How about a single strong shot for Huntsman?

Make his ult a single buffed shot that is strongest on the handgun and bow it should deal ~300 dmg to bosses (monsters) on headshot and chaos-warrior instant kill only on headshot. The shotgun should be able to kill a chaos-warrior as well but only if you get a really good meatshot and only on close range. The repeater handgun could be nice if it get’s this buff on the whole alternative fire but it should be much weaker (all added up should be 300 as well maybe more).

I would like that. It would balance him in a way similar to the shade but a little bit weaker because of the range.
What do you think?

I think this may make him resemble Bounty Hunter a bit too much.


What would make sense is for his ult to give the equivalent of Skullcracker and then be balanced around that. Would have better synergy and make him more fun/dynamic to use in general.

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Skull Cracker
“When hitting an enemy, there is 5.0 - 15.0% chance that it will count as an automatic headshot, regardless of where it hit.”
How is that fun?

Considering he said ‘‘equivalent’’ I reckon he meant shots count as headshots for the duration no matter where you hit them, but I’ll leave it up to him to fully clarify.

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Yes, not the % chance, the effect itself. Similar to how RV can guarantee scrounger procs. This would free up Hunstman’s talent tree and make more builds viable, and give more variation to how he’s played. He feels very one-dimensional at present.

So he has absolutely unlimited ammo as well? and functions like a not so op veteran ranger?
You removed the ability to headshot from him for better bodyshots, how skillful.
Well I can approve it better garbage than imbalanced legend lord wipe.

I said balance around it. Not just tack it on.

Ok I imagine how I would balance around that:

  1. I will remove all talents that give ammo back while using ranged weapons and the trait Scrounger. (because its broken with crit builds & ults and skilless) (Note Conservative Shooter is still available but limited to 1/shot)
  2. Give him some refill ammo in melee combat as passive.
  3. Give him bodyshot headshots as ult for?
  4. Pimp up dat headshot multiplier during ult to deal as much dmg as it was in 1.0.7
  5. Congrats you now have the green cycle for headshots at the end of the map.

I just can’t there is no point in removing the skillcap of headshooting for no reason. Just lower his current dmg and give him dat sweet reload speed you want to get this.

From another post, but I think it fits.


Who cares about the green circle?

Anyways, this is exactly what RV does with his ult, only it would be tuned and flavoured for huntsman. Every other class has an ult that synergizes with their kit in some way. Huntsman’s is just totally one-dimensional. They could accomplish the same thing in a more synergistic way.

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