Handgun headshot damage nerf

Did the handgun really need less headshot damage? Before the patch, it did 86.5 damage, now it is down to 76.25. Why? Did the handgun really need a nerf?
Would you rather people spam body-shots than actually go for headshots? Why would you change a sniper in this way?


Pretty sure its buffed against bosses now.

I am not aware of a nerf.

It received higher base damage against them, but just try out the handgun in the keep and you should noticed the significantly diminished damage numbers.

Bugged? Or intended?

I hope bugged, but it seems like it may have been intended, part of the ‘damage curve’ changes for the handgun and longbow. I assumed this would primarily affect the stacking of str pots/ult, but not the usual headshots.

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Yeh, if so that’s ridiculous as it just makes skill even less valuable and further makes him a meh choice.


Whyyyy are you doing this to beloved Krubes?!

Because disingenuous scumbags with a beef for the “ranged meta” make QQ threads ad nauseum lying about overall character performance relative to other classes and demanding changes.


the patch says increased damage against bosses.

Bosses are the 4 special characters or the minibosses?

The minibosses are probably included
I believe halescourge and skitter end-bosses should count too, questionable whether the two chaos warriors and the stormvermin boss count.

Of all the balancing changes that could be made to improve the viability of weapon choices, I don’t think nerfing the handgun was the way to go. Like you said, it should not disincentivize taking time to aim for headshots. In general I’m worried about the possible repercussions of less rewarding and enjoyable weapons. The handgun seemed alright as it was.


Did really anyone ask for this? I feel like even the people calling for a huntsman nerf didn’t want a headshot damage nerf. I’m hoping this is just a case of the glaive/exec nerf from a bit ago, accidental colateral damage, rather than intentional nerfing, because if it struggled with anything, it was that headshots weren’t rewarding enough, not that they were too rewarding!

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