Vermintide 2 - Patch

I mean that’s part of what’s making the slot system not work, I’d say it’s pointless to argue whether or not that’s technically the slot system’s problem as it affects the slot system either way.

There’s also the problem of enemies you CC/knockback instantly losing their slot (this has been around forever though, but you feel this more now that dodge has been nerfed and you’re more reliant on pushes), it lets the ones behind them do a quick or running attack (they’re definitely doing the running attacks more now, which makes it a problem, the normal attacks can be avoided if they aren’t beastmen doing their mega quick ones) at you via the opened up slot and voilà, you get hit just after the push.

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Yeah, pushing into beastmen horde usually ends with me getting a faceful of axe. I see your point. Maybe my view on it was wrong and its just a bug. - I I attributed this problem to beastmen being way too fast with their attacks. I’m not getting hit through block unless I’m suffering from lag. Thing is, with beastmen only tiny amount is enough to eat a shot…

And with tracking - have you seen Ungor spear attack? V. fast, they cover several meters in a dasb and stab you in the gut through their colleagues. Stabbing through others - we maybe should call that a bug. With rats it’s not a problem, they are slow to run and have limited range. Ungor with spear? Oh my…

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That isn’t helping yeah, but the other two factions are worse since the update too (they’re nothing compared to beastmen though hahaha). I think one notices it a lot less vs them as their attacks have a longer windup so you often can still salvage the situation by throwing up another block.

I’m noticing a lot more swan lake reenactments where I move away/dodge and maulers (while still swinging) decide to majestically skate 20m across the ground like Russian ballet dancers on ice and I’m forced to throw up my block to avoid eating an axe hit, despite the fact I should’ve been in the clear already.

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Some of the things people complain about are bugs. For example, beastmen do have some animation syncing issues client side. Audio is clearly broken. However, enemy tracking means you Messed up your dodge. Sorry. Also, hyperdensity has always existed. If you noticed it more in Cata it’s because more mobs spawn. A lot of people die to not understanding mechanics then say it’s a “bug.”


Most of the time yes. Not in this case:

I’m just going to quote Nilter here:


Wait a sec, so on Cata difficulty the endless stream of 6SV+6monks+specials+endless enemies waves is not intended, in the finale? Talking about the Fort.

This map is one of the only ones I need for completion

I have played a lot of WoM. I have yet to see the elite changing targets “bug.” Could you post a video? If it is a bug, it should be reproducible. Also, could you post a video of an instance where you didn’t mess up your dodge and you get tracked? A friend and myself spent about 30 minutes when the beta dropped seeing who could survive the longest with no attack and no block against beast hordes. During that time or no other time have I successfully dodged and been tracked.

As for hyperdensity, This game and VT1 are different games. You can’t prove the slot system is bugged by saying it worked differently in a different game. That’s ridiculous. There are spots you can go on the map that cause the slot system to work like you think it should. These are called cheese spots. If you want to see what this would feel like, take a horde to the end of the first bridge on Into the Nest. Go stand behind the statute to your left. Watch how the mobs come in one at a time to fill the slot. The game would be absurdly easy. The game is not supposed to work like VT1 because it is a different game.

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Actually yes, I can say it is bugged! What is the purpose of slot system? It was implemented for one simple reason- player should face no more then a certain amount of foes, am I right? But hey, i see more than one foe in a slot quite often, which leads me to a conclusion- slot system does not work as intended a.k.a. bugged, don’t you think so? And hey, my reference to VT1 slot system have been done because in VT1 is actually prevented lots of foes stacking in one slot, for the most part, unfortunately this isn’t true for VT2.

P.S. And please, just stop saying bullshіt like “VT1&2 are different games, so slot systems are different, it works as intended, etc”. If you buy a car you expect breaks to work properly every time, if they aren’t it doesn’t mean that “this specific car has it as a design feature”, and if devs can’t fix such “feature” for a while it does not become “normal”, even if personally you or me get used to this shіt.


Not a solid analogy. The way the slot system works in V2 isn’t inherently worse. It may have been intended to work like VT1 at some point. I can’t read the dev’s minds. However, I can tell you that if it did, the pacing in this game would be brutally bad. If this wasn’t the intended system, it was certainly a fortunate mistake. The slot system still serves some function. Just be glad you aren’t fighting 1 pink rat at a time while you slog through hordes of 90+ mobs. Speaking of which, there were far fewer mobs in VT1 and the mobs were much more powerful. Do you seriously think you’re meant to fight the same amount of mobs per slot in VT2? Yes, I expect brakes to work on every car I buy. However, I don’t expect someone to put 1 ton Truck Brakes on a Toyota Camry. Why? Because they are different cars with different braking needs.

yeah unlimited enemies in one slot is designed idea !

Well, I have nothing more to say, for some reason there are people who refuse to understand stuff even after clear explanation. According to his logic FS need to get rid of slot system already and let every unit just clip tho another one all the time, what can I say, it’s good idea, if you wanna playerbase to drop even more and steam reviews to go completely negative.


What video recording software do you use for VT2? I don’t have any

I don’t have much free time atm but I’ll try get footage for both bugs before I leave on holiday at the end of the week (unless anyone else has footage handy).

And I think you’re getting confused about the two issues I mentioned: one is enemies skating after you when you’re well out of reach, the other is enemies retargeting out of the blue (around dodges).

Yeah, from my testing, the only way I can replicate skating enemies is to miss the dodge window or to dodge backwards. I think this is because they increased the”delay.” So if you dodge too early you get tracked through your dodge. The only truly odd interaction is it seems this has caused assassins to track in air at times. They also made mobs track through back dodges. This one is weird because you get hit by enemies whose animations appear to be several feet in front of you. However, both changes seem to be intended by looking at the patch notes.

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It’s not that I don’t understand you. I just think you’re wrong. Have you went to the area I told you about to get an approximation of what the Slot system would feel like if you got your way? I didn’t think so. Likewise, the slot system does perform in the way it always has in V2. Why do you think there are pink rats behind the pink rats that are in front of you? It’s because they are slotted out. Do you understand what I’m saying? It doesn’t seem that you do.

The enemies skating one is independent of dodge, if you test running away from an enemy (high MS helps) you get them skating at you a lot over distances. If you run high MS + BCR it’s actually kinda horrifying watching how much enemies slip n slide around.

If you dodge it usually breaks their targeting there, yes.

Yeah I know it’s been a problem before but I feel like it’s gotten worse, or at least, I notice it more with all the rest that’s changed, bugs and otherwise.

Aye, the backdodging change is not necessarily a good thing however, even though it is indeed intended (I remember FS saying it is too), imo the animations should always match. They could at least make them take an extra step (like the CW advancing forward overheads) to make it clearer to rookies that backdodging is a bad idea vs most standard enemies.

Anyway OenKrad’s recommended me recording software so I’ll see if I can get the retargeting bug on camera. It’s quite unpredictable.

You’re supposed to have 12 small, 8 medium or 4 large enemies around you. Larger slots push out smaller ones. Behind those slots are the waiting pools.
With walls and terrain you can reduce the number of slots and waiting pools.
You aren’t supposed to have infinite number of enemies in melee distance.
This system only worked properly for the skaven and they never managed to fix it for chaos. Now with beastmen the situation got worse.
According to you, we just have to overlook the failure on FS’s part and learn to play around beastmen slotting problems just like we did with chaos. Why can’t we expect it to work as intended not “the best as we could make it”?


I see what you mean, now. I’ll have to try it with move speed zealot and an AU host. I thought you meant the many slides when you dodge too early. I’ll def test this one.

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You definitely refuse to understand my point, slot system is kinda rule for VT, it literally says “you should fight no more than x foes, the “bigger” they are the less you will fight”. You think it’s too little amount of foes around each player? Suggest increased amount of slots, but what happens now is just some foes refuse to follow this rule, and players are the ones who are punished in the end.

Don’t you think clanrat “hiding” inside the SV hitbox, occupying the same slot is just unnatural, when you can’t attack/push it coz SV mass is to big, and it’s attacking you?

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Has this patch improved the frame rate consistency for anybody?