Class Change Ideas

Here are some simple changes that should not take very long to implement but will improve balance (or so I think). If any good suggestions pop up in the comments I will add them.

Witchhunter Captain.
-Change HP to 125 (like many before have suggested)
-Add critical chance aura (move the one from huntsman to here)
-Change passive to trigger on all taggable enemies instead of tagged ones
-Give 33% curse resistance for entire team OR grimoires carried by the Witchhunter Captain no longer impact health

I know this is probably too much, but I will let FS pick and choose which ones are best/most fun.

-Remove critical chance aura
-Add increased headshot damage to passive (in addition perhaps lower longbow bodyshot damage a bit)
-Add movement speed for team
-Remove damage cap on bosses when landing headshots only

Edit: I would like to see huntsman have extra crit chance when landing headshots, but due to the way crits are calculated I don’t think this is possible. Currently crits are determined when firing your shot instead of when you hit an enemy.
Therefor I prefer extra headshot damage.


I disagree. Kruber has enough mediocre “support” classes that only support in a 5 foot aura. He needs at least one proper damage class. Just make HS like 1.07 again.

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Removing the crit aura will not affect huntsman himself too much, because crits don’t give you consistent one shot headshots. So I think moving the crit aura to WHC and giving huntsman a sizeable headshot damage increase will make him better overall.

The movement speed should imo not be an aura, but be added to the entire team regardless of distance.

Edit: I would like to give huntsman extra crit chance on headshots, but I don’t think this is how the game works. I believe crits are determined when firing the shot instead of on hit. If this weren’t the case I’d say give him 15-25% crit chance on headshots.

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So you wanna buff WHC and nerf Hunstman more. Feelsbadman.

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I pretty much main huntsman and he is still very good even after the update. I agree they went a bit too far, but what I am suggesting is not a nerf (at least it is not supposed to be). If it turns out it doesnt work then sure, revert back to the crit aura.

Like I stated in the previous post the extra crit chance isn’t that beneficial on huntsman. You will benefit far more from headshot damage most of the time. Since the longbow doesn’t shoot very fast the crit chance will be very inconsistent.

It might allow you to bodyshot certain specials, but I think you should be awarded for landing headshots and not compensated for landing bodyshots.

I think you are wrong on hunstman completely. I also think that its a shame you want to change the WH at the expense of another class.

Also Huntsman absolutely benefits from the critchance he is a crit based character. If you dont crit then you dont actually do much at all. The ability he had prior to the patch allowed him to be consistent. I am not happy with the changes at all it made him totally weak and unable to fullfill his main roll.

They nerfed headshot damage. They removed his crit and greatly reduced damage modifiers. They put caps on bosses. I used to play this class mainly now don’t play him at all because he is like a bad imitation of a Waystalker now.

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It did not make him totally weak. I can still 1 shot stormvermin from extra distance.
The only real problem I see is the reduced power against chaos warriors. That said, I am able to stunlock 2 chaos warriors at the same time while the team hacks away at them.

The damage against bosses was reduced significantly, but it was completely ridiculous to begin with. I am still able to do a healthy amount of damage, but I too think it should be a bit more.

Like I said I don’t want to change classes at the expense of others.

And yes he benefits from crit chance, but not for the right reasons. When you just miss a headshot but still hit your target the a crit can allow you to still 1-shot.
In this instance it compensates you for missing headshots instead of awarding you for hitting them. I also said that giving huntsman extra crit chance on headshot would be good, but that this probably doesn’t work with how crits are handled right now.
Critical hits are determined when your shot is fired and not when hitting a target. So you can’t apply extra critical chance on headshot because that is not the moment the chance is calculated.

I agree with you that they should not have changed headshot modifiers and the cap on bosses isn’t something I am happy with either.
I don’t think huntsman should gain garuanteed crits during ult since this made him absolutely too powerful, but I do feel they should remove the boss cap when landing headshots.

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