Time to fix Kruber, FatShark

Since you were so quick to reduce Huntsman to a state of performance lower than ever seen before in the game, based purely on erroneous, false and misleading feedback, I expect you to now fix it in an equally expedient and effecient manner.

Here is a nice handy list of things to do for the patch you no doubt will release expediently before the weekend.

Remove crouch and slowdown from the ult

Remove forced lower FoV for the ult

Reduce cooldown of the ult

Fix his longbow to function the same as WS, or simply remove the zoom stage altogether, remove the slowdown and remove the delay on weaponswap

Tune up all of Krubers melee weapons (sans Halberd) so he has any chance in hell of competing with Waystalker and BH

Give him a passive 20% increase in dodge distance

Or, if you find yourself unable to do any of these things, at least return his damage back to 1.07 standard. You know, when he was totally fine, not nearly as good as WS, Pyro and BH, but at least not useless.


I’m curious as to what their design intention was for huntsman. He felt like a slightly more powerful turret version of waystalker, with the trade-off being damage for mobility.

These suggested changes would line him up closer to waystalker/bounty hunter so it sounds good from a balance perspective, but I’m wondering if it would impact variety too much and they should focus on making him feel more unique. The idea of a dodge-turret (+ dodge range while aiming) character sounds pretty appealing for example.


Totally agree.

Only some need tuning, like 1h+2h sword and both shield weapons. Mace is already in a very good spot and exe sword can be very powerful in the right hands.

No to make it function the same as WS bow, for varieties’s sake. I agree, the zoom stage does not fulfill a purpose atm. I dont mind the slowdown personally, so I have no opinion on that matter. But the last thing, absolutely. The delay for me is what makes the weapon really unfun to use.


Yeah ideally it would be good with variety, but they have removed all the reasons to put up with the clunkiness of the bow (worthwhile damage).

It can be useful in certain situations, but the moment you have mixed enemies, you just end up wishing you had brought halberd instead. Its painfully slow, you basically stop dead even for light attacks, and it is abysmal at dealing with mixed (rats, shielders, maulers) enemies. Essentially any shield in the mix and you can’t swing fast enough to avoid taking damage, because you’re not staggering anything after the shield - and by the time the second swing is coming, you’ve taken damage.

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Some good ideas without simply just adding damage for the sake of it. I can +1 this.

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Thank you for proving you are just a troll.


Like a new talent?

I thought sarcasm was an unlimited ressource, but now I’m not so sure anymore… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here.


just laughing at the idea that huntsman / shade couldn’t outperform pyro, BH, or WS prior to 1.0.8

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But… then why are you posting screenshots with randoms all with you on HS instead of a variety of your own HS, Pyro, WS, and BH cards? Who cares what ppl get vs randoms? Plus, I can tell you right now that the spread from HS to the next highest scorer in those, in pretty much every case, is less than the spread we see in the same situations on WS/Pyro/BH. Basically, you’d have likely done better in those matches if you were on different characters.

He’s not saying it’s impossible for HS to perform, he’s saying the player that can do well on HS can/should/will do better on any of the other three classes. He’s saying HS was fine in, made stupid in 1.0.8, then made worse than ever in when all that was needed was an ult tweak vs bosses. Where he’s at now, he kinda just has no identity and there’s no real solid reason to pick him over, say, WS.

HS was fine in 1.0.7. A good player could hold their own without having to go balls out or be perfectly spec’d. Now, you have to be extremely good with him, have perfect specs, and pretty specific talents to still not perform as well has he did before 1.0.8.


and I disagree with that wholeheartedly

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Ok but then why try to prove it by only showing HS cards? Your highest Total Damage is lower than my average Total Damage on most of the characters I play. I don’t have access to my scorecards here but you know from my “holy crap wth is going on with 1.0.6 director” topic that it’s true. Not saying it to be a douche just reiterating that those scorecards, at best, kinda argue the opposite point you’re aiming to shut down. He was fine, but he’s clunkier, harder to use, and takes more effort than other ranged characters. Always has.

Hell, @CommanderJ has way more damage on WS despite having half the total mobs in a level and a way higher kill spread compared to the runners up.


prolly just means you play with chimps

What does WS have thats improved whatsoever? Cant easily kill a CW, has pitiful boss damage outside of Hagbane, long Active CD unless you go for the CRD, no halberd option, LB is good for headshots but pierces less. I don’t see the appeal.

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That’s pretty trolly or incoherent man. One could say the same to your cards then.


yeah vs vet or champion level mobs, where are all the specials / elites? If thats legend im the queen of England.

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That is legend. It’s not my fault your ego is so big you can’t fathom that someone could get higher numbers than you.

If you honestly think it would be possible to get 15K damage on champ, or even veteran, then you’re pretty clueless about this game.


The mace is in good place, if you want to caress and pamper the rats. Says one who plays 90% of Kruber’s time with mace.

That’s obviously not a champion level card. It also has spawn rates on par with some of your cards so I’m forced to ask, are you drunk?

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