Huntsman - A good career, but

Moreover I think that Huntsman’s active is the only that can’t give 50 thp.

Why should the skill of headshooting be thrown out the window during ult?
It will also allow him to keep up all ammo without any skill.
Just keep it a dmg amplifier.

This is a good reasoning, I can not say you’re wrong. I was just “worried” about the low damage and mainly about the bad synergy of cited talents. Both because do headshots is not always possible, both because the talents don’t work with Repgun and Blunderbuss.

But with no doubts, there would be a better ways to increase slightly the damage… and I would like rework some talents.

Why did they remove it?

Very good question. But mainly: why didn’t Fatshark just bring Huntsman in his previous state?

Yep, 4hp/sec for 6sec, which is 24…

To be fair about the crouch animation, I have 0 problem with it personnaly, and never missed a first shot because of it. But yeah it’s not really an useful animation so if it bother some people I guess it should go ^^

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Other than that I think farshark should rethink the current attack speed/reload speed split.

This is totally true… honestly I don’t understand how it is possibile that part of active and talents are useless with bow: one of the main Huntsman’s weapons.

How did you avoid missing the shot, when it doesn’t even go where you’re actually aiming?

Have no clue.
Not saying you’re wrong, I believe you. Simply it never happened to me x)

I use the no wobble mod, and it seems to help. I always draw my shot first, then pop ULT and shoot.

I think damage etc is fine, I Just want my first shot in ult not to be buggy, it seems to wiff inexpicably more often than not.
When you watch the huntsman “advertisement” Video in Hero selection the first shot of the ult doesnt register as well (when he shoots the 2 maulers), am I imagining this?

Yes, I agree about this part:

the first shot of the ult doesnt register as well

But I think that if Huntsman has an active to do more damage, he should do, at least sligthly, more damage compared other ranged careers.

Tried the no-wobble mod and it helped immensely, but I kinda prefer the game to have this “wobble”. Well, too bad we can’t just disable the stupid ult aiming handicaps (animosity that bumps the reticle up for whatever reason) and leave the rest.

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I don’t know if this thing can be interesting, but I have found into my gallery 15/20 photos per every ranged career that I have used for more time (BH, HM*, HuntsM, Pyro), that I had done to see the damage vs bosses of various careers.

I know that this hasn’t an objective value, but I have taken the results and averaged out, and these are the results:

  • Huntsman: 1139 (the minor damage)

  • HM: 1530

  • BH: 1451

  • Pyro: 1346

*I know that HM isn’t a ranged career, but it is curious how, with the AoE bow, a tank can be a better boss killer than a ranged career.

p.s: the balance between careers is the current one.

I think Huntsman could do with a talent that increases his dodge range. Kruber and Bardin are the only characters over which none of their classes have a mobility option. Elf is… elf, Sienna has battle wizard with repositioning ult and stagger, Salty has WHC. If huntsman is to be a clunky elf he could really do with higher dodge range, even if that comes at a cost against other talents.

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Did that HM use a strength potion?

Because hagbane isnt just AOE, its a DOT&DPS weapon too, and it stacks which happens have an amazing synergy with strength potions.

Well its good even without a strength potion to be fair.

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well, played a bit of blunderbuss Huntsman lately. Here’s my thought on him.

Talents - 1 2 3 2 1. Blunder 10%arm 5%crit. Charm 10%arm 5%as. Concotion. Idea was to trigger reload speed, drink potion, activate ultimate and shred boss/patrol. That one actually pretty nutty vs chaos patrols. Somewhat good agains bosses. One ult with strengh and speed, and one default ult.

Main problem for that build (and maybe for all builds) is tHP generation. I feel like if I get hit as huntsman, I have no chance gaining tHP back to prevent next hit from knocking me down.

Why huntsman have tHP on stagger instead of crit/headshot one, like WW have? Or at least “dagamagin multiple enemies”. That would have helped for sure.


I agree… not only Huntsman hasn’t abilities to increase his speed, but with the active the speed is decreased.

Yes, I agree. Hagbane not only is very strong, but it has a lot of synergies… it simply make even a tank a batter boss killer than Huntsman!

Honestly, I’m not very expert about Blunderbuss… time ago I loved it, but nerf after nerf have made it a too niche weapon. Too low range, too low damage vs bosses/armors. And mainly Blunderbuss has poor singergies with HS’ talents… for example trigger reload speed with headshot isn’t simple. Anyway I can give it a second chance.

Totally agree about tHP.

To be fair though, huntsman is pretty much better in all more single target aspects aside from bosses compared to waystalker using hagbane.

Specials and elites in general? Longbow on huntsman just deals more damage.

Chaos warriors? Both are good at it but Huntsman has headshots bonuses.

Bosses with both using longbow? Huntsman is better?

Elf uses hagbane? Burns at least 2 shots for any special, often 3, that huntsman kills in 1-2, cant kill chaos warriors but is good with hordes and bosses.

Its a matter of tradeoffs.

But with many melee being so overbearing (quickly moving forward) there isnt a lot of opportunity to use slower ranged like longbows well so elf swiftbow and hagbane and similar stuff from saltyzpyre and Sienna shine more.

Well bounty saltz can use his crossbow just fine since it basically kills any non boss in 1-2 hits and wastes no time at all.
Kruber doesnt have any like that from what i know though.

Quality of life changes, i’d probably start with those when talking about huntsman. I’ve personally never liked how the longbow works, it just feels so janky compared to elfs bows. Sure its probably by design but still it could be smoother.
Then there are the talents that really need some work to bring them at least on par with other classes equivalents not to mention some just need to be flat out removed and reworked.

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I play huntsman, a lot.

As he stands IN ISOLATION he is a competent and skill-rewarding class that can do very well in many many situations - but…

He is never in isolation and when compared to lots of other builds he seems to fall behind. I know this is a team game and it will always be like that but ever single time HS gets discussed it is as some kind of weaker reflection of some other classes build.

“He should be able to delete CW during his Ult like BH”
“He doesn’t get his THP at once like RV”
“He can’t boss kill like Hagbane”

And so on, and all of these points are correct.
He needs to be different from Elf/RV/Shade/BH and this is the problem finding him a slot to fit in.

My personal opinion is;

He need to get THP on damaging an enemy. Even with the DLC weapons he can’t kill quickly and others nick his THP. (This is actually more of a problem with the whole concept of THP than just Kruber HS though)

His ULT need to Spike his damage to the point he might be a ranged Shade. Very high damage vs a single target but increased vulnerability. The ULT also needs to stop the shaky-cam to increase it’s usability. Only Melee breaks stealth.

Increasing his Reload Speed Talent by 5% might be better, to allow him to put more lead down the range.

Headshots should be rewarded more than they currently are with increased fatalities, although someone will pipe up with “3 ammo back from each shot!” I think a HS built for anti Armour should take down a CW in 2 non-ult headshots.

As a wider discussion on Talents,- and interestingly Krubers classes prompted 2 discussion threads - There are definitely some Talents that feel like they’re on the wrong class. Merc is more tanky than FK, BH is a much better ranged threat than HS and so on.

I like the HS and as a class he is much more skill-dependent than other ranged classes and definitely needs more concentration than a lot of the classes. I’m looking at you Zealot/Slayer/HM and I don’t want to lose than higher skill requirement to make him successful BUT when I really want to run around blowing things to bits from afar with impunity I just go to BH purely because of the BoP.

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