Huntsman - A good career, but

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Hi everyone. Do you remember when Huntsman melted bosses with 4-5 arrows? He was totally over powered and a nerf was needed; but I would like you thought about his state before the patch that removed the cap on damage and added 100% crits rate under active… that patch that made him so strong.

Before that patch Huntsman was perfectly balanced, in fact no one complained him. It was enough bring him like he was in the previous release… but the nerf was so heavy that now we have new and opposite problems.

To end the premise, I want to say that Huntsman is not a bad career, he is good… but that, simply and imho, he has some lack.

  • lackluster active / poor damage vs bosses. This for more reasons:

    • boring crouch animation;

    • reduced movement speed;

    • a part of its bonus, increased rate of fire, is useless with bow;

    • it lasts for only few seconds and we must choose between stealth or damage;

And, all this, is not compensate by the damage multiplier because it is too low. Using the active versus bosses doesn’t give real advantages; and with the recent buff to super armors, also versus CWs patrol has problems.
Moreover Kruber is a poor human, he can’t go through enemies like Kerillian while invisible… Hunter’s Prowl hasn’t the same efficient… another reason because the Huntsman’s active should have a more consistent damage.

What would I do? The active needs a total rework. For example:

  • every shot counts like headshot (obv removing the active damage multiplier); this gives us a bit more damage and has good synergy with MAKE ‘EM BLEED and MAKIN’ IT LOOK EASY;

  • add two timers: one for stealth, one for damage. Only when we break the invisibility should start the “second” timer of increased damage;

  • ranged attacks don’t break the invisibility.

But we also can find a simply solution, like slightly buff the damage multiplier and/or duration.

Sorry for bad english (if you have doubts, please ask me a clarification) and thanks for reading.



OP or UP, players complaining, dev making poor decisions when making balance changes because they don’t understand the meaning of balance nor do they play their own games to have any real input on the situation.

Whatever the current mechanic, I manage to find a way to make it work. Which is by no means a good solution but it’s what we’re left with. I’d prefer the devs stop working on new content and fix the current game so EAC would stop crashing my game, but that doesn’t make them money so screw the small percentage of players that this effects, is the attitude.

Anyways, yes I agree Huntsman’s Ult is basically garbage, it should be full stealth with that doesn’t break when using ranged or it allows phasing but breaks when you attack. His weapon choices are decent I think, and the damage is good enough to compete. I’ve seen some really good players out perform waystalker but those are uncommon.

Only thing I would want changed is the double zoom on the bow. I can’t hold the aim before it zooms in a second time and ruin my field of view. It’s jarring and annoying. Just make his bow the same as the elven long bow, why is this difficult? Or give me a button command to activate the 2ndary zoom WHEN I want to so I can just hold aim at half or full when it’s convenient for me.


I feel like you’re more complaining about longbow on huntsman than overall huntsman.
To be fair I don’t enjoy his bow, so I stick with handgun, and I can guarantee I can melt bosses with an easy head target. Not at a Shade level, but still quite strong. And the stagger on headshot handgun allow you to kill CW without them “moving” (time they spent stagger is the time you take to reload and aim head again)

Anyway, I kinda like the idea of having simply All shot count headshot during ult, instead of bonus damage and no ammo cost.
But I honestly don’t feel like huntsman is in a really bad place :confused:

EDIT : Forgot to mention it, thx Adeon for reminding me, yeah separating the stealth and damage boost timer is also a nice slight buff that would make him better to play


This is actually good idea. I would like to see it implemented.


Yes, I totally agree. And this

Huntsman’s Ult is basically garbage, it should be full stealth with that doesn’t break when using ranged

is another good solution that I had forgotten. I will add it in the OP, thanks.

If I can be honest, I use also the handgun but I feel that versus bosses it is worse than bow… do you use a particular build? Do you mean if you hit always the head?

Anyway, I agree… also a buff to Longbow could be a solution to give him a bit more damage. Thanks for your opinion!


The trick is to land a headshot before you start nuking!

  • Land headshot, get increased reload speed
  • Activate Hunter’s Prowl after headshot, increasing reload speed even more
  • Spam click R and hipfire into the boss
  • profit

You can grab whatever properties you prefer, the reload talents are key. Hunter trait on handgun will let you do that bit more. I doooon’t think the longbow will do as much damage compared, assuming you can land headshots. (you can naturally shoot idle enemies nearby if there are any, if say you’re having issues headshotting a chaos spawn )


I agree about the crouch. I really dislike that part of his active skill.

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My only real issue with huntsman is his lackluster temp health. Stagger and kill are jsut wrong for him. Either fix stagger or give him cleave and we are fine. But his current options are just utter garbage.


Removing the “1st shot goes into the air” feature would be a nice start. I hate that when I engage the ult, I often miss 1st shot, because it doesn’t go anywhere near the point of aim (I guess thanks to the crouching animation).


The temp HP on kill should work with the BH ULT and HS ULT. My personal opinion…

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Yep, started to do all legend maps with all career, and HS really misses them. Hell I even had more with a Sword and Shield FK (or at least feels like).

But yeah, either give him cleave and crit/HS (cause he’s basically supposed to be good at critting and headshoting), or makes ALL THP generator works on both melee and Ult (which would involve nerfing a bit the THP gain on some ult like WS and RV)

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Just simply yes

As a lvl 25 talent sure.
As well as an upgrade to his temp hp talent to 50 instant temp hp.

Why should the skill of headshooting be thrown out the window during ult?
It will also allow him to keep up all ammo without any skill.
Just keep it a dmg amplifier.

Yes the patch were speaking of here removed the dmg cap off 255.75 / hit. Why did they remove it? No idea, it broke huntsman (fixed), it broke shade (fixed then insanely brocken again) and has done nothing good to speak of.


All of the THP on ult talents should be standardized at a flat +50.

Other than that I think farshark should rethink the current attack speed/reload speed split. Attack speed has zero effect on single-shot weapons like bows and guns which makes most talents and speed potions useless. Conversely reload speed affects guns and crossbows, but not regular bows.

These bonuses should be standardized across all weapons. It’s okay if attack speed and reload speed have different or diminishing effects for each weapon, but they should have SOME effect otherwise it doesn’t give players enough viable choices. Most weapon/talent combinations have a clear meta where one or more of the talents does absolutely nothing for the equipped weapon and no one would ever pick it.


More or less the same thing that I do, but I try to do the first headshot directly on boss (and I use tripot). Anyway, I don’t know, I don’t feel more power if compared with Bow or other ranged careers. Maybe the problem is this:

assuming you can land headshots

It is not alway possibile; and ask a lot more efforts compared with other ranged careers work.

Anyway thanks for your advice!

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Totally agree.

True. Moreover his active is the only that doesn’t give 50 thp.

I agree. I don’t know if this is crouch animation fault… but it is true, often the first shot is a miss.

I agree. Imho, another Huntsman problem, is his lack of thp regen.