Improve the Rapier

I like the Witch Hunter Captain, and I like his signature weapon, the Rapier. It’s a difficult weapon in many ways, you have to get too close to swarms to hit them, and thus take more damage than someone with a spear or Glaive. You also do not kill as much, easilly seen as your temp health grows much more slowly, than with bigger weapons. Yes you hit the swarms, but they do not die, and someone else sweeps them and kills them all.

One think you could improve was the sidearm. It is dangerous to use where it matters, up close, and can feel very gimmicky. When you hold parry, and you click the sidearm, nothing happens.

This is where the sidearm could be useful, that you keep your parry up, and can dodge back, and if you click the sidearm it overrules the parry shortly, to get of a shot while you are playing defensively. Because dropping your parry, to say hey! im gonna shoot this big axe guy instead, is going to get you damaged.

So suggestion: Let the sidearm overrule the parry so you can shoot while having RMB pressed down, instead of nothing happening when you click sidearm. This would include the sidearm in close combat fighting and give the WHC some needed melee range.

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The rapier is actually meant to work well with witch-hunter since critical hit headshots instantly slay many enemies. This sounds mediocre until you roll max crit chance on every item. Just spam light attacks on head-level and watch everything die, especially good if there’s a horde with stormvermin mixed in.

The sidearm is indeed a gimmick, and it’s supposed to be. It has infinite ammo, it’s meant just to look cool and have fun with, you can ignore it when playing seriously.

I like to use sidearm gun to draw aggro for free from distant roamers, to kill them in my terms, rather then risk and get closer to them.

Rapier destroys hordes, I think you need to learn the weapon some more.

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Raiper is best and worst weapon in this game… high skill cap weapon, practice it and you will be rewarded

However offhand pistol is shamefuly weak, and nearly useless

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Incorrect. The pistol hits very hard, at melee range. It also is animation cancelled by melee attacks. You do way more damage alternating stabs and pistol shots than just repeating stabs.

U’re joking, right? Rapier is super good, the best weapon up to Champion. All it needs is a little stagger buff to be viable on Legend.

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Talking from WHC aspect:
Its viable on legend… u need to hit head… (i did all my legends with raiper 50ish, from (solider to emperor chest), WHC is my only char, i tryed others just up to level 15.

Only real issue is chaos war…but u can do significant damage to them too if you hit head, also versus chaos warrior, raiper itself is not issue, but fact that WHC has only 100hp (which is rediculusly low for melee hero)…if you happen to eat his axe its sometimes one shot, which means u need to be extra careful when engaging them, beter hit once and withdraw than try multiple hit and heat the axe between horns.

Play Zealot, what’s the problem?

It’s still viable in Legend as is just a totally different play style. You’re basically Kerilian.

I suggest you should be able to fire the offhand while you are parrying. A small suggestion. You call that joking, then you come with your own small suggestion.

What?! Where did that come from?! …k, I see. No, I am not gonna call that joking. Idk if that’s a good idea or not. I just don’t like/don’t use the rapier pistol. And I just want to have a normal pistol with ammo like it used to be.

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After yesterday falc nerf Rapier became easily WH best melee weapon. Axe on legend is still useless same as the 2h sword. Flail is whatever …

Still dont understand why they nerfed falchion. WH need buff in melee, not nerf.

Expecting rapier nerf next patch…

Some people say that 1h axe is very good in Legend, and 2h sword is not as bad. So Victor is still playable. Though yeah…


I am playing only WHC. I tested my red axe for several hours on legend yesterday. Its sill totally useless against hordes but good against armor.

So you can choose if you want to be useless half of the game with axe or useful all the time with rapier/flail. I wonder what its gonna be ?

Just let a flamethrower dwarf deal with hordes and focus on other stuff, or take the 2h sword and do the vice versa.

Though I totally agree that this nerf was unneeded and Victor now is very weak in melee, probably the weakest, even inferior to Sienna, which at least has a mace.

btw do you use a +2hp/per taggable talent?

Ofc not. It might be viable for patrols but thats it.

Yeah that’s pretty much what I saw.

Rapier now the only weapon that’s really worth it.

Its interesting… AT release… these were the viable Saltz Melee Weapons…

Rapier, Falchion, Axe, Flail

Patch 1.05
Rapier, Falchion, Flail

Patch 1.07
Rapier, Flail

They’ve been picking them off one by one and making each one worse. Which is astonishing considering None of Saltzpyres careers were racking up enormous melee kills enough to warrant any of this.

I thought the point was to make them all equal choices… they’ve done the complete opposite.

I’ve always really liked rapier in both V1 and V2. I find the charged attack dodges combined with the nonstop, smooth slashes of the light attacks make for horde shredding virtually identical to how Kerilian is with sword + dagger, dual swords, or dual daggers. The range and accuracy on the charged attack is good and having unlimited ammo with which to stagger things at range is handy. I play him exactly like I play Kerilian when it comes to melee and have never found him weak in this department.

The range of the charged attack seems identical to the light one, about the same as pretty much every weapon in this game has.

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