What are your thoughts on Krubers repeating handgun on legend?

Leave a comment on how you feel about it and if you think it needs buffing and how they should buff it on legend or if its fine the way it is.

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It definitely needs buffing. There’s literally no reason ever to pick it. I think it could stand to be as strong as or stronger than its first-game form, just due to how low its ammo count is now.

Which is too bad, since I have three red ones.


I had such high hopes for it , in V1 we had a perma kruber team mate who would take it just so he could melt rakogri in the blink of an eye with a strength pot . It was the coolest thing over

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It’s nice if you play as huntsman

It needs more ammo for all three classes and the damage is a tad too low, especially against bosses.


Thats exactly the Problem with all Firearms (not realy for Muskets), if they had there original Ammo Capacity they would be fine, ok both Repeater Guns could get a bit more Armor Penetration/Dmg, just as an Example:

all without Ammunition Holder Trait

Kruber Repeater V1: 64 V2: 32

WH Repeater V1: 100 V2: 40

WH Pistols V1: 56 V2: 25

FS simply halved the Ammo for all Weapons in V2, that’s with only 6 Meele and 8 Ranged Traits, where we only speak for Ranged of six Traits cause Barrage/Hunter technically the same and Conservative Shooter/Scrounger are as well, one takes less Time but that’s about it.

We could use those Weapons comparable to all other Weapons with the old Traits and Ammo Capacity but of course with the old Traits most Talents of the Careers would be useless.


Plus is has zero pen and there’s no way to up it now. Honestly, I kinda feel that the ranged weapons could have used a basic mod system like how many FPS games do it; just one slot or something, but then you could get extra rounds, faster reloads, or more pen as options.

I didn’t even realize that. I put it down in disgust immediately after one run with it as it’s nothing compared to it is in VT1, where it’s my favourite weapon by far. After watching every round bounce off a roger’s skin like it was a peashooter was all I needed to see.

The base RH in VT2 should, at minimum, have the penetration level of a spec’d RH in VT1. 32 low power rounds w/o pen is utter gargabe.

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I haven’t thoroughly tested, but I did try using it a few different times and when I fired into hordes of Stormvermin I did not seem to hit more than one. It still takes the same number of hits to kill on Legend as it did on Cata - 5 body shots, dunno how many headshots. It’s just you have less ammo, less rounds in the chamber (or less chambers with rounds lol), and it shoots slower.

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It needs more ammo and more accuracy, and maybe superarmor damage. It feels almost fine, but lucks compared to other weapons badly.

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  1. Ammo count is far too low
  2. Way too much recoil to be any use
  3. Clouds of smoke on firing make accuracy difficult
  4. It doesn’t seem to penetrate multiple enemies like its equivalents on other classes.

All of these things need to be fixed.

They need to look at the elf swiftbow and the volley crossbow and bring it in line with those two.

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It has no role to fill. It has too little ammo, penetration and frankly, firing speed for a CC weapon, it is too inaccurate to reliably take out specials at range, it has not enough AP to deal with armoured targets and especially super armour.


I think the lack of ammo and ammo sustainability is the biggest issue. Looking bat at VT1, where it’s my favourite weapon, it’s still relatively weak (except it actually penetrates) but you make up for it by overkilling the hell out of everything since ammo isn’t an issue.

Its hot garbage that cant do anything worthwhile on any difficulty. If it penetrated super armor it would be worth bringing but it doesn’t so its just collecting dust in the inventory.

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in V1 it could have 12 bullets but only 8 in v2 is too low

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