Huntsman Kruber nerfed way too hard

I think we can all agree his damage was a little to strong in 1.08 but since the last patch it take 3 or more shots to ult kill a chaos warrior and it feels like the boss damage with ult is barely any more than normal damage. I understand it was strong but you didn’t have to nerf it into the ground.


Fatsharks solutions to problems in there game are so unbelievably wrong… Honestly bro it may not be worth talking about in forums anymore because they don’t seem to hear us. I don’t even think we’re getting mod support or dlc any time soon simply because they don’t really know how to balance their game… not a big surprise tho. The same happened with bloodsports.


They seem to listen to disingenuous feedback that misrepresents class performance relative to others pretty well.


Avar, just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them disingenuous with malicious agendas. Honestly it’s pretty pathetic to try and demonize someone whose expressing a different view on game balance of all things. I’ll be sure to ignore your posts going forward, as you clearly take this all waaaay to personally.


No, that’s a result of them repeatedly admitting to just hating the ranged meta in general, combined with the fact that as a skilled player they know damn well that the numbers they’re pulling (and using to justify the cries for nerf) are, at best, on par with what other classes do every single match much more easily. I know it’s a long thread but it helps if you read it before jumping to conclusions.



Sigh… HM is meh again.

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I just wish they at least didn’t touch the weapons performance outside of the ult, but no, nerf their headshot damage, that’s what they needed all along…


I was like “but they did nothing to the Handmaiden” for a sec :slight_smile:


Same XD

Idk, I played several rounds with huntsman tonight and I’d say he’s fine. Handgun is devastating against so many targets and with the buff against bosses it does respectably there too. He’s got talents for even more ammo regen, can go the +3 ammo on headshot or +25%crit on headshot to work with scrounger. As long as you have good aim, HM is awesome.

I would like to see some balancing to his weapons so that we see something besides bow/handgun + Halberd a bit more.

The problem here is that people who barely if ever touched huntsman are now trying to playtest him and have nothing to compare it to, so to them its fine. The last patch made his damage obscene in a way that was unintentional but these nerfs have actually made him weaker than he was on release. Yes it seems decent because you were not familiar with huntsman many patches ago but he was always a strong pick if you had good aim but you would still be outperformed overall by beam sienna or waystalker generally. He had a very specific role as an armor/boss killer. All they did is ruin the thing that made him unique against other ranged classes.


The same reason why he got nerfed.
People who didnt play HM saw the charts and started ranting.
Nice to see that he wont even fit in his special role now.
Nice to see that nothing about the copius amount of underpowered stuff on kruber got even touched since beta.
Nice to see that the longbow nerf was cool because the handgun is doing ok. Thats the spirit.
I’ll just reroll pyro and IB.


Yeah, this is what me and others tried so hard to make sure didn’t happen. All that needed tweaking was his boss damage on ult. Instead they have listened to people who blatantly misrepresented his performance, and we’re back to Kruber being completely meh.

Once again ol’ Kruber is the only character without even a single career that is on par with others.


They will just use the halberd ez mode argument to justify everything that happened.


I can totally understand Avar’s frustration with this, because it DOES reek of that big discussion thread and the supposed “evidence” being posted having a huge effect on the recent nerf. HS Kruber was perfectly fine before the change in damage calculation happened and nobody in their right mind defended the boss damage he was putting out as being a good thing. Everyone “defending” HS were perfectly fine to admit that this needed tweaking. The rest of the character, however, did not and I do think he is right to blaming Kitten for dishonesty, for them being undoubtably a skilled player who just HAS to know that posting screenshots and even videos of a character performing in a certain way is just bogus as evidence for them overperforming. I am pulling almost the exact same numbers on WS when I play her as designated boss and elite killer (with slight variations ofc due to them being different characters), the only difference being that I usually melee CW, a feat that isn’t exactly impossible to pull off considering I usually hit them with my volley and then just go and poke them. Before the damage uncap, HS wasn’t exactly “deleting” chaos patrols, but he could thin them out when triggered so the rest could take them out in melee. For the life of me, I don’t see how that was a bad thing, that is exactly what I picture in a melee focused game: Ranged thins out priority targets, melee finishes of. His ranged weaponry is still quirky and is overall outperformed by other ranged characters, HS was in a very good spot.

So what did this nerf bring? You can still shred bosses, you just need to jump through some more hoops. You still don’t run out of ammo, you just have to respec you abilities and maybe your weapon, depending on how you wanna go at it. You can still 2 shot CW, but not reliably anymore. That is basically the jist, by removing the auto-crits, they just made HS one thing: less reliable. Why would you want that? More randomness, yay!


To be honest man… even with pretty much every possible damage boost he is not really capable of doing what he was just a few patches ago. With bleed talent, hunter trait, str pot, perfect damage modifier items and level 25 career skill damage buff he is still doing lower numbers than he was in the past. This nerf was COMPLETELY out of whack.


So now everyone who was playing OP Kruber will just go to the next OP class which will shortly also be nerfed.

Repeat times infinity until everything sucks and it takes 5 hits to kill a slave rat.


All aboard the nerf train.



pick one


Played him all day yesterday. I think he’s in a good spot. His boss damage is okay, no longer the best, but I think it shouldn’t be for being ranged anyway - shade should have that spot.

My only grip is that with his ULT you cannot kill a CW with one headshot, crit or not. I think that isn’t right.

If this isn’t possible, I don’t think shade should be able to kill a chaos warrior (two even atm) from the front. It’s not like it requires more skill to stealth up to them and tap your button to knock them out.

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