[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch


Version is a balance and bugfix patch. We’re resolving many issues with talents which would not properly apply buffs to players when they’re joining as clients.

After reviewing the numbers on Huntsman Kruber, we’re making some adjustments to his damage output.
We’re also addressing some incorrectly configured weapons, where sweeping attacks would sometimes miss crowds of enemies.

EDIT: In patch 1.0.8 we accidentally introduced guaranteed critical hits on ranged attacks when activating the Career Skill on Ranger Veteran Bardin, Huntsman Kruber and Shade Kerillian. The intended change was for the Shade’s “Infiltrate” ability to always guarantee critical hits on melee attacks. We fixed the bug, so now these Career Skills will not give guaranteed ranged critical hits. This brings it back to the same behavior as in 1.0.7.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • We’ve added missing damage boost multiplier caps to Rasknitt and Deathrattler. Some attacks - specifically from Huntsman Kruber and Shade Kerillian, absolutely destroyed these two. That was never intended, and made the ending of Skittergate anti-climactic.
  • The ritual pool on Convocation of Decay now properly slows movement speed and decays stamina, no longer deals damage.

Weapon Fixes & Tweaks

    Fixed an issue on several weapons where they were incorrectly set to target single enemies with their sweeping attacks. This meant they would hit only a single target in a horde, even though the attack was meant to hit multiple enemies. The following are the attacks of each weapons which have been fixed:
    • The light swings of Sienna’s One-Handed Daggers
    • The push followup attacks of Great Axes
    • The lateral, light attacks of Two-Handed Hammers
    • The push followup attacks of War Picks
    • Kerillian’s Spears
  • Executioner Swords have had their second heavy attack target single enemies, just like its first heavy attack.
  • Two-Handed Axes have had their range increased by 10%. Their push followup attack has been switched to an attack that does more cleave, but less damage. Their push radius has been increased to 2.5, up from 2.
  • War Picks have had their range increased by 10%. Their push radius has been increased to 2.5, up from 2.
  • Handguns have had their damage against Bosses increased to 1.5, up from 1, unless at far range. Also their headshot boost multiplier on Bosses was increased to 0.5, up from 0.25 for all shots.
  • We’ve changed the boost power curve for Handguns and Kruber’s Longbows. This curve affects how much of each bonus damage modifier gets weighted i nto the final damage calculation - such as from Potions of Strength, crits or headshots, and the specific enemy type. Previously, both the Handguns and Kruber’s Longbows would have a curve that yielded consistent high damage output with only a couple of these modifiers, for instance activating “Hunter’s Prowl” and the critting with a headshot. The new boost power curve for these weapons is linear, so that each damage modifier contributes equally. This means that big damage output is still possible, but that requires stacking more boost modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue on Kruber’s Veteran Blunderbuss “Old (Mostly) Faithful”, where its texture would look blurry.
  • Spears have had new animations added to increase readability, regarding which attacks hit.


  • Fixed an issue with the Handmaiden Talent Bladedancer where a bleed effect wouldn’t have its damage increased. The tooltip has been updated to clarify the increased damage.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shade Talent Ereth Khial’s Herald where it wouldn’t apply the intended backstab bonus.
  • When under the effect of the Shade Career Skill “Infiltrate”, ranged attacks will no longer automatically crit. Melee attacks will still automatically crit.


  • Fixed an issue for the Ranger Veteran Talent Apply Pressure where the healing recieved was not applied properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue for the Slayer talent Stoutfellow where the talent wouldn’t work properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue for the Ranger Veteran Talent Last Resort where the power buff was not applied properly when playing as a client.
  • When under the effect of the Ranger Veteran Career Skill “Disengage”, ranged attacks will no longer automatically crit.


  • Reduced the damage multiplier on Huntsman Kruber’s Career Skill to 1.5, down from 2. We’re bringing the damage output of Huntsman more in line with the rest of the cast.
  • Fixed an issue for the Mercenary Talent Battle Scars where the healing received wasn’t applied properly when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue for the Mercenary Talent The More the Merrier! where the bonus power on enemy proximity wasn’t applied properly when playing as a client.
  • When under the effect of the Huntsman Career Skill “Hunter’s Prowl”, ranged attacks will no longer automatically crit.


  • Fixed an issue for the Battle Wizard Talent Cauterize Wounds, where the healing received wasn’t applied properly when playing as a client.


  • Fixed an issue for the Zealot Talent No Surrender!, where the bonus damage wasn’t applied properly when playing as a client.

Back to the pile of mediocrity goes the dwarf ranger then. Oh well, it was fun, and totally not OP while it lasted.

Double nerfing Huntsman through the power curve and also non crit ult ranged attacks is possibly a nerf too far. He was already highly squishy. More players will just move back to the other careers.

Phantom swing fixes are good, thanks. Other fixes good too, thanks.


Still no Kerillian 2h sword fix :frowning:


Heavy handed nerfs all round, and no buffs to Krubers underperforming melee options. I don’t think anyone has ever had enough time to do two exe sword charged in a row, but sure, it’s a fix.

Just missing 2H, sword/shield mace/shield, sword etc etc from these balance patches.
Exe sword could use a speed/mobility buff as well.

Oh by the way, for those wondering, HS now does way less damage than he did in 1.07 when ulting, since he no longer gets any crits. Oh, even if he DOES crit, it’s still way less damage than in 1.07. Back to barely worth picking for boring ol’ Kruber, well done. God help you if you don’t get headshots on the boss while ulting, the damage is even less.

Oh, and it takes 3 shots to kill a CW during ult now. Yeah…such balance.

No zoom fix for the longbow to make up of it either, hm?


I think you guys should add a short “comment from the dev” note to each change/nerf/boost explaining the reasonning behind said change.
I’d really love so understand the though process behind some of these changes your team is making.


When under the effect of the Shade Career Skill “Infiltrate”, ranged attacks will no longer automatically crit. Melee attacks will still automatically crit.

So there it goes , volley xbow build completely destroyed. Guess we hagbane now.


Was pretty obvious they were going to overdo it. His boss killing is pretty underwhelming now, he now is yet another mediocre ranged class that spams his ranged for infinite ammo, something that still works rather well. His active is now a very short stealth and a little bit of extra damage. Back to being meh.


So giveth, so taketh away.

I love the Ranger Veteran, and I’ll keep playing him, but I suppose we’re back to him being ‘okay.’ Here’s hoping that they pay him some more attention.


Too heavy handed on the nerfs and the ranged now not guaranteed to crit across the board was uncalled for.

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worst patch for kruber, go back pick kerrillian and sienna, fatshark please work this sh*t! i thinking was back to play this game again but after reading this patch! not anymore! good luck players to hit headshot with kruber kkkkkkkkk

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yeah instead of just touching his boss damage, which was literally the only issue, they seemed to instead have listened to certain who people who disingenously blew his performance way out of proportion.


This is a melee focused game.


I can certainly understand the removal of auto-crits, they really meant you could just pop ult and regen all of your ammo with little cost.

Going to try huntsman ult now in-game, in the keep it’s still 2x damage (before you effectively did 5x with bow, 4x with handgun according to keep numbers). Could still be decent, bow already does high base boss damage and handgun with the buff too.

I should probably make a thread about how he is too weak, and how it is unfair that Slayer and more kill CW faster normally than HS can kill them during his ult.

Since this is a melee focused game and HS has 100 hitpoints, I would suggest 50% damage reduction, regen, or both. Should be totally balanced for this melee focused game.


Don’t forget to post screenshots with numbers that prove that you didn’t deal enough boss damage, didn’t kill enough elites and specials and top it of with a video of you playing with 3 highly skilled players that carry you through the map :wink:


Yeah the exact opposite of that clearly counted as viable evidence, so you’re absolutely right.

Now if only enough of my friends still played this game, so I could gather up 3 strong players…

Maybe it would be easier to just post lots of super stronk carry runs on melee chars, and get them all nerfed into meh. I’m sure that would help player numbers just as well as all these other nerfs. They were all justified, right?

Waystalker, bounty hunter and sienna must have missed that memo…

yummy, the kruber salt is so good <3 Delicious

Stop crying, the nerf was needed. And it was not even that bad. I can still hit 15k damage on headshots without even using his ult. And 9k on body shots. This is not even with max hero power.

I just tested his damage with my lvl 25 kruber(Around 520 Hero Power), strength potion still hit over the damage cap for every hit. 25k damage + the extra damage, something like another 3-8k. So he can still shred bosses, he just needs to use a potion now.

I got my my mate with a lvl 15 kruber and much lower hero power. He was still able to hit around 14-20k per hit.

I then tested kruber without a potion, body shots only, 8-19k damage.

He’s still top dog for burst damage on bosses. He’s just a bit more balanced.


This is false information. I can’t hit those numbers on a 600 Kruber. Are you perhaps using the 20% extra damage talent, which means his ult will never be up?

With heavily power vs skaven/armour is he still capable of 1 body shotting storm vermin?