What do you want for 2024

Go here and post everything, to make a post for fatshark to check everytime they get the idea to give more grenade to engeneer or more fire to fire wizard !
For me, balance wise :
A new buff for huntsman, a small but well done one, A WOLF companion :

For bounty hunter, a full rework like this :

And lastly, a little up for my beloved fire wizard kaboom!

Lvl 5 talents modification :
The lvl 5 useless healing talent becoming a general thp for every class,
When you kill a enemis you get a certain amount of thp, when you are at max you generate thp for the closest ally.

For the game in general :
I want a new type of enemis, like greenskin

I also want a new weapon for war priest.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

That’s all i want fatshark!
Let’s go wild and tell what you want as balance patch, weapons, skills, career and even game mode !
(ps: sorry for my english, not my main language)

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I want all careers to get “filler” talents reworked into something that is at least useful or ideally, fun.

No 5% attackspeed, no ricochet, no rows where 1 talent is faaaaar better than anything else. And so forth.

I want elf 1hand axe moveset reverted and then actually buffed to be useful. Along with others like the Dwarf´s pickaxe.

It all seems so faraway though :sob:


i agree with that.

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More nerfs to revert at least some parts of the powercreep over the last years, starting with Swift Slaying.

Actual nerfs instead of the slap on the hand we usually see.

Adjustment of talents so that they fit better with the identity of the career and the talent, meaning that some talents should see drawback elements even when not overpowered to fit better with career identitiy.

Less awful smoothness in everything and a bit more general “clunkiness” because it feels actually interesting and impactful.

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I would like more enemies to existing factions, in particular for Beastmen.


I will be humble this year. I want just to fix the bug with outlines for bots and finally a black shield for Bardin.


Not specific but I’d like more weapons, more weapon skins, more hats for the shop, deed rework, weaves rework, more balance changes, more maps! :heart_eyes:

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Revert halberd’s combos and attack order as it was on release & do +10% Atk speed buff and light stab damage buff.
That is all.

Better bot support, control, and customization

Reworks to the more boring and basic careers and talents, no more filler “+X% attack speed”

Buff Warpick, buff Drakefire Pistols, rework Drakegun, rework/buff Natural Bond, give BH a tiny buff to help with small THP gen, rework Bardin’s Hammer and Shield combos, better AI, do not nerf OE ( :crazy_face:), make recalling Bardin’s Throwing Axes initially faster, make it so Kruber and Saltzpyre weapons aren’t boring, add Hedda to the Keep, give Zealot more control over his GHP (so WS regen or someone healing him doesn’t ruin him, perhaps give him the ability to flagellate himself so he can turn GHP into THP), more deed mutators.

I would love it if the Weave weapons became available outside of the Weave. Because lets be honest, those weapon glows look pretty sick!


A Feedback Forum.
With moderators.
Conceptually, It would be made for players to interact with the developers.
The goal would be that ,with such interactions and collaborations, Fatshark would end up making balance patches for the game, putting it into a perpetual optimisation and evolution.
A whole new perspective.

But this subforum could stay as a side project for Fatshark ;

Using Frostysir posts mostly but also Max 93 and 1184 among other guests, Fatshark could develope an AI called The End Times ;
An AI answering endlessly to the most useless and meaningless questions mankind could ever imagine, forever. This would be a vicious weapon, leading over time to the biological death of any counter-argument.


More buff! Too many careers/talents/weapons overshadowed by others because too weak

4th talent row

@souI23 Look at the balancing part and tell me what you think, I gave some ideas for some forgotten talents.

I just want to slaughter them all!

(Edit: reference to this video: https://youtu.be/oYZfb7kNoR4?si=HrjK8kZDUYFpL23m)


Easy on the Khorne heresy there :sob::joy:


I just saw that vid, fk :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Blood for the Blood God!


Let us earn/buy weave skins fpr weapons outside of the weaves.

Its been over TWO YEARS since you ‘accidentally’ released them