Current State of Kruber

So I didn’t play the beta back when Huntsman was instakilling bosses, but they hit this poor guy with the nerf stick way too hard.

Huntsman is absolutely worthless now and his Longbow is worse than the Elfs in every single possible way. I’ll list them for ya, it’s inaccurate, it takes longer to shoot, you have to re-zoom in for each arrow instead of staying zoomed in, you can’t move while zoomed in. It’s just garbage.

What was even the point of including it in the game if you’re gonna make it so horrible? That’s a total waste of development time.

Then there’s his melee weapons. Why does his 1 hand mace damage armor but his 1h mace + shield combo do almost no damage against armor? His 2h Hammer is like the only melee weapon you can use on him after Vet because it’s the only thing with good crowd control and can actually damage armor easily. The dwarf actually can tank with a shield because his axe can penetrate armor but Kruber can’t even use a shield if he wants to be able to damage armor. (mind you there’s like a billion storm vermin on Champion and Legendary so it’s a must)

Just by comparing him to the other characters it feels like he’s unloved, he has less ranged weapons and not very cool ones at that and his melee weapons are so bland and boring not to mention underpowered.

Show this poor guy some love. Currently I’m not even opening chests on him anymore because 95% of his weapons are garbage. I just craft him 2h Hammers lol.

Have you tried the halberd or the executioners sword? Pretty sure they work fine agaisn’t armoured enemies.

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Halbred is one of the best weapons of the game, u kiddin me


Halbred has great reach but lacks the arc of 2h Hammer. It doesn’t really suit tanking as you basically hide behind the dwarf and stab through him with it. Also 2h hammer takes down armor guys quicker. Don’t need to charge up an attack.

Executioner is a good boss killing weapon sure, but awful at clearing trash. It’s wind up is a bit long, 2h hammer you can just spam left clicks to take down armored foes.

On top of all his bugs his talents currently have, his damage resistance aura’s radius is so small Kruber basically has to give you a piggy back ride in order to receive it. (It’s like a 5 foot radius around him)

He just really should be able to use a shield + any weapon and actually damage armor. It’s silly he has a tank spec but all his shield weapons are garbage against armor.

Halberd can hit plenty of enemies and you know you don’t have to “tank” in this game right? If all you are doing is poking hordes with it then you aren’t using the weapon correctly.

Someone has to hold the line when a horde shows up and Bardin being the only one who can easily is a problem. That’s what I mean by tanking and yes Halbred can aoe a bit but 2h hammer is better at it. Also it’s faster at killing armored units which pop up constantly in Champion and Legendary.

You don’t need to white knight for the devs or your beloved Halbred btw, you can point out that yes, The Shield weapons are garbage and should be fixed.

Its not white knighting for the devs just because I think you’re wrong about a characters current state balance wise.


Now you just disagree for the spite of it. No one in their right mind thinks it’s fine that Kruber’s shield weapons dealing almost 0 dmg against armor is “good balance.”

Gimmie a logical argument as to why it’s fine for his shield weapons to do no dmg against armor. Is the development time spent on those weapons just pointless and that’s fine?

I never said that?

My main disagreement was that the 2H hammer is the only weapon that is apparently viable on champion and legendary. That’s why I suggested trying the halberd or the executioners sword because they are both good weapons.

Hardly see how that is disagreeing for the spite of it.

I never mentioned the shield + X weapons cause personally I haven’t tried them due to enjoying his other weapons much more.

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You literally said you think I’m wrong about his current state balance wise. I’m pointing out some rather obvious balance flaws, but you apparently disagree with my assessment solely because you think Halbred is #1 and I think Halbred is only his 2nd best weapon. That’s pretty silly.

The perfect balance would be if every weapon served a purpose no matter what difficulty you play on, so being “okay” with the current balance of Kruber is setting your standards pretty low.

You are way too hung up over this halberd thing. I just suggested a weapon that is generally considered to be one of Krubers better, if not best weapons.

Do you genuinely think Kruber with his current weapons and talents is actually weaker than the rest of the cast?

I find merc kruber or footsoldier kruber to be welcome additions in any champion game I’ve played. The handgun/blunderbuss are good for dealing with specials/elites, powerful ults, beefy. Both bring good passives/auras to help the team out.

Every character has weapons/stuff that could do with some love.

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While yea you can go Merc or Foot Knight. Half of his talents are bugged currently. His ranged weapons all have a massive downside.

Handgun: Long range and accurate but low ammo and slow af to reload.
Repeater: Close range and inaccurate at long range, quick reload but can burn through ammo quick.
Longbow: Absolutely garbage. Can only use in worst spec.
Blunderbus: Can destroy bosses and tight knit hordes, but has no range and long reload.

All the other characters have fairly well balanced ranged weapons that don’t have massive downsides. If Bardin’s drake weapons didn’t exist he’d be on the same page as Kruber but those things are godly.

Like I pointed out about his damage reduction aura is entirely too short range. (Seriously check the range on it, it’s awful. Any boss fight that requires your team to spread out in the slightest makes it useless the entire boss fight)

All the other characters have multiple builds that can work while Kruber is stuck using 2-3 weapons in order to be viable in late game content.

Though feel free to tell me why someone else is worse off than Kruber. I’d love to hear a logical explanation why he isn’t the worst balanced character.

Longbow: Absolutely garbage. Can only use in worst spec.

I dont know what kind of flowers you’ve been smoking but Longbow and Huntsman by extention is by no means his worst spec.
On Legend (the only difficulty that matters), huntsman is an excellent special killer that can oneshot almost every type of enemy, many of them with just a torso shot (for example SVs).
When using his active he becomes, for a few seconds, the best Chaos Warrior killer in the game. He can oneshot chaos warriors with his longbow. On Legend. And dont forget his very respectable boss DPS.
Unlike powerhouses like BH and Pyromancer that are way overtuned, Huntsman is good, but not broken. He does what he does extremely well, which is special and elite removal.

Stop spreading this stupid misinformation about Huntsman. His only issue is that using the active ruins your FoV, but that has apparently been noticed by Fatshark.


If your archer, mage, dwarf and/or witchunter aren’t killing specials faster than it takes Kruber to draw a 2nd arrow there’s a problem with the rest of your group. That thing fires slow af. Not to mention, it’s inaccurate, like 25% of the time my arrow flies off the mark, like 2 feet to the right of my crosshair.

Look at what Gorillian have posted and please rethink your entire thread.

Would ya look at that… Knight Krubers DMG reduction aura, after being bugged, is now whoopin 5%

The longbow is his best ranged weapon. It is perfectly accurate with his 25% accuracy talent; don’t wait for the zoom, just draw and fire quickly. With his active going, it also takes 20% of a boss’ health in a single headshot.

Is it slower to fire than Kerillian’s? Yes. But, it also does 1.5x the damage of her longbow on a body shot. It kills stormvermin and most specials on legend with a single bodyshot. I don’t see the problem.


Yeah i think the thing that most people miss about Kruber’s Longbow is that you don’t have to do the full draw to get full damage. It only zooms more. The half-draw gives you max damage.

have you ever stopped and thought that maybe the issue is with bardin and not kruber?

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