this disgrace you covered yourself with. Don’t you think so?


What block ignore? Hyperdensity is not a bug, same with slot feature - it works like that forever. Is it bad? Yes. Is it new and a bug? Nope. Should it be changed? Yes. What ghost swings? What tracking? Most of this sounds like lag spikes.

You guys, who experience these issues, for some reason consistently refuse to provide evidence. There are bugs - certain spawns are bad indeed. Some talents don’t work, you can die jumping off ledge. Etc. but to be honest, a lot of things you report just sound like data lost in the void, and Fatshark can’t really fix this as long, as enemy attacks are calculated server-side and not client-side.

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Heck, I don’t even expect fixes, they might be hard. But some word on that, we got not a peep about that.

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Beastmen not tuned why:

Fast attack
High damage
High health
High volume
Long range
Mass stagger from bearer and health regen

They cannot have all of these things. Nerf 3 out of the above for starters. Nerf the minotaur while you are at it.

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You are a troll. You also happen to be dead wrong. The issues that you are writing off as “lag” exist within the 2.0 build of the game. They were mostly fixed before and many were reintroduced. Period.


What issues? Provide evidence please because I really am not experiencing any of this.

Is a bug too, silent reponse from FS.


My deer friend, if bug haven’t been fixed for a brief period of time it does not become feature. I’m talking specifically about slot system (which is the biggest issue causing hyperdensity in VT2). Maybe you are not aware, but slot system is not VT2 invention, it was in VT1 and it worked same-same but different, in fact it resulted in a lot less reproducible hyperdensity.


Nice work, dev team, keep it up :+1:


I think he means enemies randomly hitting you through block (I believe beastmen are the worst offenders but I don’t have WoM so I don’t encounter them every run, unlike some others here. I am noticing it on occasion with chaos though). There’s also a problem where when you push them the slot they were in suddenly frees up and one of the enemies behind them does a running attack to suddenly hit you when you’re supposed to be able to push to gain breathing room.

Slot system always had issues outside of skaven, now it has a lot more in general with enemies (especially beastmen) not correctly slotting and so on.

From what I can tell there’s also more instances of many enemies standing inside one another, before they were a bit better at-not-quite-fully-merging so you could still tell them apart.

On Cataclysm at least part of it is the difficulty itself though/how many enemies it throws at you, but lower difficulties definitely have worse problems with slotting than they did before 2.0.

Ghost swings have long been an on and off issue with certain weapons, they’re often not just lag related but also AS related. Some weapons used to break entirely with certain amounts of AS (there wasn’t really a consistency to it, for some it was 5%, some 10%, some way more). People are saying glaive is suffering from ghost wings since the update but I’m not sure if it’s that or the cleave nerfs there, think one or two other weapons have seen a return of ghost swings based on what I’ve read here but I can’t recall which - they might’ve been fixed by now.

Horde enemies track which people find annoying/stupid, especially since in conjunction with how they do even more running/skating attacks than before and attack faster means it’s very easy to eat a lot of unfair hits. There’s also the issue with elites changing targets, where if your buddy dodges and you dodge, and the elite changes target to you in that moment when your buddy dodges, it counts you as having dodged ‘too early,’ so you randomly eat a hit from them.

It’s not a problem unless you’re right beside each other but that’s what FS seemed to want from us with the initial stagger system.

That wouldn’t explain how the game/combat was running much much more smoothly before the 2.0 update and now it isn’t. A lot of old, formerly squashed bugs have resurfaced, alongside some new ones. There’re a lot of complaints on these forums about all the bugs and jankiness, both from people who are unhappy with 2.0/WoM and those who are happy with it, so this isn’t an isolated trend limited to a handful of people. 15m going through the bug report section will tell you as much.

You’re either very lucky or not noticing if you haven’t encountered any of them.


Its not slot system that is broken its how it work with running attack, they don’t go back if there is no slots they just attack you still , and problem is that if you want to move back to use that slot system they will just go into running attack again and stack even more

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I see what you did there. Very clever, Hedge. :slight_smile: