Witch hunter captain needs 125hp too

I don’t understand why he is weaker even though he is not even that powerful. This simple change would make him balanced.


He’s a mid-liner, seems he could use a bit more health. He’s even got some armor on. Seems reasonable to me, really.


er why would a little bit of health ‘balance’ him?

you’re not meant to get hit in this game, an added bit of health would mean absolutely no change for gameplay at all.

I almost feel more glass-cannony playing WHC than bounty hunter.

I also notice that if an assassin gets on him and hits him even once, nearly 1/3 of his health is gone. He seems exaggeratedly vulnerable when disabled for a split second even if all your teammates are around helping you.

Say that to the no wind up rattling gunners waiting around a corner, the MLB gasrats, assassins, leeches and all the other unavoidable damage.

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Another cool thing would be to give WHC curse resistance (for the whole team).

I don’t know about the numbers but 20% would still be balanced I think. The max curse resistance would be 53% so grimoires would still be a serious penalty.


WHC is weaker. But most of it is due to over nerfing. And its not just the WHC job itself it also extends into weapons which also affected it.

It needs the Health set to 125 which is halfway between Zealot and Bounty Hunter, since it is quite literally half melee, half ranged and a hybrid of both.

Also the Ult needs to be reduced down to 1 minute. There is no justification at this point for a 3 minute CD on it. Back in BETA when it was 100% crit rate for 8 seconds… YEAH a 3 minute CD was justified… but now its ONLY +20% and 6 seconds. So there’s no excuse at this point for a 3 minute CD… not when you have Pyro launching Burning Head every 40 seconds and wiping out a field of enemies or one shotting CWs… or Kruber Footknight knocking down everything in its path every 30 seconds.

CD on the Ult needs to be reset to 1 minute now.

Still at this point I’m pretty disgusted and have been getting More and more disgusted with Fatshark over the constant Nerfs that keep hosing over the WHC, and apparently without any thought and a serious double standard toward WHC vs… oh any other job in the game.

The latest one with the Falchion where they claimed they wanted to the AP to act as a Base but give a higher headshot multiplieer… but Nerfed ALL the AP… including the Headshot portion… again hosed over the WHC. Which was the primary reason for WHC to use the weapon in the first place since AP Headshots did a lot more damage for the WHC than other jobs, and having to do a Charged Shot which takes much longer just to do what you used to do with it…

Yeah I’m damn tired of Fat Shark either intentionally or unintentionally Nerfing a character that wasn’t exactly burning up the Kill Charts over and above any other job in the first place.

Its pointless to play a character or job that for some reason Fat Shark thinks is so Uber it needs to be nerfed repeatedly… and continuously even to this day.

So I’ve walked away until the day Fat Shark reverses their decisions and undoes the damage they keep repeatedly doing to this job.

If they wonder why no one plays this job anymore… well they have only themselves to blame.

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This is probably one of the first and most important of many changes that WHC needs.

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Pre-falchion nerf i could compete with other classes pretty well as zealot, the last 5-10 games the crossbow has worked wonders but ive been bottom of the scoreboard virtually every game despite pulling off clutches and performing well given the limited killing ability.
Feels like saltz has no hard hitting weapons anymore. I can still make the falchion work, but i’d rather play executioner sword kruber any day and the falchion’s my favourite weapon.

My main is WHC…
So look issues behind 100HP

  1. On low HP evtything feels damaging on you, even one lone paesant rat can screw your day if somehow end out of your sight.
  2. Due low HP, we are in constant fear of being hit, which reflect to our damage uptime
  3. LAG hits, anyone get lag hits from time to time, this is online game right? not much u can do when this happen, but belive me this feel less devastating on heroes with 125+ HP
  4. We are very prone to Friendly Fire (which makes allyes soemthimes worst than enemy)

Overall its not good idea to gief melee class only 100HP, some people will say, u generate alot of white helath, thats true, but damage we take bypass all health, and can instant gib you from time to time.

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Yes, I agree… Fatshark does a good work with this game, but sometimes I don’t understand their motivation. For example nerfing WS and Huntsman ammunitions (longbow), when stronger careers like Pyro and BH still have infinite bullets. Good for them, I love to play these characters, but I don’t agree about the nerf.

Anyway sorry guys, my last off topic.

haha your crusade against pyro/bh continues

I LOVE Pyro and BH, while I “hate” WS… so no one crusade :wink:

I had a main WHC. I decided to switch to Zealot with flail yesterday. I have to say game just became 10 times easier and the gameplay is MORE FUN with his ulti.

Zealot with raiper is not bad…looks wiered but not bad:)

This may be simple stupidity but:
I main WHC but I have always been behind in damage and kills. I came to terms with it but today I just saw an Unchained Sienna hitting the dummy with her sword dealing 775 damage per hit while my Rapier did only 500. My Powerlevel was 85 above Sienna’s.
I’d say it’s okay if the Rapier would be a lot faster than the sword but that’s not the case.
I bet the Rapier’s attack cone is also narrower.
And while Unchained may “control” their increased attack speed WHC depends on crits for his talent.

Am I missing something or is WHC really that far behind as he lacks talents to buff his damage on a reliable level? (needs taggable enemies to die before or crits)
Especially as, lacking the extra hitpoints but still as “melee” career, you gotta dodge and block really much lowering your damage output significantly.

Btw, WHC is wearing a chainmail under his mantle, wears metal knee caps and his right arm is covered in armor plates. His overall armor is comparable to Mercenary Kruber’s. Just in case someone says he has to have lower hitpoints because he is not armored at all.

Damage is the only redeeming factor for WHC ( he has passive unlisted headshot damage bonus and a very good headshot damage talent on lvl 10 ). You really, REALLY want to hit the head with rapier.

Yeah, okay. I have no experience with legend yet but on champion WHC + Rapier feels like alternating between mediocre damage and overkill. Depends on if I hit the head or not.
It’s like I don’t know if that enemy in front of me will die in one or five hits like there’s nothing between that (exaggerating).

But I am still always going for the head; habit from VT1. Satisfying to stab a Stormvermin to the head like a madman and it dies instantly.

Agreed. Ult cooldown needs to be much less.

The ult cooldown is actually a remnant from beta when it could be exploited through a certain mechanism, and it was countered with increased cooldown. The exploit was fixed but the devs never decreased the cooldown out of pure neglect.

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