Buff Kruber's Repeater and handgun

Just… Please FS. I know in VT1 it probably made him too effective at range and you wont hear of making the ranged meta even stronger. But please… Buff some of Kruber’s ranged weapons, namely Repeater, and maybe handgun. There should be a case for huntsman to consider repeater, there currently isn’t much a chance of that. Give it slightly better accuracy, ammo, and +1 penetration like it used to have.


His lack of ranged presence is why I don’t play him despite maining him in V1. Having everything die just as you get close enough to take a swing at it is frustrating and I don’t really enjoy babysitting the DPS all match. Iunno why they did this to the Repeater… the only thing that made it abusable in V1 was Haste… which doesn’t exist in V2. It needs way more damage, better penetration, and double the ammo capacity.


I had an idea about handgun buffs in the huntsman thread:


I dunno the hundgun and repeater are just… terrible. Literally everyone is using blunderbuss i they’re not doing hunstman longbow. AND THE THING IS, WE SHOULD HAVE REASONS TO USE OTHER WEAPONS OTHER THAN LONGBOW AS HUNTSMAN. They already took away blunderbuss boss nuking. While salts gets his repeater in buffed form and and even his regular crossbow outperforms the handgun. Handgun doesn’t zero in like it used to, i was a removal laser for specials. I haven’t noticed but it likely doesn’t have the same penetration either, I stopped using it so quickly because of how underwhelming it was. I just don’t feel like there’s a reason not to just play huntsman if you play kruber… because otherwise you’re just a lackluster slayer. ( Hyperbole, but the ranged is so poor for kruber now, I get that hes supposed to be frontline focused. The game is about killing though, I don’t really like playing more of a tactical class building game with team comp playing a part… VT1 had one objective, kill all the rats get loot… )



100% agree.

  • handgun is a bow with less rate of fire, less versatility, less ammunitions, less penetration… but NOT more damage;
  • blunderbuss is simply useless against armoured enemies and bosses;
  • rep gun… I don’t know, just a dull weapon.

They need buff, or at least Huntsman needs more appropriate talents… for example more damage with fire gun or more damage against armor with pellets/bullets.


It also lacks armor penetration now, which in VT1 was not the case. The lack of armor penetration, ammo, or accuracy to even try to compensate for those 2 things with headshots… It’s stupid.

And I’m not concerned about buffing them for HUNTSMAN, they need buffed as to make them useful so huntsman isn’t the only way to have some ranged effectiveness with Kruber.


100% agre, but even if huntsman is good, he should have more appropriate talents for these weapons… so, I don’t know wich, but some changes are needed.

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From what I’ve heard you can get off a few free clips of ammo and take out a good chunk of boss hp with ambush if you stack it for power vs monsters…

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It’s just that the other weapons are so underwhelming you wouldn’t consider using the ones that buff them ( reload speed). And I agree, there’s just no reason to even choose the vastly inferior reload speed talents even if you wanted to use a gun. Ideally you would be using 20 % base hoping for headshots to dish out handgun shots at +55% reload which may actually get you a better rate of dps than longbow, but I’m going to have to test this to give definitive answers. Last I tried it the base accuracy was wanting enough that nailing headshots isn’t going to be certain either. As it stands though the Handgun doesn’t feel like effective special removal. I think a lot of the benefit was weighed on projectile speed.


Bow with +Crit DMG is going to give you better performance on everything.


Just going by the power gap of class to non-class weapons in general it seems fatshark intended for huntsman to just use the bow.

Handgun is still a great pick on merc/footknight if you want to kill specials and stormvermin at a modest distance. Even with no +power it bodyshots stormvermin and can sustain itself almost forever with the headshot trait.

I don’t get how any merc/FK can run blunderbuss or repeater. What do they do if there’s a storm sorcerer, lay down and die?

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Pretty much… just run away and hope your team deals with it or wildly fire in that direction. I mean dwarf has a shotgun too, but it has much better range than blunderbuss, but less cleave. I don’t know, I just hate how weak repeater and handgun are… blunderbuss is it’s own thing. I’ve never condoned using a ranged weapon that does what melee does. I get that you can instagib some stuff… but losing the utility to reliably kill specials is… silly.


It is excellent at single target slow paced shots, but it lacks the snap shot capability. Repeater allows you to react faster at range, while the blunderbuss allows you to react at close range.

Repeater is good at shooting at stuff at range you know… And blunderbuss has a surprising reach and an extremely good damage profile vs blightstormers/leeches.

Wrong, blunderbuss has almost the same spread area, just only a tiny bit wider horizontally, while having 12 pellets vs grudge’s 9, meaning that the blunderbuss is actually better at shooting and hitting stuff at range vs the grudge due to the shot density. Also from what I can tell so far, grudge and blunderbuss pellets are identical.

Also, of all the weapons, handgun is actually the weakest. Repeater and blunderbuss are much more accurate and quicker to use than the handgun at short to med ranges, and at long ranges the handgun has damage dropoff anyway, so you’ll need to go through the slow reload and shoot again if you miss your headshot. For snapshotting, nothing beats the blunderbuss at close-med range as it literally deletes whatever you aim at with a few exceptions and has an extremely fast weapon swap and shoot time.


Repeater is terrible against storm sorcs — at range it’s almost guaranteed they’ll teleport away before you kill them. At least that’s the case on legend.

I got a red blunderbuss and could only tolerate one match with it. If any special is in range to be reliably killed with a blunderbuss you could probably also hip-fire or snapshot it with the handgun.

I don’t think you’re accounting for grudge’s double shot.

Alright, now I’m just convinced we’re playing completely different games.


The handgun’s biggest issues, imo:
It’s performance vs bosses is just horrible. It deals as much headshot damage as a bodyshot from the longbow. All the while having almost half the ammo and a terrible rate of fire. This also applies to hookrats.
The accuracy: It really takes far too long to achieve it. I would personally say just speed it up a bit and make it when at max, perfectly accurate.
Some more minor things:
The damage falloff is pretty hard on it, losing more pen than even the longbow, i really don’t think this should be the case for a dedicated armor piercing sniper.
Chaos warriors, the handgun is one of those weapons that should probably be able to deal some damage to them on headshots, as it stands, you need like 6 to take one down, half your default ammo supply and a lot of time. As the dedicated AP sniper, i feel like it should be at least useful to shoot at them with it.

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God Bless you.

Iunno why people are even bothering debating this. It’s like arguing over which rotten apple core is tastier in the dumpster pile. All of Kruber’s ranged options are a complete joke compared to any other character’s. He needs a major DPS buff in general. DPS Kruber should not be put to shame by tank Bardin.

Repeater does 14.25 damage per shot to unarmored at max damage dropoff, and blightstormers have 60 hp, that works out to 5 shots, which can be done before it teleports away. If you can’t do it then…

So you’ve tried the blunderbuss ONCE and write it off totally while me and plenty of other people are massacring stuff with it. You should try snapshotting with the handgun, you need to stop moving for a moment before the spread drops, meanwhile the blunderbuss just goes boom and the special is dead.

So the grudge is better when you can already kill specials with 1 shot from the bb while needing 2 shots from the grudge? The only couple of exceptions is the gunner, which can be staggered long enough to reload and get a second shot off with the bb, and the packmaster, which the grudge has an extremely hard time at handling as well.

Lets see… A handgun does 42.5 damage before damage dropoff (72 damage on headshot) and 28.5 damage after damage dropoff (48 damage on headshot) meaning that you MUST headshot to kill blightstormers on legend, and even then you can’t do that at really long distances either so you have to reload and it gets away.

And if you can’t snapshot specials at short to med ranges with the repeater or the blunderbuss, then it is on you to get better. Assassins, leeches, gas, etc, all usually die in under a sec at close range (yes, on legend) for the blunderbuss (point, swap, delete), while the repeater can spam away and kill it in a slightly longer period of time. Meanwhile a handgun user would have to stop moving (something you might not want to do while fighting in the middle of a horde) and aim (also something you don’t want to be doing in the middle of a horde) before shooting and hopefully not miss.


Funnily enough I can easily outkill and out damage IB as merc/huntsman by a wide margin. It isn’t that Kruber is weak, but rather you need to get better at the game.

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What was the IB doing though? IB can still do 700-1000 kills per match and 7k-10k+ damage without having to try too too hard.

It absolutely is that Kruber is weak. If a Kruber is beating someone, that person is seriously slacking. If other characters, without trying, can dominate a skilled Kruber who’s going balls out, that means the character’s DPS is lacking. If someone had to be skilled to best people who aren’t skilled, that means the character’s DPS is lacking.

Instead of comparing your Kruber to others’ subjective play, compare him to your own play on other characters. He simply does not have the same potential.

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