What would make me love Witch Hunter Captain ( buff ideas because why not )

As in title. I want to love the class and I really like how much damage you can deal with him if you spec into headshots but you are not allowed to make any mistakes at all compared to other melee oriented careers. When i play WHC i’m sweating like a madman over every tiny hit and then switch back to zealot/mercenary/slayer/any ranged and I can relax.

Anyway what I would love to see is:
-Base health to 125 ( 25 hp is a lot even though it might not seem much. Especially when you consider extra 20% from necklace scaling of higher base),
-lvl 10 talent suffer no heresy changed to something else ( no idea what, i only ever run deathknell but i can see the benefit of the grim one too, 50% less damage when disabled is just barely ok but very boring and does not compare)
-All lvl 15 talents are changed from on-death to on-hit vs taggable or tagged enemies and i would go as far as to make it for entire party to synergise with his passive of extra damage for everyone vs tagged. If that would happen then temp health might be too good from useless.
-Said temp health talent, Justice’s bounty changed to extra 5% damage versus tagged enemies for entire team or whatever number that would make a meaningfull difference
-Active needs less cooldown and/or stronger effect and/or longer duration

I think that lvl 15 talents on most careers are quite significant and usually work with the trademark passive of said career. It is not the case of witch hunter captain and I believe that those changes would make it so. Currently they are neither impactful enough or go well with the theme. You get a nice teamwork incentive to tag specials, elites and bosses with his passive and his lvl 15 talents don’t even require a tag and work only for him.

Just my 2 cents. I really want to play WHC and not rip out my beautiful, luscious hair everytime I do.

PS. Don’t mess with his unlisted extra headshot damage, pretty please. That combined with deathkneel allows so many interesting game changing breakpoints like 2 head-shotting a stormverming with a 2 handed sword and makes rapier so much more fun to use. Fatshark, please save my hair.