Kruber Huntsman ability rework - Large damage for great aim

So as of right now I feel as though Kruber’s Hunstman class has a pretty meh ability, and honestly I feel a “Better” and “more fitting” (AKA how I think the Huntsman should play out) ability could be exchanged for it.

As of right now the stealth portion of the ability is lackluster and not all that great compared to both the Rangers and Shade’s stealth, from the forced crouch walk into the sudden aggro from everything within a mile radius the minute you exit your stealth.

The ability in all honestly just plays off more as a straight damage boost for Kruber, and honestly that doesn’t come off as very fun nor fitting. However the idea of a damage boost isn’t all together a bad one, and my rework plays off that entirely albeit with requirements.

So the ability in a nutshell - Kruber spots and highlights the weaknesses of enemies, dealing increased damage to targets whose weakpoints he hits or headshots he lands (for most enemies headshots ARE a weakpoint).
(Actual damage multiplier up for debate, but nothing nearly as strong as his previous multiplier that let him literally one-shot bosses.)

Basically the ability is to give Kruber the potential for massive damage against Specials and Bosses provided he aims well, giving him a bit more of a Hunter feel to the Huntsman Class whilst also granting him a niche in Boss / Tank killing like he had in the beta before launch (and before the nerfs) but making really work for it, as opposed to in the past where he just fired his Blunderbuss in the general direction of the current threat.

In addition I think the highlight weakness bit would be helpful in a team environment as it’d let allies keep track of where they should hit enemies a bit more easily in the thick of a horde and such for a bit of teamplay factor.

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Yes, It makes sense with the class since he has synergy with headshits. right now his special is hit F use a strength potion.

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