HUNTSMAN - Suggestions to fatshark for a better immersion

Hey there Fatshark!

It’s the first time I make a suggestion to a videogame company, and I feel I have to do it because I love this game so much! Thanks for putting all your heart in that project, it really shows!

Ok here it goes. To me, immersion in a game is what is important and it’s been a while since I felt so sucked in a game’s atmosphere! I think it’s the strongest point of Vermintide 2 and probably one of the biggest factors contributing to players coming back for more.

So now I wanna talk about the Huntsman, which is an awesome idea. I just think that Kruber’s huntsman passive is not immersive compared to the other sub-classes. Recovering ammo out of the blue for scoring a headshot is a cool concept, but in terms of realism (please take this word lightly), not immersive. So what defines a hunter? Someone, or something, stalking it’s prey. Now the stalking part with the stealth active ability (Hunter’s prowl) is perfect, but what if the huntsman had more than +50% ammo (because he’s a hunter) and as a passive, had a (not too big) damage buff for 6 seconds on a marked (tagged) target? It would make the class feel more like a hunter I think, plus it would make the players work more together, like choosing what to tag and when. I know there is synergy between the “Waste not, want not” passive ability and the talent “Taal’s blessing”, but I’m sure other people will have good suggestions on this too. My suggestion for a synergistic new talent would be something like : “After scoring a headshot on a marked target, -passive ability- spreads to nearby allies.” I wouldn’t touch the “Scavenger” talent, it makes sense to recover ammo on a killed boss.

There you go! Keep it up guys, I’ll say it again, you’ve done an excellent job at recreating the grim ambiance of the end times and at immersing players in this world. I’m sure you will continue making great decisions with the community’s support and keep improving it! Thank you!



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Yeah. In my honest opinion, huntsman is a very nice career, but he lacks of synergy… +50% arrows is good, but “Waste not, want not” is so outdated for more reasons… purely stylistic/aesthetics (as you have said) one… and also about gameplay: his bow can kill with bodyshot, so why should we aim to head?

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He feels the clunkiest of all classes and his ult is both lackluster and fails to jive with his overall character identity.


Well, huntsman is a class relying more on skill, so it has to appeal to that type of player, which I find quite nice. I see the huntsman as a Kruber you play when you are more experienced with the game, which, in my opinion, is why it needs something more strategic, team-based.

Thought about it again, and didn’t realise that Saltzpire already had the ability of augmenting dmg on a tagged target. So it brings us to discuss the hunter immersion again.

The other 2 Kruber sub-classes have auras as passive abilities. Wouldn’t it be fitting to have some other kind of aura on the hunter as well? Something like a crit chance % aura, which would be fitting for a hunter because he knows his preys and their weak spots.

For his active, the stealth is cool and helpful for the overall dmg done, but wouldn’t it be cooler if the huntsman could have the ability of laying a trap on the ground, which would stun or immobilize the target for 2 or 3 seconds? That would make a huntsman feel like a huntsman and would open so many more strategies for team combat.

Yes, he has an aura (crit chance)… uhm, an active like that, destroys the career. Anyway his active, IMHO, is bad thought… I would prefer an active that makes every hit an headshot (obv without x1.5 damage). “To disappear” is elf style, and in this way also blunderbuss and rep gun could use headshots talents.

Wow! I look like a complete lunatic! lol! I mostly play foot knight… that’s why… sure… In any case, I think the class deserves a bit more love. Automatic headshot is a great idea, since it would be synergetic with taal’s blessing and such. Why do you think a trap would break the class? The foot knight has a charge that knocks bosses to the ground… it could work similarly!

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I think the “Auto-Headshot” - Idea is great, even when its similar to Kerillians Way-Something F and Pryomancers F. But at least it would be a more reliable source to make Taals blessing and his passive + Scrounger good in Ammo recovery, so the Huntsman would at least in this case be on par with his ranged counter parts

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A trap could be nice… but not as active. I prefer something to do heavy damage, like current active or auto-headshot for X seconds.

please god no more panic-button-press-F to win classes so auto-headshot is a bad idea as far as I’m concerned.

I LOVE Huntsman Kruber, and the hunters prowl is still a good bosskiller when you can headshot +damage vs monsters. It takes big chunk damage out of bosses and coupled with a conc pot is a great way to really hammer down bosses. I just want handgun to load a little bit faster, as after all - Markus is a veteran HUNTSMAN.

It is not a bad class at all, but compared to others that get auto-free ammo and high damage ults it feels like a weaker choice. Just because other things have OP buffs doesn’t make it a “bad class” and I hope it’ll see more action once the big patch hits and people have to stay with the team and can’t abuse Ults I’m looking at you pointy ears. When you get to the end of a game and you have higher headshots than a Sienna or Kerillian with autohit ults, it feels damn fine as I’ve made all those headshots with skill.

As a suggestion for the Hunters Prowl Skill I’d rather have something like a “hamstring” effect that slows bosses or elites so you can turn and shoot a Spawn while in hunters prowl and actually have a chance of slowing it. Might prevent other team members from getting downed if you could do that. If you’re good you can get off three headshots at a troll lumbering towards you currently, so if you slowed down the troll it would make the potential damage from Hunters Prowl even greater.

Also can I have a Hunstman set of armour for the Fireloques of Ferlangen? Please? @Fatshark_Hedge? We know Kruber served in Ostland so…

No one panic button… simply, with hunters prowl, we could have an headshot also aiming the body but WITHOUT ×1.5 damage from active (while the capacity to deal damage to lv6 armors should remain)… so we would use better headshot talents and also with weapons like blunderbuss or rep gun.

Those are all great ideas in my opinion. Huntsman is clearly a sub-class geared towards more skill-based players, and that’s where the auto-headshot doesn’t cut it for me. When I suggested the idea of a trap, it could be something that slows enemies down. Here’s a name suggestion for the CC skill: “Found the weak spot!”. I could totally hear Kruber say that! We are speculating here… maybe fatshark don’t have any plans of changing the huntsman. Frankly, as you said, it feels right now as there are better ranged options than huntsman, so to me, this feels unbalanced, hence the need for fine tuning. I have a lot of faith in fatshark though… the quality they put into this game is phenomenal. Sure there are a couple flaws here and there, but still, it is fun as hell!

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