WHY are Bardins and Krubers handguns so inaccurate

it takes AGES for your crosshairs to settle and this disallows us to make really quick shots , the guns already held back by slow reload times and low ammo - please give it back its V1 accuracy where even no scopes where lethal by skilled players


Agreed, contrary to pleb views. The handgun in the first game was actually really good on cata w/ right traits and you could run & gun whilst hip firing it. In this game the handguns are completely useless


Handguns also don’t have enough ammo or stopping power to justify their inaccuracy or poor reload speed.

I’d like to see their damage upped substantially, make a huge amount of noise (alerts any ambient rats within a large range), deafens you slightly when you fire it, and emits a huge cloud of smoke.

At proper hero level for the difficulty, it should kill any special with a body shot and deal excellent damage to any target.


It’s also stupid cause in V1 it was one of the only things that MADE handguns viable (not that much though)- they were perfectly accurate from hipfire. No stupid crosshair settle bullshit we have now. You could do quick switch- hipfire packmaster in head and switch back to your melee- it was fluid, skill based and entertaining. Now it’s stupidly slow, innacrurte and boring.

That’s what you get when you try to change stuff that didn’t need change from first game.


Hard to aim with 20 arrows in ur back… :wink:


Why then do i still see pro players use the handgun and kill specials perfectly fine? The gunshot will be inbetween the crossair, so as soon as it’s around the targets head it will hit it. you do not need to wait until it is as small as possible to hit the target.

Handgun feels so underwhelming compared to crossbow. Krubers ranged options overall are very poor at least to my tastes. At least i really like the longbow for huntsman but merc and footknight make me wish he could roll with a crossbow too.

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agreed. compared to the other classes, his ranged options are undertuned imo.

i like handgun, but the damage on that thing needs to be buffed. no point having such a low ammo capacity, high reload time, slow aiming, when it doesn’t even do THAT much damage.

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Problem for me with the handguns besides their wonky aiming: they are unreliable. If I cannot kill disabler specials with a single headshot (even on highest difficulty), then all the detriments you get from choosing these weapons as your ranged options (low ammo cap, long reloads) are for naught. Like with many things, this kind of thing is “high risk - no reward”.


I’m killing leeches and assassins with 1 shot body shots with the handgun on Legend… not packmasters though, but that’s intentional I believe.

And worst of all for me I got VETERAN handgun for the Kruber and it has LAZIEST RARE SKIN that I have ever seen in my gaming life… (30+ years) It’s basically a “Sergeant’s Rifle” with glowing letters on a small area that you never ever see if you not use your “Inspect Weapon” keybind so it’s actually a “Sergeant’s Rifle” and I got this sh*t for 130+ hours of gameplay…

I said this in previous beta phases: The handgun is basically a 1-pellet shotgun.
Its hip-fire accuracy is so low that you are only going to be effective at shotgun-range - no more mid-air assassin clay shooting. It is so slow to aim, and does so little damage (why does a rifle have damage falloff?) that there is little reason to sit and line up a shot.
The most effective way to use the handgun appears to be to close the gap on your target until you reach hip-fire range, it usually takes less time to do that than to aim down the sights.

If anyone wants to make a claim that the handgun is “still very accurate” then take a look at this screenshot. I fired from the hip 8 times in a row and missed 3 of my shots (without moving the mouse), you can see an impact on the wall to the right. Clearly the handgun is not as accurate as the reticle indicates. This is actually something that I feel existed in VT1 but I didn’t have a dummy to shoot at.

Three improvements I’d love to see on the handgun:

  • Significantly increased aim speed, and slightly increased hip-fire accuracy.
  • 100% guarantee to hit somewhere within the reticle (from the inside of the lines, rather than the outside).
  • Remove damage falloff, if its roll is a sniper - dmg falloff undermines that.

Opposite to the blunderbuss, the handgun is very accurate in ADS and has great armor penetration which is superior to the longbow.
The handgun also has superior max accuracy vs the longbow, flat trajectory and is instantaneous.

I’ll partially agree on your improvements. Tap RMB+fire is quite accurate, but it takes a lot of time to get the most accurate shot (about 2s?) while the longbow takes about half of that.
Damage falloff doesn’t seem bad though. Seems to do full-damage at about 30m. The Huntsman has no falloff, of course.

shitty anecdotal accounts =/= empirical basis for any case :wink:

Its just a fact that it has way too little ammo/accuracy & dmg to justify its long term employment. Same goes for WH brace of pistols while we’re at it, which is now completely underwhelming with only 20 shots v


For sure on both accounts. The handgun is just terrible, and the BoP isn’t good either. 20 shots, low piercing, and a 50% damage penalty against bosses? Completely worthless. And now that BH only has 30 ammo with the BoP, they’re terrible on him too.

In its current state, I fully believe that the handgun is a joke weapon. I would consider using it if it had double the carried ammo (or more) and a clip that holds a few shots in it. Or, maybe if it did way more damage, reloaded faster… something. Pretty much everything about it is just disappointing. The only thing worse than it would be just not having a second weapon at all.

Maybe it just really really doesn’t mesh with my play style, but I don’t think that’s all there is to it.

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funny enough i find the handgun to be the most usable/reliable gun that kruber has at killing specials and the sort but maybe i just dont’ know how to use the other firearms

I don’t know. I kind of like Kruber’s Handgun, though sometimes it vexed me to no end when the shot goes wide after I waited for the reticle to settle after I aimed down the sight.

For me, I feel that the Blunderbuss is very lacking, when I compared it to Bardin’s Grudgeraker.

Idk, I often end up having more special kills than the traditional “special hunters”. Maybe that shows more about most of the other players than the quality of the gun though. I’d rather take a Blunderbuss but I’ve learned early on I have to deal with specials myself because most players lack any awareness of their surroundings.

Blunderbuss needs a wider horizontal spread and more damage to make it a crowd clearer imo. At the moment spread is too narrow for crowds but too wide for single targets (other than bosses or really close up).

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